Inside the Golden Globes: 17 Things You Didn’t See on TV

After the second award of the night — the emotional Jacqueline Bissett — the show is already behind time. “We’re going to lose time, this is where we’re really losing time … She’s killing us” a script supervisor tells TheWrap Party Report’s Mikey Glazer. “Tina and Amy only went a little long on their mono, […]

4:15 p.m.
Aziz Ansari and Rashida Jones walk into the lobby together after the carpet, bear hugging with Channing Tatum.

4:30 p.m.
Globes security check everyone’s ID to get in the ballroom — three times before entrance. “Wolf of Wall Street” actress Margot Robbie gets in on her face alone. She doesn’t need to show her ID.

4:52 p.m.
She’s just like us. Gabourey Sidibe hanging out at the bottom of the stairs going into the pit while stargazing. In the few minutes in which Jared Leto, Matt Damon, and Taylor Swift walk by, only Matthew McConaughey“>Matthew McConaughey recognizes her and stops.

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4:55 p.m.
WME honcho Ari Emanuel spots Taylor Swift (who has been posing for photos with absolutely everyone). He shouts “Taylor, my neighbor! It’s Ari.” WME reps her.

4:57 p.m.
Three minutes before air, there’s a female stage manager yelling repeatedly… “Please pull the table cards down. “

5:14 p.m.
After the second award of the night — the emotional Jacqueline Bissett — the show is already behind time. “We’re going to lose time, this is where we’re really losing time.. She’s killing us” a script supervisor tells me. “Tina and Amy only went a little long on their mono, but less than a minute.”

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5:45 p.m.
“House of Cards” star Kevin Spacey is tucked into a nook outside on the Moet and Godiva stocked terrace, standing under the one piddly TV in the smoking area. He’s craning his neck to watch the best score presentation, hanging with “House of Cards” costar Kate Mara, holding her hand as they cut through the room.

6:15 p.m.
During a commercial break, NBC Universal’s Jeff Shell and Showtime’s Matt Blank spot each other across the room, but both are caught in conversations. They wave at each other. It’s Shell’s first globes. But he’s been to the BAFTAs the past few years.

6:18 p.m.
The room LOVES Robin Wright. One of the loudest cheers of the night as she wins.

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6:15 p.m.
Gwyneth Paltrow and Taylor Swift spend the commercial break in a 1-on-1 huddle. Nearby, “Modern Family’s” Eric Stonestreet breaks off his convo with his boss Steve Levitan to intro himself to Michael Fassbender. “I’m Eric Stonestreet,” he says.

6:35 p.m.
It seems like the seating committee did not have a good read on who would win. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star Andy Samberg is the next in a line of winners seated outside the pit. He’s in the corner table of the second tier. His table was still on their feet cheering after her accepted and they went to commercial.

7:10 pm
Kate Beckinsale hears a group talking about her three feet away. “What did I do?!” she asks. “The control room thinks you’re the best dressed” they say.

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7:20 p.m.
Elisabeth Moss, winner for “Top of the Lake” has 2 new hand grips– her trophy and a smoke. “We’re so glad you won for this ‘other show’ (not “Mad Men”),” a reporter tells the actress. “That means so much,” she says.

7:38 p.m.
George Clooney‘s publicist Stan Rosenfeld poses with Mike Tyson, who’s been holding down the end of the bar for an hour (without drinking). Everyone wants a photo with “the champ.”

7:51 p.m.
Best Actor winner Matthew McConaughey ends his speech the same way he did 8 nights ago in Palm Springs — “Just Keep (Livin’)”

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8:10 p.m.
Harvey Weinstein breaks away from his COO David Glasser to approach best actress winner Cate Blanchett in the hallway leading to his party. “Congratulations, you deserve it,” he says. “Come to the party,” he adds, pointing down the hallway.

8:15 p.m.
In the rush out of the Beverly Hilton ballroom after the show, Christoph Waltz and Bruce Dern make a quiet huddle in the lobby as people rush by.