19 Best & Worst Moments From the Grammy Awards (Photos)

TheWrap reviews the high and low notes of music's biggest night

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BEST: Madonna and Son David's matching suits
Watch out, Diane Keaton. You are no longer the best dressed pantsuit enthusiast in town, because Madonna went back to her "Express Yourself" roots and then went over-the-top by including a hat, a cane and a matching child by her side.
  • BB

    Well, now that I know you have NO TASTE!!! Bey looked more like Rihanna waiting for a man to slap her in the shower than a classy artist with a hot hubby coming to perform with her. FAIL!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/gerard.kennelly Gerard Kennelly

      politics shoved down peoples throat.. again

  • Francisco

    I would have to respectfully SUPER disagree wit you.

    You have Beyonces’ performance and Madonna's outfit as Best REALLY? Beyonce looked like a regular table dance performance (she can do WAY better) and Madonna's outfit was terrible, the cane helped her looked like an 90 year old woman and grill… really?? I know she is Madonna, I like her a lot and she can do whatever she wants but grills?? that just doesn't look bad, looks ridiculous.
    I thought those two where some of the worst parts.

    And you didn't mention anything about Daft Punk, Pharrel and Steve Wonder's performance which I believe was the best one of the night.

  • C-man

    Willie, Merle and Kris .. .Please! One song wasn;'t enough? That was painful, cruel and unusual punishment and not even a mention in the nights best and worst.

  • dannyjude63

    I thought Carole King and Sara B. were great together. And what's wrong with showing Taylor Swift enjoying the performances? Why are the reviews on this site becoming so increasingly acerbic?

    • C-man

      I'm with you, I thought it was great.

    • http://www.facebook.com/gerard.kennelly Gerard Kennelly

      taylor swift is hetero
      therefore americans don't want to see her having a ”moment”

      • dannyjude63

        How absurd.

  • Fernando

    I like fish sticks.