James Carville Joins Fox News as Contributor

James Carville Joins Fox News as Contributor

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Former Clinton adviser had been a longtime presence at CNN

Fox News Channel is about to get a lot more ragin'. And quite a bit more Cajun.

James Carville, former senior political adviser to Bill Clinton and longtime CNN contributor, has signed on as a contributor to the Fox News Channel, where he'll deliver political commentary, according to media reports.

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Fox News executive vice president of programming Bill Shine called Carville “an enormous asset” to the network.

“James’ successful and storied career in politics over several decades is an enormous asset to Fox News,” Shine said. “We are privileged to have him lend his breadth of experience, wit and dynamic perspective on the network.”

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Carville and his wife Mary Matalin parted ways with CNN last year.

  • rose528

    traitor you're not a Democrat just another nazi fascist party of NO (repugs)

  • America47000

    Carville has been appearing on Fox News for months. The story's a little behind the curve

  • TheTruthTeller

    Like rats jumping from a sinking ship. Democraps you have big problems when even Carville abandons you. LOL

  • Swartzy

    FOX no more liberals, there are too many already. So we won't know if we are watching CNN or Fox news. I like Carvile in very very very small amounts. But to have a regular diet of him, NOPE won't do it. I have already dumped O”Reily, can't take him any more. Not since GOD told him to write KILLING JESUS, his head got too big for his brain.

  • David Kerry

    Guess who got President Bush elected Mr. Karl Rove !
    Who got Obamma elected david axlerod !! And guess who got bill Clinton elected ???
    Yes it was ” Mary Matalin ” Actually her husband did it !!!
    What the heck !!! fox what what what !!! Where is this brilliant beauty (Mary Matalin) she is the best of Conservatives to have !!! Mary Matalin helped George Bush Sr. get elected !
    but fox chose HER HUSBAND LAMES CARVILLE he got bill Clinton elected in 1996 !!!
    what the heck is going on at FOX NEWS !!!
    people its time to get out of watching fox news !!!! Ahhhhhhh