TheWrap Off: Newsroom Takes on ‘Gravity’ — Amazing or Overrated? (Video)

In the first episode of the TheWrap's new series, the team sounds off on Alfonso Cuaron's space thriller

  • Cliffhanger77

    Ha ha – enjoyable! Loved “Gravity,” though I think it would have been better with its original star, Robert Downey Jr., in it. But then, I tend to think the presence of RDJ improves all things.

  • HallandaleBeachBlog

    What's the over/under on number of “Gravity” stories in TheWrap this month?
    Hmm-m… I'll take the over.

  • Suzette Valle

    Ah! Sorry, I think it's overrated. I needed an oxygen tank for the entire movie. I guess that was the point of it — to make us feel the same desperation an astronaut would in that same situation. On the other hand, the effects were remarkable. I felt I was the one who was going to loose my dinner with all the spinning in space.

  • Jesse Steele

    I think it's overrated.

  • turtlepower

    it was a 2 hour long screensaver. waaaaay overrated. predictable story moments delivered at predictable points in the movie… kubricks pioneering miniature photography work on 2001 in an age pre cgi and pre ilm still out performs gravitys visuals. do u really think its hard to do 3d graphics for space? cmon….its a cheat… i only say this as a visual effects artist myself who has done everything from modelling to texture map making to lighting to rigging to programming in python. cmon people!

  • Arou Kdin

    when she started barking, i started barfing. you all need a new crew.