Dailies | ‘The View's’ Jenny McCarthy, Sherri Shepherd Get Naked for Lena Dunham Segment (Video)

'The View's' Jenny McCarthy, Sherri Shepherd Get Naked for Lena Dunham Segment (Video)

The two co-hosts of the ABC talker went topless during Monday's episode

Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd gave their studio audience a “view” most of them hadn't seen before, unless they read “Playboy” back in the day when McCarthy was a Playmate.

During a discussion about a recent episode of HBO's “Girls” where Lena Dunham revealed some racy underwear that left little to the imagination, the two panelists apparently went topless to conclude their show on Monday.  It's unclear if the ladies were completely topless, since their assets were obscured by black bars.

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“Thank you, thank you!” McCarthy exclaimed to the hooting and hollering crowd.

“You know Lena, she gets press every week for being naked,” Shepherd observed. “So we're jumping on the bandwagon!”

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“It's true,” McCarthy added. “We want more ratings too.”

“Wait a minute!” interjected Shepherd. “Look at my box. Why is my black box so much bigger than yours”?

“Take a little time to enjoy our view!” McCarthy quipped.

McCarthy then apparently surprised Shepherd by grabbing her breasts.

Watch the two get naked below:

  • Flo

    I can't unsee that….

  • http://davidsask.wordpress.com/ DavidSask

    There was something still around breasts or at least nipples or it be all over net by now!

  • Nicholas

    Pathetic. So glad I stopped watching. Thanks Jenny McCarthy for making me stop watching what used to be a favorite of mine. Glad to see I made the right decision.

  • Meg Damiens

    Tasteless filth!. So your telling me that you have to get naked to get ratings? This world is seriously doomed.

  • Mas Bogle

    Disgusting the things these people will do just for money.