James Franco Stuck at LAX After Airport Shooting: ‘Some S–tbag Shot up the Place’

James Franco Stuck at LAX After Airport Shooting: 'Some S–tbag Shot up the Place'

The “Spring Breakers” star also tweets a selfie from the plane

James Franco is among the hundreds of passengers stuck in a plane after a shooting at Los Angeles International Airport, according to the “Spring Breakers” actor's Twitter feed.

No flights were being allowed in and out after the midmorning shooting that was still under investigation. A gunman reportedly targeted a TSA agent with a rifle, was subsequently shot and taken into custody, though officials had not confirmed those reports.

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It wasn't clear whether Franco was arriving or departing, but he was definitely stuck in the ensuing lockdown, tweeting:

At #lax Some s** tbag shot up the place.

James Franco (@JamesFrancoTV) November 1, 2013

His tweet included a photo, apparently a selfie:



  • dumbwrap

    wow. huge thanks to THE WRAP for showing us the real human tragedy of the shooting, that poor James Franco is stuck at LAX.

  • zoolander

    ^ this guy. perfect comment.

  • 6184

    Very interesting since James Franco was/is scheduled to do a Q&A at the Sundance Sunset Cinema tonight (Friday, Nov 1) to promote his new film SAL.

  • rizzo51

    Absolutely sums up what's wrong with our culture and “:celebrities” in particular. He has not the slightest concern for the people who were shot; all he can do is focus on the fact that he has been inconvenienced. I've always thought Franco was way overrated as an actor. Now I'm also sure he's overrated as a human being, too.

    • LUV to fly SWA

      I have never heard of him until now, but I do not like him. It is sad what happened at LAX, & I have a feeling he does not think so.

  • ltmil7240

    you can bet he will be on the Gun-Ban wagon 4sur.

  • Me

    Yawn…. who cares? Celebs need to learn that it's NOT all about themselves.

  • Zerothe

    Internet news. Everything is in play if you don't like their spin then go watch the news on tv.