Sorry, Suzanne Collins Isn't Writing a Fourth ‘Hunger Games’ Book, Says Author's Rep

Sorry, Suzanne Collins Isn't Writing a Fourth 'Hunger Games' Book, Says Author's Rep

Suzanne Collins at "The Hunger Games" premiere in 2012 (Getty Images)

“Catching Fire's” castmembers would love for the adventure to continue, but “the books are done” the writer's agent told TheWrap

While fans have been hoping for a fourth installment in “The Hunger Games” series for years, Jennifer Lawrence and the movie franchise's cast have added their hopes to the mix.

But, writer Suzanne Collins has no plans to write a fourth book for “The Hunger Games” series regardless of how popular the series has become.

“Another one? No, the books are done,” Collins’ agent, Jason Dravis of The Monteiro Rose Agency in Studio City, Calif., told TheWrap.

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He assured us there are no plans for Collins to expand beyond the trilogy at this time no matter how much the fans and the films’ stars may want it.

“It would be so fun,” Lawrence, who plays Katniss, told E!Online. “This is the best group and we have so much fun. I love doing these movies. I get really sad when I think that we're almost done.”

Elizabeth Banks, who plays Effie Trinket, also said, “I'd love to see Suzanne Collins write something else that we could expand on. We love these characters. I think people are really fascinated to see where their lives go.”

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Thankfully for the stars and fans, the movie franchise's producers are already milking the trilogy with its adaptation of final book, “Mockingjay,” being split into two films following “Catching Fire.”

Since publishing “Mockingjay” in 2010, Collins published the autobiographical children's book, “Year of the Jungle,” in 2013.

  • samir yehya

    did u mean catching fire ?

    • Jethro Nededog


    • Jethro Nededog

      Yes, thank you.

  • Simon Christensen

    So make a book tht goes back to the very first ever hungergames

  • Tammy

    Why would she write another one? The story ended… People always want more. Every story must end at some point. It will get old after awhile.

    • Jonnah

      I don't necessarily think that people want more Katniss and Peeta, I think they get that that story has ended (though I could be wrong), I think they want prequels, a new story pre-The Hunger Games, maybe the 50th Quarter Quell from Haymitches POV, the first Hunger Games, the 25th Quarter Quell, maybe a book that takes place within the same universe as the Hunger Games but finally gives us some insight on what's going on with the rest of the world. I don't think people are as attached to the characters as they are the world itself, because I find the world very fascinating even if the overall story (mostly the endgame of it all) isn't the greatest. So, I just think they want some prequels, as there really isn't a story beyond Mockingjay, it ended that piece of the universe, but there is still so much that could be expounded upon.

      Also, upon inspecting comments before this one, i concur with those who said the same thing as I. Whoops for being repetitive.

    • Shannon

      It would be a prequel

    • Hannah

      Because of the way it ended

  • Matt Hewlett

    She has an obsession with the number 3. There are 3 books in the series, each has 3 parts, and each part has 9 (3×3) chapters.

    • Ya

      This comment was made 3 months ago. Lol

  • maddisyn hope marie helseth

    I want her to make another book after the MokingJay book PLEASE SUZANNE COLLINS

  • Hannah

    At the end of the late book it said there were worst games, what were those?

    • EmmaTayte

      It's talking about how Katniss plays games to convince herself that she's not living in a bad world anymore to help lift her out of her depression that stems from her PTSD in reference that the Hunger Games were far worse. Hope that helps.

  • Jaden stone

    Just sum it up please there is questions like do katniss an gale live there old life or do they all meet up or wht I mean what about what boogs told katniss to kill Peeta so what will happen please just write a small sum it up book

    • Jeana

      Peeta ans Katniss have kids DUH!!!!


  • Matt Penfold

    Please, just make ANY BOOK about or ties into the story of hunger games. You can't do this to us. ;-; I need my hunger games fix. PLLLLLLEEEESAAAAASSSSEEE your killing me :(

    • Matt Penfold is high!

