HBO's Gay-Themed Drama ‘Looking’ Has Limp Debut

HBO's Gay-Themed Drama 'Looking' Has Limp Debut

The new series pulls in paltry 338,000 viewers in premiere

HBO's “Looking” debuted to not many people “looking” at it on their TV screen.

The new HBO comedy-drama had a paltry 338,000 viewers at 10:30 p.m. on Sunday.

The new series, about three close friends (played by Jonathan Groff, Frankie J. Alvarez and Murray Bartlett) living and loving in San Francisco, was watched by about 606,000 viewers when factoring in all telecasts.

See video: ‘Looking’ Review: HBO's New Gay Series Will Make You Work

The rest of HBO's Sunday lineup fared much better than “Looking.”

“True Detective” at 9 averaged 1.7 million viewers in its second week. Across its three plays for the night, the Matthew McConaughey-Woody Harrelson cop thriller amassed 2.4 million total viewers. To-date, the premiere episode of “True Detective” has pulled in 6.3 million viewers, according to preliminary data.

“Girls” at 10 delivered 799,000 viewers, totaling 1.2 million viewers throughout the night. The first two episodes of the season have exceeded 3 million viewers in gross audience.

Chris Lilley's “Ja'mie: Private School Girl” was the last series in the “Looking” time period. That show bowed to 313,000 viewers and ended up averaging 214,000 premiere viewers for the season.

  • Tom Kidd

    If memory serves, and it does, “Breaking Bad” on AMC had a piss-poor debut, too. Chill.

    • Marie

      Thank you!

  • James Killough

    The title of this article is outrageous and promotes negative stereotypes. You need to change it immediately.

    • FilmDoctor

      Well, I, and many others in America, are tired of the positive stereotypes in this disease-ridden, licentious “community.” People don't want to see these kinds of things. Only secular politically correct losers and the top pedophiles in Hollywood who abuse child actors.

      • Montgomery Holmes

        Thank God for your enlightened view and all those wonderful priest at least those not playing hide the wiener with little boys

        • Steven wilson

          mean the homosexual pedophiles
          that figured out that the church was a good place to hide out in and ply their
          gay perverted mentally ill actions . Yeah the church should have taken a harder
          line on the Gays infiltrating their ranks

  • Gaspar Marino

    I am going to give this one a chance, although I was less than enamored of the debut episode.

  • David Roberson

    The “headline” is lame and not the least bit clever or humorous (was it supposed to be?). Gays are more than just their anatomy or sex lives. As an aside, with most of the gay people I know, the fact that they are gay is about the 100th most interesting thing about them.

  • Bobmonroe3

    Awful first episode but it deserves a chance.

  • joshola

    Since when does HBO have a gay demographic to start with – what were they thinking? The headline is funny – lighten up, people -

  • zippie

    Not surprising. Gay programming for the mainstream audience doesn't do well. Modern Family unraveled when it became a soapbox for gay marriage. And there's been a surfeit of gay themes in the media lately plus some heavy handed activist tactics which are generating backlash.

    [**should be "HBO’s Sunday lineup FARED better" not "faired"]

  • Ashley

    The show wasn't very good. Showtime's Hit show, Queer as Folk was WAY better. This was a snoozefest.

  • happynfree

    Because deep down nobody wants to see this perversion being portrayed as normal!!

    • Gerard Kennelly

      oh NNNNNoooooooooooo
      you can't say that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • MarkJeffries

        Proud to be a raging homophobe, wingnut teabagger moron?

        • Gerard Kennelly

          my comment upsets you ? ? ?
          in the meantime obama murders people with drones

          • MarkJeffries

            And you would be happy if a Republican was doing that, illiterate racist and homophobic wingnut teabagger moron–and what does this have to do with HBO?

  • DK

    As a gay guy living in NYC who maybe at one point had somewhat of a parallel trajectory, the only thing this series captured for me was gay desperation. It's hard to judge a show by one episode, but I spent most of ‘Looking’ looking for the remote.