‘How I Met Your Mother’s’ Alyson Hannigan Will Never See Her Sitcom Co-Stars Again (Video)

“I really did my grieving during the last episode” the actress told Jimmy Kimmel about taping her CBS sitcom’s finale

“How I Met Your Mother” ends on Monday, and star Alyson Hannigan told Jimmy Kimmel that she cried during the last episode because she knows she won’t see nearly as much of her co-stars as they all want to.

“It’s sad when everybody’s leaving, and you know you’re never going to see any of those people again,” Kimmel joked during the interview (above) on Tuesday.

“I know, and I really did my grieving during the last episode, because I sort of knew,” Hannigan said. “‘Oh, we’ll see each other as much’ — no, we won’t.”

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In a more serious note, the 40-year-old actress promised that fans of the long-running CBS sitcom will be pleased with the series finale which, after nine seasons, finally answers the question of  how Ted (Josh Radnor) met his kids’ mother.

“I think that the writers really wrapped the show up the way the fans would want it to be wrapped up,” Hannigan said. “And they’re going to answer all the million questions that everybody has, and more.”

  • Mallory

    Wrong. We were not pleased.

  • louise

    Ted being a hopeless romantic is what made the show relatable, not the drama. and it’s fiction not real life so the mother should not have been killed of. the creators actually didn’t consider their audience at all, or else Ted would have had his fairy tale ending as himym is a comedy about relationships, not a tragedy. the title of the show is misleading, the title of the last episode as well, and the last series just makes so sense in light of the last episode, just like Ted whom we can’t recognize in this ending either </3

  • Gabe

    I don’t understand why people are hating so much o the finale. I personally liked that he ended with Robin. It’s like the kids said, the story was never about how exactly he met their mother.

    • MH

      Then maybe the show shouldn’t have been called ‘How I Met Your Mother’, it should’ve been ‘How I Ended Up With Your Aunt Robin’. Like many others I did not care for the ending.

      • John J.

        I agree! The ending stunk! I was a fan for almost nine whole years. I will NOT watch How I Met Your Dad!!!!

    • John J

      Eight years talking to his kids, so he could date Robin again? WRONG TITLE!!

  • joelferguson

    “I think that the writers really wrapped the show up the way the fans would want it to be wrapped up,” Hannigan said.

    ~ Wow, she couldn’t have been more wrong!

  • lizzie

    Good on her for keeping a straight face while lieing about how the fans ‘will be pleased’. The actors must have known this whole episode was akin to putting a nuclear bomb under the entire series, wouldn’t they?