Jennifer Lawrence: 5 Lessons From ‘The Hunger Games’ Star's Career

Jennifer Lawrence: 5 Lessons From 'The Hunger Games' Star's Career

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The biggest actress of her generation follows a simple game plan. Hollywood take note

Jennifer Lawrence has done the impossible: An Oscar-winner at 23 with one of the most successful film franchises in her quiver, Lawrence is perhaps the first bona fide movie star to emerge since Robert Downey Jr. blasted off as “Iron Man” in 2008.

Moreover, Lawrence has done it on her own terms, wisely mixing in big budget crowd-pleasers like “The Hunger Games” with eclectic films such as David O. Russell's “American Hustle.” And unlike so many young stars, she's let her work, not her social habits, dominate coverage of her meteoric rise.

To be fair, Lawrence has yet to be tested as a standalone box-office draw; her hits are huge, but they're property-based tentpoles. But she is managing her early moment beautifully, so that when the time comes for her to open a film on her own, it's a safe bet she'll continue to command the spotlight, as Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and other A-listers once did.

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To that end, TheWrap has cooked up a handy primer for aspiring Katnisses everywhere.  Shailene Woodley, take note.

1. Start Small

Lawrence first came to prominence in “Winter's Bone,” a low-budget, gritty thriller that mixed in such distinctly un-glamorous topics as drug addiction and the Ozarks. The actress tamped down her natural good lucks to play a hard-scrabble tomboy. Critics took notice and the tiny indie managed to score a Best Actress nomination for the previously unknown actress.

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The grit and determination Lawrence exhibited helped her land the career-making role of Katniss Everdeen in “The Hunger Games,” proving that if you do good work, big paychecks will follow. It's a strategy that stars like Ryan Gosling and Jessica Chastain have also chosen to deploy, preferring quality to compensation with a goal of promoting career longevity.

It's telling that Lawrence has waited until “The Hunger Games” made her a household name before trying to open an expensive production solely on her own merits. Well, she did star in “House at the End of the Street,” but not even the brightest star could have saved that generic horror film. Rather than embarking on a solo career too soon, she's wisely taking supporting roles in ensemble movies such as “American Hustle” and Bryan Singer's superhero sequel “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” in which she plays Mystique.

There's no shame in keeping your powder dry.

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silver linings playbook2. Leave the Drama On-Screen

Lawrence isn't exactly a cipher. Nor is she media shy. She's witty and engaging in interviews and seems to genuinely enjoy interacting with fans on the red carpet and promotional events. Heck, she even crossed a security barrier  recently to comfort a crying girl in a wheelchair.

Yet, despite frenzied media speculation about the state of her relationship with “X-Men: Days of Future Past” co-star Nicholas Hoult, Lawrence has more or less remained mum about her personal life. Plus, she's wisely avoided the party scene that has derailed promising careers before.

Instead of having to guard against nasty stories about snogging with married film directors (we're looking at you Kristen Stewart) or having to explain away paparazzi shots of herself stumbling out of  a night club (honestly, just too many people to name here), Lawrence has tightly controlled her public appearances and her public image. In an age of camera phones and social media sites, that has prevented her from being overly exposed and has also allowed her to maintain the rarefied and unknowable image associated with old time movie stars.

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3. Find Good Partners

As Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese can testify, if the chemistry is there, it pays not to mess with a winning formula.

Film is a collaborative medium, so fielding the right team is critical. In her relatively short career, Lawrence has shown impressive loyalty, working with directors like David O. Russell (“Silver Linings Playbook” and actors like Bradley Cooper on multiple occasions, and being linked to future projects with Susanne Bier (“Serena”) and Gary Ross (“The Hunger Games”), both of whom she worked with on previous occasions.

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Not only is Bier set to direct Lawrence in “The Rules of Inheritance,” but the actress is also slated to star in Ross’ planned remake of “East of Eden,” though that's a project whose future depends on finding the right male co-stars.

She's also found a studio that is heavily invested in her future. Lawrence is attached to play a gossip columnist in “The Glass Castle” as well as an accused Icelandic axe murderer in “Burial Rites.” Both projects are set up at Lionsgate, which is behind a little dystopian fantasy called “The Hunger Games.”

4. Show Your Range

In a business that thrives on putting actors in boxes (Johnny Depp's a kook!, Angelina Jolie should always pack heat!), Lawrence has wisely avoided type-casting. She can do indie dramas such as “Like Crazy,” big budget action spectacles such as “The Hunger Games” and comedies such as “Silver Linings Playbook.” It's that kind of versatility that have led actors like Donald Sutherland to compare her to cinematic chameleons like Laurence Olivier.

After “Winter's Bone” and “The Hunger Games,” it would have been a natural for her to stick to tough girl roles, but instead she gravitated toward films like “Silver Linings” that allowed her to be sexy, feminine and to play older than her age. There's a reason that Lawrence is on the shortlist for nearly every female  role in Hollywood — producers and directors know she's up to the challenge.

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5. Laugh It Off

When Lawrence climbed the stage on Oscar night she slipped and nearly suffered a face plant. Yet, the actress decided to be the first to make light of her stumble, telling the crowd, “You guys are only standing up because I fell.” She went on to make light of her misstep in interviews with the press, saying it had all been part of her plan.

Nor were the Oscars the first time Lawrence has shown an ability to laugh at herself. She gamely mentioned that she scored her SAG card by working in a promo for MTV's “My Super Sweet 16” while accepting an award from the actor's union, and despite her Oscar, she's not above logging a cameo in goofy pictures like the upcoming “Dumb & Dumber” sequel.

