Dailies | ‘Gravity's’ Sandra Bullock Spits ‘Rapper's Delight’ to a Delighted Tom Hanks

'Gravity's' Sandra Bullock Spits 'Rapper's Delight' to a Delighted Tom Hanks

“The Jonathan Ross Show's” fifth-season premiere featured Bullock doing just what she did in high school

Sandra Bullock would have done anything to impress a boy she liked in high school. Her choice: learning all the lyrics to the Sugar Hill Gang's “Rapper's Delight” and spitting them at him during a school dance.

Somehow, it worked back then — and it worked this weekend on the fifth season premiere of ITV's “The Jonathan Ross Show,” too.

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Bullock was hesitant but dead-on in her performance of the first group of bars to the classic hip-hop tune.

Especially gracious? Tom Hanks, who was there to plug “Captain Phillips” — the biggest competition for Bullock's runaway blockbuster, “Gravity.” The two later played chopsticks on the giant piano from Hanks’ big movie “Big.”

Despite the hugely successful space movie, it's good to see Bullock remains down to Earth.

Here's the video:

  • Joe Joe Dancer

    Yum to E!

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  • britdamsel

    Blech! Talentless twit.

  • biggyfries

    Pitiful white folks trying to buy a little hipness by memorizing antique rap krap and of course its all ad-libbed? No way in hell–they were cued up and she had practiced it earlier in the day. She is so white she is translucent. A black baby is also an insult–it won't buy her hipness.

    • bease

      Don't Hate

    • Benny

      Disagree….very in tune with the culture.
      She has a house in New Orleans.
      Very supportive during Katrina.
      You should be glad this one is on your team.

      • Nikki Newman

        On our team? What has Sandra Bullock ever done for black people besides marry a racist, adopt a black kid to avoid the scandal, and make a borderline racist, stereotypical movie in The Blind Side?

        She has a house in New Orleans in the most gentrified part of the city where less than 5% of the people living there are black because they were all kicked out so they could increase the property value when people like Bullock moved in. I don't know whose team you think she's on, but you're wrong.

    • Seewitma3rdi

      Hey biggy…don't be such a fucking hater! I'm a 50 year old black man and former b-boy) who thinks Sandra Bullock is not only a great actress and beautiful woman but a great individual. She didn't run her ass to Africa or another country to adopt a child like Madonna, etc. There are so many of our children here in America that need good adoption homes because many of have been abandoned by immature teen mothers who are having sex with ignorant lil niglets who really don't give a shit about them. IF she can take that child and raise him to be a good human being that contributes to society positively…that's a win-win scenario for our race and culture. Love does not require a particular racial makeup or cultural hipness.

    • twisugar

      Wow. Some just seem to like to complain. First black people get pissed because white people don't embrace them or their customs and culture and then they get pissed when they do! I guess you can't please all the people all the time, but damn, these days you can't please any of the people any of the time.

    • Simone

      give her a break man !!!!!

      would you rather racists like sarah palin or michelle bachman or who's that fat creep on the radio ?????? i support blacks and whites who support black people. so sandy can bebop all she wants in my book….

  • Nikki Newman

    That's quite enough of white people thinking it's cute to pretend they're “down” with black culture. From the twerking, to her rapping this old ass rap song from the 80's (and badly btw), that's enough. It's just corny.

  • Simone