George Zimmerman Set for Celebrity Boxing Match With DMX, a Rapper Set on Doing Disgusting Things to Him

George Zimmerman Set for Celebrity Boxing Match With DMX, a Rapper Set on Doing Disgusting Things to Him

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“Once I am done with him, I am going to whip my d–k out and piss on him,” the Ruff Ryder has said

George Zimmerman has been asking for a celebrity fist fight, and now he's got one with DMX. And if the rapper has his way, Zimmerman is going to live to regret his decision.

“I am going to beat the living f-k out him,” DMX told TMZ after announcing he was one of 15,000 people volunteering for the Celebrity Boxing fight that Zimmerman announced last month. “I am breaking every rule in boxing to make sure I f–k him right up.”

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But that's not all. DMX went as far as to say he would urinate on the “motherf–kin’ face” of the man who was found not guilty last year in the shooting death of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin.

The rapper behind hit singles “Party up” and “X Gon’ Give It to Ya” did not yet respond to TheWrap‘s request for additional comment.

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Celebrity Boxing owner and organizer Damon Feldman will announce when and where the three-round boxing match will be held during a press conference next Wednesday.

“The match will be one of the Biggest Celebrity Boxing matches of all time,” Feldman promised in a press release announcing the fight.


    GZ doesn't stand a chance.

  • dale

    Zimmerman will beat that old man in the first round

  • Larry Maher

    I challenge DMZ to a rap-off. Did I get his name right?

    • disqus_1XgNf20tAw

      Pretty sure it's DMV.

    • mike rose

      It's DMT!, come on, you guys certain ethnic groups are going to get mad at you.

  • Don

    If DMF or whatever his name is isn't going to act like a human, then we should treat him like an animal and lock him up. “Fight rules? What are those!? I don't care – I think I'm an artist!” Grow up DMC. Even if Zimmerman got away with murder, it's not your place to attack him. Aren't you better then that? We shall see now, won't we…

    • anus

      Shut the fuck up. Its celebrity boxing. The whole thing is a giant insult to real boxing

  • Marjorie Myers

    Er um….., I think its great DMX wants to fight GZ, but…, me thinks he needs to re think the urinating thing!!!

  • Ernest T

    Can't wait…dmx is gonna wreck his ass…

    • mike rose

      Yea!, the old geezer probably take a swig of whiskey before he can even get out of bed.

      • Ernest T

        remember kids. trolling is like pissing in an ocean of piss….

  • mike rose

    I do not believe that George Zimmerman should do this. In all likelihood DMX is going to be humiliated, which will anger the blacks even further. Blacks believe that their allowed to do anything and saying and that, if you disagree you're a racist. DMX and Kenny West are prime examples of black people in general, “if you won't pay attention to me for being good, I'll act like an a*shole to get your attention”.

    • Tae

      Hold the hell on, you are racist for generalizing “BLACKS” based on DMX and Kanye West (who the hell is Kenny West???). I'm an AA and I am not ignorant like either one of these people you mentioned and I absolutely do not appreciate you doing this. I do agree that GZ is stupid for doing this, but there are ignorant WHITES as well. For example the gentleman who shot and killed a BLACK teenager in 2012 just because he was playing loud music at a gas station, or a number of WHITES who have been raping women and apart of child pornography. Shut the hell up with your racial comments and stop trying to generalize AA's as ignorant out of control heathens as if no other race do NO wrong.

      • mike rose

        I believe my generalization of blacks is in fact justified, this what makes the news, watch CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC. The ratio of crimes by race, shows that Black commit 64% of all violent crime in America, yet, Blacks make up 13% of the population, please explain?. Please explain why blacks that do not commit violent crimes turn a blind eye to these disproportionate numbers?.

    • Anonymous

      Blacks believe they are allowed to go around and do anything when whites go around doing the same shit they tell everybody else not to do. Whites kill, steal, rape, murder, deal drugs, take drugs, etc. And yet you say blacks think they can do anything they want. It's obvious, according to you the whites know they can so anything they want.

