‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Jim Parsons Says Reaction to Coming Out Was ‘Rewarding’

'Big Bang Theory' Star Jim Parsons Says Reaction to Coming Out Was 'Rewarding'

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“That's progress …. I'm really happy to be a part of,” Parsons says

Jim Parsons, who plays super-nerd Sheldon on the CBS hit “The Big Bang Theory,” came out as gay in a most low-key way last year.

As far as he's concerned the reaction to his revelation was pretty low-key too — and that's a good thing.

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Parsons appears in Out magazine for its Out 100 list — the actor was named Entertainer of the Year — and discussed the public response to his coming out. Or, rather, the lack of response.

“It didn't think it was still that much hoopla, and that was really kind of rewarding,” Parsons told the magazine. “That's progress — progress I'm really happy to be a part of, making what was extraordinary ordinary without being boring, for God's sake.”

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Though Parsons had never been particularly secretive about his sexuality, a New York Times profile on Parsons last year confirmed that the actor is gay. Discussing his role in the play “The Normal Heart” — Parsons played young gay activist Tommy Boatwright — the profile noted, “‘The Normal Heart’ resonated with him on a few levels. Mr. Parsons is gay and in a 10-year relationship, and working with an ensemble again onstage was like nourishment,” he said.

  • Max Krakah

    Was he ever “IN”?!?! Seriously, he never had to tell anyone, it is obvious and the show totally sucked because of it, the only people that tike the show are teenage girls and older women who have not yet matured.

    • Ryann

      WHAT is wrong with you? You totally SUCK!

      • Mariana

        She sucks major dick. Fucking dumb bitch. That show is amazing and so is he. SHUT YOUR Face dumb cunt

  • Mitch Kohan

    Love him!

  • chancet

    Maaaan, this show is cringe-worthingly bad.

    • Deathbydeath

      Typical network garbage.

    • Benjamin Roussey

      Actually it is pretty funny.

  • Anna

    Ummm not a teenage girl or older woman and love the show. My general guess is if u think its a horrible show the content is above your head

  • Zipper666

    A great show with consistently funny scripts and clever ongoing story lines. Consider that Johnny Galecki was supposed to be the lead and how he has been completely supportive of Jim Parson's scene stealing skills.
    Excellent ensemble playing with each character being fully realized and allowed to shine in turn.
    Sorry for all those that are too intellectually challenged to see the worth of the show, better stick to re-runs of “My Mother The Car”

  • Benjamin Roussey


    • Benjamin Roussey

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  • jack nalley

    I love the show, I don't care about the his sex life.

  • John Bilbrey

    Just remember GOD will judge them it is not our place to do so.

  • Debbie

    Wonderful show. So funny. Someone must be watching-it was just renewed for 3 seasons. Love all the references made to other literature & media. And Ihe characters are the best. Everyone is different & should be allowed to live the way they want.
    I do agree if you don't like the show you probably just don't get it & live in a bubble. Your loss.