‘Homeland’ Season 4 Preview: Claire Danes, Alone and Abroad

'Homeland' Season 4 Preview: Claire Danes, Alone and Abroad

Mandy Patinkin will very much be back, Showtime chief says

“Homeland” will be radically different next season, and Showtime entertainment president David Nevins says he expects it to feature Claire Danes‘ character “on the ground in a foreign capital, doing her job.”

After the (don't read this if you haven't seen the Season 3 finale) death of Nicholas Brody last season, the show will reset with Danes’ Carrie Mathison doing the field work we started to see her do in Season 1. Though Saul (Mandy Patinkin) left the CIA last season, Nevins says he isn't done with the show.

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“He'll be central. He'll be important,” Nevins said.

Showtime is reshuffling the direction of a series as few ever have, and asking the audience to reconsider what they once considered the show to be about.

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The dynamic between Mathison and Brody has been the core of “Homeland” so far — but Nevins recast it Thursday as a three-season arc. He said he didn't know if Mathison's next arc would last one season or longer.

He said the show's writers are meeting now with CIA agents to generate ideas.

“They're being set up on the top floor of a CIA club,” Nevins said. “We'll see what comes back in a month.”

  • FreeRightsUSA

    I assume the first word should be Homeland? Does no one proof read anymore?

  • Thc

    So WHEN is season 4 beginning? Article coulda shoulda included this tidbit

  • Suqq Miy 8===>

    Its dead already. they basically killed off seinfeld and think people will still watch it for elaine. nope. Dont even bother with a seas 4

  • wonder

    cant believe brody died if he doesnt come back next season i'm done with homeland lol

    • pistachiowildebeest

      Good grief. Brody should have died at the end of season 1. That's clearly where the narrative was headed. By not killing him at that point, Homeland ended up floundering around in the dark for two years. It was good enough, but if they'd had the balls to let Brody die at the right time, it could have been brilliant.

      That's the advantage of a model like True Detective. You've got a self-contained story with a beginning, a middle, and an end. You don't feel any obligation to sacrifice the story just so you can keep the actor around for the next season.

  • sulorei

    From Spain: …without Brody, Carrie abandoning their baby, and sitting at the same room with the man who destroyed their lives(Lockhart)????This is a nonsense please, with this season finale they must end definitely the show, and in case that they want to win more money, make a spin off! Terrible, terrible…I give up on Homeland

    • CARBON

      All of us who followed for 3 whole seasons are ‘emotionally linked’ to the show Homeland. Give them a chance to show what they can offer in Series 4. They have 3 good series under their belt. If not- then the OFF SWITCH will make the only negative point worth making..

  • abcde

    I really liked Brody but I feel like it made sense to end that chapter of the show. There are only so many places you can take the Nicholas Brody story where it is still believable. Definitely in for season 4!!

  • Franky

    Why must brody dead? So immediate! So unexpected. For me there will be no Season 4 without him!

  • Franky

    Tip (suggestion) for the makers: Brody knows how to hang (trained) without going to die. Just for the public he ‘d like to be dead. ……

    • Fran

      I am sure this hanging was fake; he is trained, yes, but a harness under his clothing is also a possibility! Why took the hanging place in half darkness? hm? And somebody must have had a hidden agenda…I am sure he will pop-up in Istanbul!

  • iAskWhy

    I ain't watching the fourth season because of Brody's death. This show has no taste without Brody, it was really nice to look it cause of Brody and Carrie, they had such nice chemistry :D I still can't believe why did they write him out. Screw you writers !
    I bet the wiever figures of this show will fall really much on 4th season. Maybe just my opion. But still the truth.

  • dark-angel

    brody gone homeland goodbye

  • Muex khan

    Damn ! It doesn't make any sense . Death of Brody ! Season would have been more catchy and interesting if Brody was kept alive ….. Disappointmnt after three fucking worthwatching seasons

  • Testa

    LOL wtf, the last episode it was pure joke. How about killing Carrie at the 1st episode too?

  • Jess

    I think Brody's death will be a positive turning point for the show. His storyline went on at least one season too long, and it was definitely time for his character to be let go. I can't wait to see where the writers take the show now, and I'm excited that they had the guts to kill off one of their main characters and totally reinvent the show. Season 4 should be a good fresh start.

  • lucky star

    That “war” had done too much damage like hell to Brody! Did something like that ever happen in real life??? Bet you those soldiers and their families didn't sign up for that in the first place.
    There is gonna be a void without Brody.

  • gaby

    Let's wait and see, you'll never know what happens.
    I'am addicted.