  • The blacks are the racists

    I hope GZ beats the hell out of that pathetic racist fool

    • Jorge Washington lll

      DMX has done songs with Marilyn Manson and Eminem he is not racist. If Zimmerman was getting his @ss beat by a 17 year old what makes him think he can take on a grown man. Maybe he will be hiding a snub nose

      • mike rose

        All black people are racist!, they are taught from the cradle. Society has not taught them to be racist, their taught to be racist from their parents.

  • heavy_metal

    I too hope Zimmerman kicks this has been thug life rapper's sorry broke down a$$ into the third row. He's just pi$$ed because every time he f&%ked up, he went to jail- exactly where he should be anyway. Another POS dog fighter/abuser….
    Haters, get over it. Hate the GAME, not the player…..

    • Keith Sonofthecity Josey

      fuck you dirty,cowardly,nasty cracka

      • mike rose

        Bravo!, when you speak this way, I know you are speaking from your heart!.

  • Peeping Tom

    DMX wants to be the “Wetwork Man”? Maybe Zimmerman has a fetish for that.

  • Tyrone

    Zimmerman is going to make an example out of the blacks with this. Surprised no one has noticed yet…

  • Roxy

    Mike Rose and that other person, you are white trash get a life

    • mike rose

      ugghhh!!!!, let me guess, Roxy is Black?.

  • B

    Man DMX is gonna fuck his ass yo I can't wait to see this I hope he splits his head to the white meat

    • mike rose

      Peanut aka DMX aka whatever people that were still around when he was born named him, will do well to even get out of bed that morning. Rumor has it that DMX's husband is against this match.

  • gamzee-makara

    can't wait to see this. DMX is going to kick his fucking ass. I live in Florida and lemme tell you, what happened to Martin was not pretty. GZ is going to get what he deserves.

    • mike rose

      His hand raised in victory!, flooring another bunny.

  • Luther Adams

    How is it Zimmerman couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag during the trial but now he's tough enough to fight in a celebrity boxing match for starters? Also, who the hell told him he is a celebrity? They should let Travon's father get his b!@*# azz. Also, it's amazing how the racist white people try and act like it's black people who are racist when they know the truth. @disqus_omKk32V0Ew:disqus and others, come from behind the keyboard and say that bull$#!* !! All of the unequal bull that's STILL going on and always has been and you have the audacity to write some stuff you know is BULL. DMX may not be the model citizen, but he didn't kill an innocent person and walk for it.

    • mike rose

      Zimmerman killed Martin in self defense. Martin was a thug and anybody that is honest knows he was a thug looking for trouble. I do know the truth, that is why I said black people by a wide margin are far more racist than white people. All the unequal bull that is going, tell me something, how much control does Joe Average White Guy have?. My first experience with large group of black guys come from the military, by the time my enlistment was over, I had seen enough. Today I do my very best to have no dealings with black people, when I have to, I do my business and go back to my side of the block.

      • Default

        So all blacks are ignorant? Shame I know thousands in atlanta destined for college and beyond. Its funny in russia the murder rate is double…they have the 2nd highest jailed rate in the world (america is #1) negros in russia ur a racist pos… what happened if peoples color was wiped from peoples face…or everyone turned white? Them what?

        • mike rose

          Hmm?!, I do not see where I called you ignorant. College educated or not, the people you are referring to have one thing in common, a hatred for white people. I have thought long and hard, where it originates?, there is only one conclusion, it comes from their parents, their parents pass it on the hatred from one generation to the next. I use to wonder why things never got better, considering all the social programs out there targeting to help minorities, then I came to the conclusion, it is not equality that blacks want it is revenge!. This is why, never again will I reach out, I figure if you are in trouble it is by your own doing, not my problem.

        • IT

          Russia's as bad as it gets for ‘white’ nations, but still not as bad as most African nations, oh yeah, and Jamaica, Haiti, Papua New Guinea, etc. etc. etc. You really need to educate yourself you ape!

  • Susan Smith

    Pay to see this? Promote something GZ is involved with, not likely. Why is he a celebrity? #craycray