16 ‘GMA,’ ‘Today,’ and ‘CBS This Morning’ Personalities Ranked by Popularity (Photos)

Sixteen morning TV personalities enter, not all to much fanfare. Here are the TV's early show hosts and contributors ranked in order of their respective Positive Q Scores as of Sept. 2013. Do you agree with the way this gallery progressed or more accurately, regressed?

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Robin Roberts, "Good Morning America." Q Score: 29
  • Phil Blank

    Sam looks hangover!

  • Phil Blank

    Lara Spencer is NOT her real name.

    • Ralph

      Come on Phil, haven't you ever used an assumed name???

  • MickHayes

    Being gay and a cancer survivor makes you very popular these days.

  • MickHayes

    W's kid didn't even make the list. Time for daddy to get her a different job.

  • Animal

    I don't know who likes Nora O'Donnell. She's the most opinionated, news twisting anchor on television.

  • Genifer Duff

    I think Gayle King shoud be a lot further down the list. She is terrible and when I see she has decided to come to work that morning, I turn the channel. The reason I can not stand to watch her is because she interupts the co-anchors and guests quite often and all her interuptions consist soley of her opinion about the topic or how she has been somehow affected by the issue at hand or it is simply her personal two cents. For example, say a guest is someone who has played a major role in a recent, blockbuster movie. As the guest talks about the movie and answers Norah's or Charlie's question, Gayle can't wait for the guest to finish. She has got to butt-in and tell how she was affected or transformed by the movie, as though the only thing that matters is her. The “look-at-me-because-Im-all-that-matters reaks from every pore of her body and when she opens her mouth I immediately want to throw up, but instead I just turn the channel./

    • cesa

      Amen and well stated Genifer. I turn the channel also, to watch GMA.

    • Wayne

      I like her. However, you have a good point. I guess I had not noticed. It will probably be annoying going forward.

    • joejohnson291

      Guess you never saw Norah interview a republican,she uses Chris Matthews style and cuts them off before they even get a chance to answer.MSNBC taught her how to be totally rude to conservatives before she left and went to Obama loving CBS. funny how she does a segment saying how her mother taught her to be a good listener before she speaks,so she thinks that makes her a good journalist.Guess she never watched her own attack interviews on the GOP.

  • Winter Greene

    Savannah Guthrie of the Today is the worst. She gigglesnorts through the show and has to make stupid remarks about everything. If they limited her remarks to those which make sense or are not nasty, she'd be mute!

  • Brenda

    Love Lara Spencer, George was okay as a correspondant but not a personable anchor, sorry George your a little dry! Robins okay, I miss Diane Sawyer!

    • Ralph

      Diane was much better in the morning (before she could start drinking).

  • http://larrison.blogspot.com Jim Larrison

    Willie Geist is such a great host and really likable person

  • claire Leighton

    can't stand listening to Robin regarding cancer and dragging the show through her problems, we all have problems, we watch shows to feel better…Al should be much higher on the list, he always makes things lighter,,,love Lara, she just lifts you up…but due to Robin, I hardly watch it anymore. She has been very sick, but I watched to get through my day, not to live somebody's depressing life. TV was suppose to entertain you, like the movies, I think there is too much news and weather constantly interrupting programs. There used to be news and weather at certain times, but no, a little snow or rain and you have interruptions all day long, same with so called news, it may be an overturned truck or fire, you never get the end of it. TV is turning into 24 hour news and weather…hope the sponsors read this and do something about it.

  • Angela

    I agree with Savannah Guthrie being one of the worst! She is always so clueless and hasn't learned much in life. She can't even get through a cooking segment! I mean do a little research on your news topics so you don't look so stupid on the show for heaven's sake! Angela

    • juliette recamier

      Savannah Guthrie IS the worst! She's like a giddy horse,grinning and snorting and talking over everyone. I can't watch Today anymore since she replaced Ann Curry. Ann was too good for that show. I love seeing her on the evening news. She belongs with a higher class of journalists. And thats not saying that the morning people even qualify as journalists!

      • Ralph

        But that's who Matt wanted – someone to make him look good. (btw, I couldn't agree with you more!)

  • Puppylove

    I can't stand that savannah!! I hope she stays home when she has her kid. And what a pathetic ratings ploy… 42 year old, pregnant divorcee in a bridal gown! She has the same gummy smile as Katie Couric

    • Ralph

      White is the new pregnant divorcee color of choice for speedy weddings.

  • TVNewswatcher

    I Love Savannah! Savannah is my Favorite Morning TV Host! She does a wonderful Job! She has a very sunny personality mich like Katie Couric!

    • Ralph

      Savannah “I got married this weekend and I'm five months pregnant” is not even in the same league as Katie Couric.

      • TVNewswatcher

        WHERE THE FUCK DID I EVEN SAY SHE WAS IN THE SAME LEAGUE?! All I said was that she had a sunny personality like Katie!!

        • Ralph

          WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU HAVE TO SAY SHE WAS IN THE SAME LEAGUE for anyone else to make that comment???

  • joejohnson291

    Funny Norah got a higher score,but only 15 percent recognized her,yet Gayle was recognized more (40 percent)and got a lower score (8)

  • Willis Kortright

    I can't stand Matt Lauer he is a poor interviewer, lousy anchor.and has a irritating voice NBC needs to get rid of him.

    • Ralph

      I agree with Willis; very well stated!

  • bhdctn

    I personally love Savannah Guthrie. I think that she, like Meredith Vera is very real and authentic. The Today Show is by far the best morning show and I enjoy the relationship between Matt, Savannah, Al, Natalie & Willie and the genuine affections they all seem to have for one another.

    • Ralph


  • Ralph

    NBC knows the Today Show is in trouble – however, it is being preparing to make major changes (Josh Elliot has to do sports for 6 months but can then be moved to the Today Show as Matt serves the final year of his contract).

  • whitewaterlake

    Are these scores in reverse?