Jessica Goodman Steps Down as Exec VP of Production at Fox 2000 (Exclusive)

Jessica Goodman Steps Down as Exec VP of Production at Fox 2000 (Exclusive)

Nikki Ramey promoted to creative executive

Jessica Goodman has left her job as executive vice president of production at Fox 2000, TheWrap has learned.

An individual with knowledge of the departure described it as “amicable.” A replacement for Goodman has yet to be named and the studio does not have a time frame for when it will name her successor.

In addition, Goodman's assistant Nikki Ramey was promoted to creative executive just before her departure.
Goodman joined the studio in February 2012. She had previously been with Warner Bros., where she a production executive who spent nearly 13 years working on such hits as “Ocean's 11” and “I Am Legend” before leaving in 2010.

Goodman replaced Carla Hacken, who left Fox 2000 after 15 years for a position at New Regency. She is now a producer with a deal at DreamWorks.

Fox 2000's recent credits include “Life of Pi” and “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.” Upcoming titles include two World War II dramas “Monuments Men” starring George Clooney and “The Book Thief” with Geoffrey Rush.

  • Jake

    Goodman did not “step down,” she was fired. She had only been there a year and a half and never made a movie. She was intensely disliked by other execs and producers on the lot – and Gabler was even warned about how nasty Goodman was before she hired her, but she figured she must be good because she had all that experience at Warner Bros. Gabler should have checked further – i.e. why did Warners fire her? Why did people hate her so much. Oh well, Goodman wasn't at 2000 long so she didn't do too much damage, and at least her assistant come out of it smelling like roses. Let's hope no one else makes the same mistake and gives Goodman a job. Oh, I bet Basil Iwanyk will!!!