‘Good Morning America’ Wins First Full Season in 20 Years

'Good Morning America' Wins First Full Season in 20 Years

Marking three straight years of growth, ABC's morning show takes first place in key demo and total viewers

ABC's morning show “Good Morning America” wound up the 2012-2013 television season with a bang, notching its first win in the key 25-54 demographic in 20 years and scoring its first total-viewership victory in 19 years.

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“GMA” took first place in the demo for the season with 1.97 million viewers in the demo, topping NBC's “Today,” which averaged 1.884 million viewers in the demo, and “CBS This Morning,” which took third place with 998,000 viewers.

That marks the first time that “Good Morning America” has won a full season in the demo since the 1992-1993 season.

In total viewers, “GMA” had 5.3 million for the season, besting “Today,” which had 4.612 million and “CBS This Morning,” which averaged 2.77 million.

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With its third straight year of growth, “GMA” posted its largest total viewership margin over “Today” — a gap of 688,000 viewers — in more than 21 years.

Compared to the 2011-2012 season, “GMA” inched up 4 percent in the demo and 9 percent in total viewers.

  • Name

    I'm all for it!! Way to go!!

    • heavencent

      After Matt Lauer interviewed the Quitter,Sarah Palin…..it was all downhill from there.Another victim of the Sarah “CURSE”.

  • Simone

    sooo happy for the GMA Team !!!!
    after the way NBC treated Ann Curry I WILL NEVER WATCH THEM AGAIN….I dont care WHO they interview !!!!! bad move TODAY SHOW….i suggest you change your name to THE YESTERDAY SHOW.

    • Kerry Froysell

      Charlie and Dianne sucked me in years ago and have watching ever since. The best !

  • J. Myrle Fuller

    It's such a shame. GMA is by far the worst of the national morning shows. All fluff, human interest and the insufferably vapid Lara Spencer. Meanwhile, CBS does actual news and sits in distant third. Of course, I suspect most people who might be interested in actual news are probably already headed to work when the shows are on, leaving the idiots who lap up garbage like GMA serves up every day.

    • Elitism_FIghter

      Proud to be an ivory tower intellectual elitist snob who hates ordinary people who work for a living, Communist homosexual?

      • Beelzebubbles

        You need to work on that reading comprehension. He called people like you, who stay home all day watching these kind of shows, idiots.

        • Elitism_FIghter

          I'm a successful entrepreneur, libtard–not a lazy bum tenured college professor like you who has homosexual sex with your students instead of working for a living.

          • Beelzebubbles

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          • Elitism_FIghter

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          • Beelzebubbles

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            And I'm sure Jesus would want someone like you in heaven. Good luck with that!

    • Susan Wydra

      The idiots? Wow..you are judge and jury. And scary.