Jimmy Carter Reveals Obama Is Only President Who Doesn't Call Him for Advice (Video)

Jimmy Carter Reveals Obama Is Only President Who Doesn't Call Him for Advice (Video)

The former president says during “Meet the Press” that differences with Obama over Middle East policy may have fractured their relationship

President Barack Obama does not call the oldest surviving former president for advice.

That's according to former president Jimmy Carter, who told NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell in an advance clip of Sunday's “Meet the Press” that he and the current president have a fractured relationship over Middle East policy.

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“That's a hard question for me to answer, you know, with complete candor,” Carter said in response to Mitchell's question about why Carter‘s other successors — Clinton, both Bushes, and even Reagan — called upon him, but not Obama.

“I think the problem was that — in dealing with the issue of peace in between Israel and Egypt — the Carter Center has taken a very strong and public position of equal treatment between the Palestinians and the Israelis. And I think this was a sensitive area in which the president didn't want to be involved,” he added.

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Carter famously brokered the 1978 Camp David Accords between Egypt and Israel. He said that Obama's policy toward the area, which he delivered in his 2009 Cairo Speech, may be at odds with Carter‘s approach.

“But I can understand those sensitivities. And I don't have any criticism of him,” Carter said.

The full interview with former president Carter airs on “Meet the Press” Sun., March 23.

Watch the clip below:

  • Guest

    Obama is a Moron

  • cppthis

    Highly amusing when one considers that Obama is, in both method and outcome, the most Carter-esque of the Presidents listed.

    • Marty Stevens

      well said. Obama is avoiding Carter because he does not want to be dubbed “Carteresque” or “Carter light.”

  • Newzheimer

    I love how Carter puts himself out there as a peace broker for Israel and the Palestinians, when he's an anti-semite who has written book(s) calling the government of Israel apartheid.

    Obama already has a reputation of ‘being bad for Israel’ and not having Israel's best interests on the table. Why would he call a known anti-semite for advice on how to deal with Israel?

    • Guest

      “The word anti-Semitism is another word which should be eliminated from the English language. Anti-Semitism
      serves only one purpose today. It is used as a smear word. When
      so-called or self-styled Jews feel that anyone opposes any of their
      objectives they discredit their victims by applying the word anti-Semite or anti-Semitic
      through all the channels they have at their command and under their
      control. I can speak with great authority on that subject. Because
      so-called or self-styled Jews were unable to disprove my public
      statements in 1946 with regard to the situation in Palestine, they spent
      millions of dollars to smear me as an anti-Semite
      hoping thereby to discredit me in the eyes of the public who were very
      much interested in what I had to say. Until 1946 I was a little saint to
      all so-called or self-styled Jews. When I disagreed with them publicly
      on the Zionist intentions in Palestine I became suddenly Anti-Semite No. 1.” – Benjamin H. Freedman, Facts are Facts, 1954.

    • Marty Stevens

      Carter is an Israel basher who is silent on the apartheid, racism, misogyny and barbarism of the Arab world. Instead he focuses exclusively on Israel, notwithstanding Israel's repeated attempts to negotiate with Palestinian Arabs. Obama is cut from the same cloth – he is also incapable of criticizing Arabs, only pressuring Israel. The result is over 200,000 Syrians dead in the last 3 years while these two impotent presidents continue to hammer on Israel. In the meantime, women throughout the Arab world are denied the most basic rights. Unless you think women shouldn't drive cars. :)

  • caligrl

    Notice how Guest didn't list a name….how telling…Carter's jab says more about himself. Times have obviously changed since his presidency and well, Bush didn't do much of benefit to the region. Guest, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting the same results. #duhh

    • Colm Keegan

      What's telling about listing a quote from an historical figure who himself was a Jew by ethnicity calling out the hypocrisy of his own people? I think guest's quote is spot on. Jimmy Carter is not an anti-semite. If he is then how could anyone reconcile an anti-semite brokering the only meaningful peace agreement between Israel and one of her most bitter enemies? He is labeled an anti-semite simply because those who aim to silence him can't do it by using logic. They can only resort to smear campaigns.

  • Khaled Snip

    why would he call a known anti-semite for advice on how to deal with Israel…

  • Honey Badger Don't Care

    Jimmy Carter looks horrible.

    • pete

      He's f'ing really old….how do you expect him to look?!?!