      Are you high?

  • Aaron

    What if the nation of Panem was at war with another country that they didnt know about before? That would be crazy

  • Makenna Constantin

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! You are such an amazing writer. I am so attached to The Hunger Games. Please keep writing. I am begging and probably all the other readers probably agree with me. I haven't liked anything this much in a long time.

  • Makenna Constantin

    Maybe write another book about the epilogue?

  • bhakti nagpurkar

    please a request from the whole fan club in uae {70people } and also from a 10 year old please expand the series they are so intresting

  • hp00003

    No more books? YES!!!!! THANK THE LORD!!!!!

  • liz

    she sought make more love them

  • liz

    pls make more PLS

  • Roxanna


  • Claire

    Personally , I think Suzanne should write a prequel but it should go into basically Willow and her younger brother grow up and when Willow turns 16 , shes already heard about Katniss’ past , President Snow's granddaughter in the book want's revenge so all of a sudden the Hunger Games are back on for one more year from Snow's grand-daughters orders as she was still treated with respect. There are a number of people who dis-agree but mostly everyone agree's , Katniss and Peeta of course dis-agree and Snow's grand-daughter threatens to get anyone killed who does not volunteer , wealthy or not. So of course they all have to go through with it and age no longer matters , the ages go from 11 to any age at all , so Katniss’ name gets called out and Willow volunteers in her mothers place but Katniss is to in shock to understand what's going on. Then Willow's younger brother gets chosen and Peeta volunteers so it is Son against Daughter , into it Peeta dies from natural cause and Willow breaks a camera and rips out her tracking device from anger , and she escapes from the arena , breaking every camera and the whole system . She travels to District 11 where Rue's sisters are there and they all form a plan to re-start the rebellion because this could not happen again and they werent standing for it. People start over-hearing it all and they join in to , they manage to travel to all districts with getting caught but killing the peacemakers that chase them and they get the word around , soon enough everyone agrees to join in and they begin to riot the whole of Panem. They all turn up at Snow's grand-daughters mansion and she eventually gets arrested.

    Then it should be during the book and in the arena , Willow falls in love with a boy in another district but he doesn't love her that way back until he sees her getting stabbed in the leg by the girl from his district and murders the girl , realizing that if all of this is going to happen every year again he has to see that life is to short and he has to tell her the way he feels about her back. When Willow escapes and doesn't know he's going along with her because he was to late , he sees her at Snow's grand-daughters house in the crowd and runs up to her shouting ”Willow I lo-” and then Willow says ”I need to go” the boy tries to finish what he was saying until she runs into the mansion with the rest of the districts, the boy gets shot in the head by many of the peacemakers that had arrived.
    It is all over and Willow goes back to Katniss her mother , who is heartbroken but she realizes she can't be the way her mum was with her when her own dad died , so she stay's strong for Willow and her son. A year later Willow is sitting in the woods with her mother and tells her about the boy from the other district , who she fell in love with and just as he was going to tell her something she had to go , and she never saw him again. Katniss asked her daughter what he started saying to her and Willow replies with ”It started off with I and i'm pretty sure I heard the letter l , but I told myself I was imagining.” and then Katniss replies with ”Mhm ” and then she whispered quietly ”I don't want to hurt you so i'll wait till you realize yourself.” Willow didn't hear properly , only a few words and asked ”What was that?” and Katniss said ”Nevermind”
    Later on Willow meets someone else , only to finally realize the words that boy was so eager to tell her.
    And it ends with “A tear fell down from my eye , slowly until it drowned into my cardigan , part of me wished it was a dream though the other part of me told me it was for the best , and I wouldn't have the man I love today. Somehow , i'll never love him as much as I did for that boy but I can learn to live with that , because my mother learned to live with the death of her love and my father Peeta Mellark .”

    I'm no Suzanne Collins but that would be such a great book omg