Dailies | ‘Hunger Games: Catching Fire': The Onion Asks Why Josh Hutcherson Isn't Hotter?

'Hunger Games: Catching Fire': The Onion Asks Why Josh Hutcherson Isn't Hotter?

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Reviewer thinks that Peeta really needed to have washboard abs

Paging casting, because as one “The Onion” reviewer notes “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” has a serious aesthetics issue when it comes to Josh Hutcherson.

The up-and-coming actor plays Peeta Mellark, the love interest of Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence). However, critical sage and sweater vest lover Peter K. Rosenthal notes in his review for the satirical news site that Hutcherson doesn't exactly set the pulse racing.

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“I mean he's not ugly, he just could have been way cuter,” Rosenthal said.

“Don't get me wrong, [he] is still one of the cutest boys in Panem, but it's a stretch to believe that any girl would risk her life for him,” he added. “He's the kind of boy you might make out with for a bit, but probably nothing more than that.”

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That lack of hotness is problematic, because Katniss is supposedly torn between Peeta and her friend Gale (Liam Hemsworth), who Rosenthal argues is “super hot.”

The man candy deficiency also made “The Hunger Games” a way less enjoyable experience for Rosenthal than another popular young adult film franchise.

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“When compared to other movies with hot boys, like ‘Twilight,’ ‘The Hunger Games’ pales in comparison,” Rosenthal argues. “The ‘Twilight’ boys are so hot and have gorgeous eyes too and I like when they're shirtless.”

Do you hear that Manohla Dargis?

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  • Crimzn.

    Omgosh! Does this mean that maybe they hired him for his acting? And if Gale is way hotter, maybe Katniss is torn between them because of who they *are* not how they *look*?? Articles like this are telling impressionable girls that the not-as-cute guys aren't as good. Stop.

  • sarahdenn

    wow seriously? they thought he wasn't good looking? they must be blind because he looked so much better in this movie and they wrote his character so much better. His caracter was so much more developed and I thought he looked fantastic

    • Mama Fan

      I agree with the above. Josh has a boyish cuteness about him like a high school sweet heart. My 15 year old daughter is in love with him and so am I! The fact that Peeta so unselfishly loves Katniss is the thing that makes his character hot! If he had the wash board abs, GQ look, there wouldn't be a problem choosing between him and Gale.

  • Lisa Georgiades

    Um, wow. Did the author of this article even read the books??? Or watch the movie??? In both the novels and the movies, people are drawn to and inspired by Peeta, not because of his abs or chiseled jaws but because of his kindness, his selflessness, compassion and kindness. What does it say about the world we live in that we place a higher value on physical attractiveness than moral or personal attributes? While in this case, I think the character portrayal of Peeta met both, it disappoints me that the measure of Peeta is summed up simply by his level, or lack thereof, of ‘hotness'. By writing an article such as this, the author has in fact completely missed the entire center of the Hunger Games series – for which I truly pity them and say, open you eyes, “and may the odds be ever in your favour”…

    • MelaNoma

      I read the books. I agree with the author on the selling points of “hotness”

    • Petia Asenova

      I also read and watched the movies and I can't agree more with you Lisa…

  • Hedsjodt

    He's as cute or not cute as Jennifer Lawrence; she is not exactly a ravishing beauty either, you know!

    They are both attractive people; and well suited to their roles: She's a deadpan, and so is he.

    Sez I

  • Bob Strauss

    Wonder what the phrase “satirical news site” means to previous commenters

    • Michelle

      It means there are way too many assholes in this world who need to grow up and get real jobs.

    • joy

      Satire is when someone is critical, sarcastic and mocking of someone else's weaknesses

  • Michelle fredericks

    You are the textbook definition of an asshole. Josh Hutcherson is a very good looking man. Both him and his character are likeable because of their personalities. Katniss is not torn between Gale and Peeta bc of their personalities. peeta is someone who would literally die for her. He is widely liked by the Capitol and his district bc of his charm, sensibility, and how he would sacrifice the world for someone who doesn't bother with him outside of the games. Fans of the book/movie did not fall in love with Peeta for his looks, but for his personality and dedication to Katniss. So why don't you take your shitty opinion and go shove it where the sun don't shine

  • blessed-77

    This is disgustingly shallow! Is anyone seeing this guy talking about young boys “hotness” and not completely grossed out.

  • Sarah

    “He’s the kind of boy you might make out with for a bit, but probably nothing more than that.”

    …Excuse me? The entire point of Peeta's character is that he is the type of boy that you can count on to spend a lifetime with. Since when does being “super hot” have anything to do with whether or not someone would work in a relationship? There is absolutely nothing wrong with how Josh Hutcherson looks (he is quite attractive), and does Mr. Rosenthal even stop to consider what his review could do to the poor boy's self esteem? I am absolutely disgusted by the selfishness and stupidity expressed in his review.

  • Petia Asenova

    Ok…seriously?! Do we really live in a world where it is acceptable to risk your life for someone only if he is hot?! This is absolutely ridiculous… Peeta is an amazing character-sweet, loving, caring, smart, brave and really strong and I don't mean only physical. I don't even want to discuss how attractive Josh Hutcherson is… because it is just obvious. But that is not the point. The “lack of hotness” or at least the one that author is considering as such makes Peeta human and closer to real people… he is THAT guy that most girls want to find their whole life and maybe in some extreme situation risk their life for him… I'm not sure they (we girls) would be running for the sake of some jerk just because he had abs and he was hot… I just can't believe someone really wrote that…with this kind of thinking we really might just end up with some reallity show like the “Hunger Games” in the near future… I just have to say it one more time… Peeta is an amazing character and my favorite and Josh is doing an amazing job on the movies.
    P.S. For God's sake…please don't compare The Hunger Games and Twilight… just… don't…

  • Faiz Rohman

    please don't compare hunger games with twilight, hunger games is too good^_^

  • Faiz Rohman

    i think josh is perfect cast for peeta. for the actor, abs or hottest is not everything, the main point is his acting,,

  • Noname

    It's The Onion… I think the fact that people taking this seriously is funnier than the joke.

  • Delly

    How do you expect Peeta to have washboard abs? He's a baker! Read the books, will you? And I agree with almost everyone who commented here. Josh definitely captured the role, even higher than expectations thrown at him before. He's got this boyish, sincere cuteness that perfectly suits Peeta's character.

  • Shien

    Wow, everybody in outrageous stage for this shallow review. And please don't compare Hunger Games and Twilight, they're uncomparable. Team Peeta anyway :D