Dailies | ‘Jeopardy’ Lays Down the Law on ‘GIF’ Pronunciation (Video)

But Alex Trebek is also taking the inventor's word for it — and what does he know?

Has “Jeopardy” host Alex Trebek ended the debate over how to pronounce “GIF”? Or reignited it?

People have pronounced GIF with both a hard and soft G since Steve White created the Graphics Interchange Format back in the 1980s. But in a “Jeopardy” answer Tuesday, the show noted that White says the soft G is correct. And Trebek took White's side by pronouncing it that way.

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As a Greg, I will never accept that. But I'm biased. I like my G's hard.

Suck on it, Trebek.

  • LiquidMetalGuy

    If the “G” in .gif stands for “Graphics” why would .gif be pronounced with a soft g?

  • Coldstone

    @LiquidMetalGuy One of life's mysteries, my friend.

  • pszymeczek

    The rule is that “g” is followed by “e,” “i,” or “y,” it is a soft “g.” Same thing with “c.” Soft “c” is pronounced like “s.”

    • p

      This rule is a “gift” to the English language.

      • pszymeczek

        As with any other rule, there is the infrequent exception.