‘Hunger Games': Hear Lorde's Icy ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’ Cover (Audio)

'Hunger Games': Hear Lorde's Icy 'Everybody Wants to Rule the World' Cover (Audio)

Tears for Fears song is scarier than you may have remembered

Remember when Gary Jules managed to make Tears for Fears’ “Mad World” even more melancholy in “Donnie Darko?” Now New Zealand wunderkind Lorde has found the dark heart of the group's bouncy “Everybody Wants to Save the World” for the “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” soundtrack.

This is one of those great matches of artist, song and movie. The 17-year-old's cutting delivery makes her sound like she could be one of the Hunger Games’ more formidable teenage killers.

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Lorde (pictured) manages to make the song's wistful-seeming chorus into an ominous call to arms. And maybe that was the idea all along. MTV notes that when the song was released in 1985, Tears for Fears’ Curt Smith said its ringing chords conceal a blunt message:

“The concept is quite serious — it's about everybody wanting power, about warfare and the misery it causes,” he said.

Sounds like something Katniss would understand.

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Lord, meanwhile, will appear at 8 ET/5 PT as part of the “Live on Letterman” series on CBS.com and VEVO.

Here's a just-released preview of the song:

  • dave ussery

    absolutely shitty!


      You have absolutely no taste at all….she absolutely kicks ass in this cover”

      • mistaeric .

        Hahahaha,,,moral if this is,,DON'T TOUCH A CLASSIC SONG!!!!!

  • Shout!

    It is shitty

  • Mike Pabello

    The original is much more appropriate and timeless.

  • It's Me

    I am all for making a song your own but I should at lease be able to recognize the song and it took me longer then it should to finally hear any taste of the original. I think Lorde is talented however this is a terrible rendition of this song

  • John

    Love it! This version is for the new hunger games movie and it fits perfectly with the tone and plot of the movie

  • brado

    This was a great choice in song for the movie. This movie is about murder, war, and power. If anyone knows what the movie was about, they would understand how much of a genius Lorde for choosing this song. The original version was more of an upbeat, lighter song, which wouldn't obviously fulfill the atmosphere of this film. And not touching a classic song is impossible these days with the people you see trying to make it on Youtube or singing competitions.

  • Richard Paul Ness

    it is different-probably wil grow on me

  • Terra Banks

    This was a very haunting performance by Lorde! Hats off to her!