Dailies | Jay Leno Compares Russia to Nazi Germany, Meredith Vieira Calls for Sochi Protests (Video)

Jay Leno Compares Russia to Nazi Germany, Meredith Vieira Calls for Sochi Protests (Video)

The two NBC personalities are torn on the Sochi Winter Olympics

The jokes were set aside — at least for a minute — on Monday's “Tonight Show,” as Meredith Vieira and Jay Leno tackled the debate surrounding the setting for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

The two got deep for a bit on the NBC late night talk show, discussing their mixed feelings on the network's coverage of the Sochi Games.

Leno asked fellow NBC personality Vieira if she is excited about the upcoming event, to which she replied. “I have sort of mixed feelings given all the stuff that's going on in Russia with Putin and the anti-gay legislation.”

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Vieira told Leno that Russian President Vladimir Putin's politics created much internal debate about attending the Games versus boycotting them, but ultimately she and her colleagues decided that the event is about the athletes — a sentiment that many torn media members have shared in recent months.

Vieira added, “But I really hope that people demonstrate there. I'm hoping that at least people wear the ribbons — and I think they will.”

When Leno asked Vieira if she thinks Russia's anti-gay laws will impact the Games, she replied, “I think Putin would be crazy to do anything during the time that people are there, but then, I think he's a little off-the-wall.”

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Leno then somewhat uncomfortably added, “This is how it started in Nazi Germany: ‘Oh the Jews, let's put them over here.'”

The clip cuts off there, but his heart was in the right place.

Watch the clip:

  • Justin

    Why is it uncomfortable? Leno is right. Marginalization of any specific group of people should be cause for alarm for the rest of us. “He who forgets the past is doomed to repeat it.”

  • Guest

    Anything to look good eh Jay? Can you tell me what is so good and pure as the wind driven snow as a life style that has literally gave a disease a human right that has killed millions over the last few decades that when you read about its origins it is commonly believed to have started from having sex with animals? When I talk to normal folk the main reason why they are revolted about the lifestyle is because it is unnatural and perverse and do not want it taught to their children in the public “Fool System”

    Do I disagree with Mr Putin on a few issues? Yes, at least he is attempting to handle a demonstrably bad mental illness the best he knows how.