Dailies | ‘Godzilla’ Makes Brief Appearance in First Teaser Trailer (Video)

After a long-ago cameo at Comic-Con, the Destroyer of Worlds finally emerges online

The first online teaser trailer for “Godzilla” has arrived, and it is quite a tease: the iconic movie monster makes only a brief appearance after quite a build up of brave soldiers leaping from a plane into a decimated city.

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But at least it's big. Really, really big.

Human stars Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor-Johnson look appropriately distraught in quick flashes from director Gareth Edwards’ crack at the Japanese Kaiju that filmmaker Ishirō Honda first brought to life in 1954.

Warner Bros. is releasing the Legendary production on May 16.

  • Capnsaveemm

    I live in San Francisco and they DID NOT do a good job of recreating this city”

    • J.a. Brookes


    • Danny Kastner

      Yeah, cuz for this piece of fiction it matters!

  • Len J Goldstein

    Cheesy to use the Star gate music from 2001. 60 years and the big guy is still stomping his way into our big monster hearts. Godzilla the BEST of the big monsters along with the King of Skull Island KONG! I prefer Godzilla any day of the week.Forget 3-D I'm for 2-D.

  • Alex L

    Is this a remake of the Matthew Broderick version? If so, bummer. I was hoping for a new plot, not an updated CGI version. If new, yeay! Go Gojira!