‘Game of Thrones': Joffrey's 7 Most Dastardly Deeds (Photos)

So. You've watched Sunday's “Game of Thrones,” and now you feel bad for Joffrey, don't you? Well, stop. He was a monster. Here are just a few of the terrible things he did, from least to most terrible.

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1. Had a direwolf killed.
When Joffrey first met the Starks, he tried to show off to Sansa by cutting the butcher boy's face for daring to practice sword-fighting with Arya -- even though Arya had asked the butcher's boy to practice. Arya hit Joffrey to help the butcher's boy, and Joffrey turned on her and called her the C-word while threatening to kill her. Her direwolf, Numeria attacked, as direwolves tend to do. So Joffrey demanded the direwolf die. Total bastard, right? But this was the least awful of his awful deeds.