‘Homeland’ Scores Highest Ratings So Far

'Homeland' Scores Highest Ratings So Far

Sunday's “Homeland” draws 2.75 million viewers across multiple airings

“Homeland” passed another milestone with Sunday's episode, claiming its most-watched episode in the series’ history.

Across multiple airings, the Showtime spy drama — the sixth episode of the third season — accumulated 2.75 million viewers, edging out the Season 2 finale to deliver the show's most-watched night ever.

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For its initial 9 p.m. airing on Sunday, “Homeland” grabbed 2 million viewers, placing it even with the season high that it reached with the previous week's episode.

Over the course of the season, “Homeland” is averaging 6.6 million weekly viewers, a 24 percent jump over Season 2.

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Showtime recently renewed “Homeland” for a fourth season.

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    Well, Its a brilliant plan, Send Brody (prepped in roughly two weeks from complete junkie to killer assassin) to assassinate the leader of Iran's revolutionary guard and then replace him with a CIA stooge…I mean that's Iran's top three like Saul said, Brody should not come back, next logical move would be to take out the Ayatollah and have Saul take his place. The rate at which they are going anything is possible… dumb Iranians… feel sorry for those chaps. INSANELY smart Americans…