#ICYMI on TheWrap: 10 of the Week's Top Showbiz Stories (Video)

#ICYMI on TheWrap: 10 of the Week's Top Showbiz Stories (Video)

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In case you missed it, “Duck Dynasty” has ignited a national debate, Shia LaBeouf was accused of plagiarism and John Oliver said goodbye to “The Daily Show”

Best & Worst 2013: Hollywood's Wussiest Moves of the Year
See who made the boldest.

‘Duck Dynasty': Inside the Decision to Suspend Phil Robertson (Exclusive)
TheWrap explored A&E's most popular patriarch's legal options, picked out five other crazy quotes from his controversial GQ interview, dissected why he's become a conservative martyr and found this video full of more questionable comments you may be offended by, applaud, or care less about, depending on your point of view.

Shia LaBeouf Apologizes After Short-Film Plagiarism Accusation: ‘I F–ed Up’
The “Duck Dynasty” uproar couldn't have come at a better time for the “Transformers” star, who was getting major backlash after people found out his short film “HowardCantour.com” has an awful lot in common with the obscure 2007 comic “Justin M. Damiano.” LaBeouf has since said he plans to “work out a deal” to properly credit author Daniel Clowes.

Jon Stewart Surprises John Oliver With Elaborate Tribute During His Final ‘Daily Show’ (Video)
Careful, it's a tearjerker.

Beyonce's Secret Album Shatters 1-Week iTunes Sales Record
Her gamble paid off big time, and broke a record held by Taylor Swift Will Taylor Swift respond with a revenge anthem?

WME $2.4 Billion Bid for IMG One Third Higher Than Next Bidder, Says Insider (Exclusive)
WME has now surpassed CAA as the largest agency in the industry, but at what cost?

Oscar by the Numbers: How Many Votes Does It Take to Get a Nomination?
Not as many as you might think.

Director John Lee Hancock on ‘Saving Mr. Banks': We Went for the Truth, Not the Facts
The filmmaker talks about his new movie that chronicles the true story of how Walt Disney convinced author P.L. Travers to sign over the rights to “Mary Poppins.”

2013's 10 Best and Worst TV Shows, From Good ‘Breaking Bad’ to Bad ‘Broke Girls’
Find out what show you loved that we hated.

The Year in Cable News: Bashir, Baldwin Exits Cap Year of Turmoil for MSNBC
The highs and lows of the major 24-hour cable news networks in 2013.

And now, here are two stories you don't necessarily need to read. But you know you want to.

Justin Bieber Reveals Secret Talent at Laugh Factory Gig: I F– ‘Bitches’ (Video)
Thanks for the clarification, Biebs.

Jennifer Lawrence Talks About Wetting the Bed, Butt Plug Stash on ‘Conan’ (Video)
Watch “American Hustle” star charm her way through another late-night talk show interview.

And for the week's craziest in pop culture:

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