Dailies | ‘Gravity’ Parody Proves IKEA Is Just as Scary as Space (Video)

In IKEA, nobody can hear you scream — because the crying babies are louder

Aflonso Cuarón's “Gravity” made audiences feel just how terrifying it is to be lost in space, and now a parody of the hit thriller is reminding them that getting lost in IKEA is a terrifying prospect, too.

Filling in for George Clooney, New York-based comedian Daniel Hubbard recreated the “Gravity” trailer in the giant furniture superstore, where he spent an entire Saturday looking for his girlfriend.

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“At over 346,000 square feet, there is no sense of direction, no silence, bad cell service,” the fake trailer explains. “It's like way too big.”

Anyone who has ever entered the Swedish maze that has only one way in, and one way out, should certainly relate to “IKEA.”

Once you walk in holding your significant other's hand — don't let go!