Remembering Harold Ramis – 13 of His Most Iconic Contributions to Comedy (Photos)

Ramis hit big with “National Lampoon's Animal House” in 1978 — and never looked back. Here's a look at the dizzying run of film and TV projects that made him an undisputed comedy titan

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Animal House (1978) - Writer
  • BChasm

    No mention of SCTV at all?!

  • Clarkkent

    @BChasm My thoughts exactly they mention nothing of his contributions to SCTV where he was a head writer and played a few characters. SCTV may have not been as popular as SNL, but it was just as influential as SNL, if not more.

  • William Carey

    SNL wouldn't, couldn't have achieved the success and longevity it has without SCTV. Steel sharpening steel. MAD TV? That would have been like steel being flogged by rubber. I'm just sayin'……….

  • fanmail

    What about playing the Dr. in As Good As It Gets?

  • Gene

    Obits never mention Ramis’ excellent acting and singing tour de force in “Little Shop of Horrors,” as Seymour, 1986.

    • Adam Gooshaw

      That was Rick Moranis in Little Shop

      • Gene

        That could be why no one mentioned it!

  • mr_teaspoon

    Not iconic contributions to comedy: Analyze That, a cameo in Knocked Up, Year One, directing four episodes of The Office.