Being a movie star is supposed to be fun, and some actors and actresses can seem so petulant when they're hitting the circuit. Not Lawrence, she's always got a mega-watt smile lying in wait and a joke at the ready.

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  • carmen j.

    This article is full of hyperbolic information. It is all very comical and scary to me . Jennifer Lawrence's PR Team are brilliant because they are pushing a passable actress to the extreme . I always see her as a untrained actress that tries too hard with her film performances . She was out-acted by almost everyone in Winter's Bone, she was bland and not credible as a sexpot in Silver Linings Playbook ( all her yelling and her hideous Pennsylvania accent got on my nerves ) , she was incredibly stiff and out of place hosting SNL , she has this flat way of delivering her lines , and she has problems acting with facial expressions . Because of those reasons, it is foolish to call Jennifer Lawrence the biggest actress of her generation. She lucked into The Hunger Games franchise films . This franchise is a box-office hit because of the enormous following of these books – not Lawrence ( it is very similar to the Harry Potter franchise ) . It is beyond ridiculous to compare the untrained Jennifer to the very classically trained Laurence Olivier. Plus, Olivier is considered one of the most gifted stage actors , and Lawrence is not a stage actress. All this nonsense truly needs to stop.

    • David

      Jealous much?

      • serendipme

        I don't agree with Carmen at all, but I find it so grating that an honest critique is often snipped at with a “jealous much” reply. That reply does not even make sense. There is nothing about Carmen's comments that sound like jealousy. I feel like you are assuming that a woman who doesn't like another woman must be bitter with jealousy and not capable of any other nuanced feelings in the human spectrum. Your comment makes me feel like you are a misogynist, whether you realize it or not. Carmen actually did not comment about Jennifer's personality or assets at all, just disagreed that she is an actress of the same caliber of Laurence Oliver. There was nothing personal in her comment. Jealousy is a personal emotion. I realize you are probably just a typical troll with no interest in how your comments are perceived. I really just wrote this for my own sake, maybe just one person out there will read this and think about how silly that throwaway “comeback” is.

      • carmen j.

        Heck, no ! I am just telling the facts . Don't believe the hype !

    • Chris

      I think you'll find your opinions are vastly in the minority. JL is definitely the greatest actress of her generation. She lucked into Hunger Games? Come on. I supposed it was just lucky that she won her Oscar as well. Jeez.

      • carmen j.

        Chris , do you really think Jennifer is a better actress than Jessica Chastain , Marion Cottilard , Anne Hathaway , Emily Blunt , and Amy Adams – all theatre trained thespians ? I would even add Saoire Ronan to the mix . Give me a break .

        • JeffH

          In what world are Amy Adams, Marion Cottilard and Jessica Chastain “the same generation” as Lawrence? Ronan, yes, but I have a tough time forgiving her for The Host.

    • Kell Cramer

      You would think Jennifer personal did something to ole Carmen j. Wow! Such venom for someone you obviously don't care for yet seem to pay very close attention to every little thing she does. “And speaking of truly needs to stop,” maybe you need to read articles that don't make you sound like such a miserable person.

      • carmen j.

        Kell, I do not begrudge the success of Jennifer Lawrence, but who in their right mind compares Jennifer to Lawrence Olivier ( plus , she is not from the theatre ) ? If that is not an exaggeration , I don't know what else is ? It is similar to comparing Mila Kunis to Marlon Brando or Sandra Bullock to Robert Duvall. It makes absolutely no sense.

        I remember when the media was repeatedly overrating Julia Roberts as the best actress of her generation ( even though she plays herself in all her films ) . That never turned out to be the case . Now , Julia has to compete with these truly gifted ladies – Cate Blanchett , Kate Winslet , Rachel Weisz , Tilda Swinton , and Laura Linney . Now , these ladies are more in demand and more respected than Julia .

  • Betsy

    Jennifer Lawrence is an authentic person, through and through and she happens to be a fabulous actress. Her awards attest to this. When I saw some footage of her at the Catching Fire Premiere, I was once again reminded of how special her connection is with people. She is a real gift to us all.

  • Daisy

    Let's just say Jennifer Lawrence is incredibly fortunate to be existing in a “digital and networking” era when people actually end up “noticing” you, without you putting too much effort for it, from your own end. She is a product of her time. She has just made the most of all the opportunities that she has got. By the way, regarding the Oscar win – her PR team should be credited for it as well.

    Easy to compare her to Laurence Olivier so long as all her films are “hits”. But, an actor's career CANNOT always be filled with “hit” films. The media's attitude towards her as an actress will be extremely interesting to watch, especially when one of her films inevitably ends up tanking at the box-office, or is labelled as a “critical failure”. Or even when question marks are raised about her own performances in certain films in the future.

    Let's imagine a hypothetical situation here – If Jennifer Lawrence actually existed during the time of Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh, or even Elizabeth Taylor (for that matter), how would her career have panned out in such circumstances?

    Comparisons with Laurence Olivier are warranted IF and only IF she herself existed during his time.

    BTW, I'm female. So, go ahead and bring on all the “jealous female” and other flattering responses in your comments!! Can't wait to read the extent to which I could be insulted by a few people here, simply because I DARE to NOT go ga-ga over Jennifer Lawrence – how shocking!!!

    I mean, the internet is a medium which apparently allows for “freedom of expression”. But, when “dissenting” views are expressed, supposedly mature, grown-up adults turn into immature and petulant teenagers, and loosely throw around the “jealous” word.

    Yes, I've got no other real work and no life of my own, except to get “jealous” of Jennifer Lawrence…so much time I've got…

    Honestly, do ALL human beings have an obligation of sorts to maintain one and ONLY one point-of-view???

  • uncle tante

    To all who comment: Time will tell. GO JLAW!