‘What's the Deal?’ With Jeff Sneider: ‘Ghostbusters 3' Dream Casting Picks (Video)

Who ya gonna call? TheWrap's film reporter says Anna Kendrick, Chadwick Boseman, and Dev Patel

After years of development hell, “Ghostbusters 3” seems on track to finally become a reality.

TheWrap's film reporter Jeff Sneider recently broke the news that “The Lego Movie” directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord are in talks for the Sony project, which finds the original cast in a minor role as a younger generation dons the proton packs.

But who should Sony call to play the new ghostbusters?

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As agents flood the Culver City studio with their clients’ headshots, Sneider drops his picks for the Ecto-1's new owners.

Which actors top his wish list? Watch the video to find out.

  • Chris Evans

    Based on the decription that the female lead is a few years older than the 20 something male leads, Kendrick and Plaza are probably too young

    • Dan Milano

      Yup. Thus, Anna Faris is likely. Or Jane Lynch!!! Can't count out Melissa McCarthy.

  • cbbruuno

    Wow, what a terrible bunch of names to succeed three comedy legends. Kendrick seems like the only one whose vibe would fit but is too young according to description of part. Just confused as to the other choices.

    • Jeff Sneider

      Feel free to weigh in with your own suggestions. Guys like Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill would be obvious choices but I don't think stars of their ilk will wind up doing this movie, if it ever happens. Boseman & Boyega are rising stars that other major franchises are considering. Sure, Karpovsky and Dev Patel are a bit outside the box but that's how I like to think…

      • cbbruuno

        Don't get me wrong, I am not challenging their acting abilities. I am questioning their comedic abilities. We are casting the Ghostbusters sequel here after all. While I really like the idea of having a black lead (and totally agree that Ernie Hudson was given short shrift in the first 2) you named two that have zero history of playing comedy. How about Brandon T. Jackson, Donald Glover or Damon Wayans Jr.? As for the others how about Aziz Ansari, Ben Schwartz, Charlie Day, Bill Hader. A couple of them are older but could pass as very late 20s (by Hollywood standards where 30 year olds play high school kids). Patel just doesn't seem like a fit. Maybe Karpovsky. Haven't seen him enough.
        To be honest this is all off the top of my head

      • e-un

        Jd and Turk from scrubs I say , don't know what other two yet but really I'd want the original cast to do it

        • e-un

          Maybe mclovin and the other geek from superbad too

  • Dan Milano

    Needs more SNL flavor for Aykroyd/Murray torch pass to make sense.

  • Dan Boland

    I don't care. I wanted to see the original boys.

  • mayerobeyer

    I think I missed the part where you mentioned the comedic actors who will be taking over…you do realize Ghostbusters is a comedy right, Jeff?

    I mean we're talking about replacing three of the funniest actors from the 80's with some unknowns who largely have serious roles to their credit? Doesn't sound like dream casting to me.

    Not everything in Hollywood that is a remake has to be an ultra-serious take on the source material. I think that's kind of the problem with Hollywood now. Everyone there is so fixated on making the next successful series that they are forgetting to have any fun while doing it.

    Your casting choices you've made in this video would make a movie. A Ghostbusters movie? Debatable. A fun and funny Ghostbusters movie? Nope.

  • mayerobeyer

    Minus the fact that the arbitrary “student age” thing is a ridiculous notion anyway. Anybody who has ever been to a University knows that grad students are about 99% of the time older and in their early thirties anyway…

    Here's some suggestions that make more sense for this movie:

    Two male leads – your choice of any of the following based on script: Chris O'Dowd, Jay Baruchel, Keenan Thompson, Taran Killam, Bill Hader (so obvious for Venkman's son it's ridiculous), Ed Helms, Paul Rudd, Anthony Mackie.

    Female Lead – your choice of any of the following based on need in the script: Cecily Strong, Nasim Pedrad, Anna Faris…or better yet. Go to the Second City and find someone who can play both serious and comedic. An unknown.

    Villains: Chiwetel Ejiofor or Benicio Del Toro (depending on which way they want to go – difficult casting without a character description). Besides, why does the villain have to be a “name”. Go get an unknown. GB 1 and 2 worked so well because the villains were villains…they weren't actors playing villains. I didn't have to watch the villain onscreen and stop myself from saying “oh, there's so and so playing a mythical demon monster.”

    • Dan Boland

      bill Hader is too old to play Venkman's son. and he's more like aykroyd in personality, anyway. Oscar in GB2 would have been born in 88, 89. I think they're going for Oscar is venkman's son because it was ambiguousin GB2

  • Jackie Jormpjomp

    Could see at least a couple of the Community stars in this. It will never happen, but it'd be cool. Actually Harmon's sensibilities and out there concepts in the show would have made him a good fit for Ghostbusters as a producer. These guys are good though. Just no Jonah Hill or Seth Rogen. Please.