10 of Sandra Bullock's Biggest Box Office Bombs and Blockbusters (Photos)

The actress has a fair share of blockbusters — and “Gravity” may be her next — but she hasn't avoided the occasional bomb. Here are the Oscar-winning actress’ best and worst at the box office

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"Speed," the 1994 action movie co-starring Keanu Reeves, is the biggest hit of Bullock's 25-year acting career. The blockbuster only cost Twentieth Century Fox about $30 million to produce, but raked in $350.4 million around the world.
  • nfgrfrrffff

    Now with Gravity she has the best movie that she will ever be in. It is also the only time in a serious role that she was actually wonderful in.

  • Exiliadoenelcaribe

    Oh no, Nfg. “28 Days” was actually her most serious role.