22 of Golden Globes’ Biggest Snubs and Surprises: Where Are Anna Gunn and ‘The Butler'?

Welcome to the club, Andy Samberg and Greta Gerwig

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SNUB: "The Butler" -- This movie’s strong run at the box office in late summer had many predicting several awards nominations, but it got shut out across the board. No respect for a touching, if glossy, look at history.
  • http://www.facebook.com/gerard.kennelly Gerard Kennelly

    the SAG and GG awards have ignored dennis quaid for his career best work in ‘AT ANY PRICE’

  • MyVickInABox

    And as usual no mention of Sons of Anarchy.

  • dannyjude63

    Didn't this site predict Rob Lowe to receive a nomination for “Candelabra” at the Emmys? So why are you now surprised that he's nominated here?

  • howlingcoyote1

    Snub: Harrison Ford, 42.