Dailies | Jennifer Lawrence Stuns at ‘Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Paris Premiere (Photos)

Jennifer Lawrence Stuns at 'Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Paris Premiere (Photos)

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The Oscar-winning actress wore a Christian Dior Couture gown that revealed a side of her audiences rarely see

Katniss Everdeen is known as “The Girl on Fire,” and Jennifer Lawrence — the actress who plays the character in the Lionsgate franchise — was heating up the red carpet at Friday's Paris premiere of “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.”

Wearing a long black gown that still managed to show off plenty of skin, she stunned fans and photographers watching the cast of the sequel strut their stuff.

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“Catching Fire,” which is expected to be nothing short of a global blockbuster, hits U.S. theaters on Nov. 22.

Feast your eyes on a few photos of Lawrence posing solo, as well as with co-stars Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth and Elizabeth Banks.

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  • Coke Daddy

    To me she looks like a younger version of Helen Mirren. Imagine what the leading ladies of Mirren's era would look like with today's outfits, makeup and hairdo's.

  • Alexandra purcell

    Can't wait to never see that haircut on her ever again. It does nothing for her but ages her and ruins her face's shape…really dislike it.
    I mean a haircut is a haircut did she also has face work done …..something is disturbing just looking at it.

  • Devlin

    Merciful Zeus…..Jennifer Lawrence is certainly a beautiful woman. Lawrence has the face of an angel and the body of a goddess.

  • Devlin

    I'm loving the haircut!. I don't care how Jennifer Lawrence wears her because the woman is so much more than HAIR!….Lawrence is an incredibly talented woman, so charismatic, so full of life. The sex appeal is there…through the roof but she's so much more than just sexy.

  • M.

    Personally, I love short hair on women and really loving this cut on Jennifer Lawrence. Also, holy shit she's got a gorgeous figure…then there are those big blue eyes!!. All this plus a boatload of talent and petsonality….what a woman.

  • M.

    *Personality*….not *Petsonality*.

  • aly

    This is the genuine article! She's great looking yes, but I think she's a lot of fun too. Don't think she takes herself too seriously which is refreshing.

  • movie lover

    She has a beautiful figure. So if that is what's being praised, OK. Looks wise I don't think she is even pretty. And I think the fans of celebrities should (and most probably do) realize what lots of money can do for personal trainers, time to work out, (child care too), and surgical improvements.

    It's sad though just to be “loved” for ones exterior. Kind of like loving a shiny expensive sport car until it gets dented, or loving a can of coke, which, once enjoyed and drained, gets tossed in the trash.

    Beauty and talent are both wonderful and worthy of respect but unfortunately, say nothing about the person inside who needs to be loved for who she or he is, and will NOT receive THAT kind of love this way. That love is a need which is thirsted for, and not given, when one is loved ONLY for a certain look or outside act, smolders into anger and often other symptoms such as substance abuse, promiscuity (eve searching for what one doesn't find), relationship problems, eating disorders, and more.

    I hope this acress and these actors realize while they are still young that there is
    Someone who loves them that way, Someone who demands nothing from them but offers love freely, Someone who can fill them and heal them everywhere it may hurt.

    I hope this acress and these actors realize that the game of their carreer/industry cannot stop them frrom freely receiving this Love
    and know to Whom they can look. I hope they realize they don't have to give in to any demands of humans that may be inordinate or damaging to them to keep their careers going.

    There is One who loves each of us perfectly, and I hope we all turn to Him.

    I hope fans of celebrities and people who enjoy movies and other entertainment realize that the True Celebrity and Perfection they long to follow is found only in Him, and will never be found in mere human actresses, actors and the like. Let's enjoy and respect the talent and work that goes into creating the “fairy tale world” that Hollywood gives us. But let's remember that true Love and true

    Example and true Happiness in life is found only in Him.

    • telast

      Here endeth the lesson. Do you really think this is the forum for you?

    • mountsalish

      You clearly know nothing about Jennifer Lawrence. Try to learn some of her humility. Maybe then you will stop pontificating as though you alone can bring light to the world.

    • bubba2001

      Didn't the mouth breathers say some of those things about President Pantload too? How do they like him now I wonder?

  • Kim

    That hair color is not becoming on her at all. I have no desire to see that much of her breasts. Her figure is not “gorgeous” and she does not have the “body of a godess” (whatever the h*** that even means). People are praising her figure because it's “fuller” and therefore deemed obtainable. She looks like an everyday person who doesn't work out too much. Period.

    • Brenten

      Pure jealousy.

  • bubba2001

    I think she looks better in darker hair.

  • Seeker

    Hair, makeup, and dress make her look old and hardened. Almost no one can carry off such dark red lipstick, least of all a blond who's barely past ingénue age. Playing peek-a-boo w/ her boobs leads me to fear that she'll go down the Miley Cyrus Memorial Highway, especially if she listens to her current stylist(s). I know she's contracted to wear Dior, but has she no control over the Dior choices? Her last two red carpet dresses have been hideous.

  • montana3802

    That's a shame she was so pretty before this.

  • user1

    ugh… she cut her hair short.

  • MarkBosco

    I like her for the work she does on the screen. Whatever she wears or the way she looks is up to her. It does not add or take away from her phenomenal acting ability. She should have won the Oscar for Winters Bone!

  • Loryn Too

    The hair is cute, the skirt is gorgeous, but the top of that dress needs help. I realize the men are drooling over how much skin is shown, but its flat out ugly.