Dailies | ‘Duck Dynasty’ Spoofed in Billy Crystal, Jimmy Fallon's ‘Schmuck Dynasty’ (Video)

'Duck Dynasty' Spoofed in Billy Crystal, Jimmy Fallon's 'Schmuck Dynasty' (Video)

Because they rhyme

Billy Crystal‘s book, “Still Foolin’ ‘Em,” has some interesting company on best-seller lists: “Si-cology,” penned by Uncle Si of “Duck Dynasty.” It isn't the first time the “Duck Dynasty” gang has been riding his coattails, Crystal said on Monday's “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.”

The Robertson family's entire hit A&E reality show is actually a rip-off of something Crystal did years earlier, “Schmuck Dynasty,” the comedian told Fallon. Naturally, the late night show had a clip to roll.

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“Schmuck Dynasty” sees Crystal and Fallon sitting on a park bench, in full Orthodox Jewish garb, calling passers-by “schmucks” under their breath. Until Fallon breaks out the schmuck call — that's pretty loud. And that's pretty much it.

It probably took the two comedians longer to get in costume than to shoot the brief spoof.

Watch the video:

  • Barry

    Billy Crystal King of story style humor. Duck Dynasty breaks up some one size fits all stereo types.

  • KenSterling

    The very best form of flattery !!!

    • Mark

      God is in control, guess who is ultimately
      going to win. Man reaps what he sows.
      Payday is just around the corner. If you are wrong my friends, you have eternity
      to regret your chosen life style. God loves you and He wants you to be His.

      • Melissa Ford Showalter

        Then let God decide and not you.

  • Gail

    I think anyone that is upset with Phil Roberson should back up. He is just excursing his right to free speech, which is still a right in this country. Besides if the GLAAD or gay/lesbian community is upset with his comment, then that means they agree that he and the BIBLE are correct. However, if they don't agree with him then it should not effect them one way or another. Besides, it is time someone in this country stands up for his beliefs and morals, and not worry about what the ratings will be. A&E should worry more about producing more episodes of this FAMILY show, than worrying about if a group, gay/lesbian community, gets their feelings hurt. We all have a right to believe what we want, it is high time the Christian People have our say as well. We are the minority in this country, and we have the right to be heard also. Thank you Phil Roberson and family for not allowing others to cause you to lay your beliefs and morals aside for the sake of money or anything else. This world needs more people to stand up for their morals and values instead of bowing to the masses. GOD bless the Roberson Family and anyone affiliated with them. GOD bless!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Duck COMMAND

      The Bible CLEARLY states that ALL sinned and fall short. So, without JESUS, we all are sent to HELL. Gotta go get some JESUS before its too late.

    • Diana


    • Django

      How dare you use the Bible as an excuse to deny people their basic rights as Americans. The right not to follow an ancient book is just as essential as the right to free speech. I just wrote something down on a piece of paper, and because of that, you don't get to have a family. Does that make any sense? No. I agree whole-heartedly with your right to read and honor the Bible, but one simply cannot harm, neither physically nor verbally, a group of people just because it's what YOUR book says.

      • Mahmij

        Just where was anybody's basic rights violated? If you don't believe as 250 million Americans do, that's your choice. I didn't hear Phil say s*it about infringing on your rights or anyone elses. He was voicing his opinion, and just like assh@les, everybody has one. Including you. Except you are in the huge minority. A&E will rue the day they made a big deal of this.

        • Melissa Ford Showalter

          250 million? I seriously doubt that! Besides that, no one trampled on Mr. Robertson's free speech.

          • Rich Rodgers

            Exactly. When did anyone ever say he can't say the stupid things he says? But free speech doesn't imply you are immune from consequences.

    • Soldier man

      Right on!
      Read a good book. Go Google: The Impedance and Cancellation of Evil

    • Dr Doug

      Almost everyone who discusses this is ignorant of the principle of “free speech.” In the Constitution the purpose of the clause concerning free speech essentially gives a citizen the right to speak freely about his govt or whatever IN THE TOWN SQUARE without fear of retaliation by his government. This allows me to stand out in front of my house and talk about my feeling that the mayor is corrupt and/or the school board is composed of homosexuals without fear that the police are going to march up to my front door and arrest me.
      IT DOES NOT GIVE ME THE RIGHT TO DO SO WHILE I AM WORK or in a multitude of other situations. It only protects me from govt intrusion in certain specific circumstances.
      Think about this: if this “free speech” business is being CORRECTLY advocated by those defending Mr. Robertson then I should be able to go into the high school American Govt class I teach and spend the next hour discussing why I think homosexuality is a wonderful thing! Hey, “free speech”, right! Now all the Robertson advocates are freaking out going – “Hey, wait a minute”.

    • Faresalis Bookcarrier

      To “use logic” as Phil had suggested us to do in
      his “quote-Bible-only” statements, here are some honest questions his
      family should consider discussing:

      1. Who can honestly believe that a WHOLE CITY of heterosexuals (Romans
      1: 26-27) can turn into homosexuals in such extreme uniformity, within a
      single generation? As long as we (are allowed to have) freewill and
      personal tastes, is that even possible to happen, when even
      homosexuality itself is a proof that humans can never be uniform in
      sexual tastes?

      2. Why did God not “test the faith” of Lot by making him a homosexual
      like the rest of Sodom, to see how Lot can get himself over his

      3. Where in the Bible can we get an example of a homosexual that is not a
      gay (to answer the “scholarly distinction” made by churches that
      “homosexuals can choose not to be gay” LOL) and where in the Bible had
      God given example of and explained how a homosexual can be “cured”, as
      many gay curing church-sponsored clinics and “experts” claim to be

      4. If homosexuality is a sin, how come heterosexuals don't receive the same “temptations to be gay” as much as homosexuals?

      5. Why didn't God make AIDS a direct, instant curse, for any and all
      individuals involved in voluntary same-sex intimate behavior?

      And no thanks, I personally don't need, nor do I want, justifications
      from the Bible towards my homosexuality. A God that created and
      predestine the grand scenario of the fall of Satan so that humanity can
      eventually be saved by Christ, is a weak and deceitful God, not worthy
      of worship. Questions of freewill and predestination are not new, and I
      have left Islam (while at the same rejecting Christ) because of them.
      Find and read “The Problem of Divine Sovereignty, Predestination,
      Salvation and Human Free Will” by Sam Shamoun on “answering dash islam
      dot org” for your benefits of doubting.Happy New Year:-)

    • Rich Rodgers

      Ha! “excursing” his free speech doesn't mean he is free from consequences. back up, indeed.

  • JZee

    Love “Duck Dynasty.” Thank God we live in a nation where we can exercise free speech.

    • Ralph Carr

      Free Speech, is available ‘only’ for those who thing just like the minority things (beginning with the one who lives in the white house on DC). If you are part of the huge Christian majority…. Then, we are (allow me to use the right word for it) screwed. This is according to the A&E; what they call, “moral” standards. Keep in mind that the ACLU is the great ‘nest’ for this kind of ‘liberal minds'.

      • LDizzle

        You say Christians are the majority but someone else said they are the minority. According to the Bible that you follow; we are all sinners and homosexuals are no worse than fornicators, adulterers…etc.
        Do you think gay people have the right to marry? If not, why? If your answer is that the Bible says it is a sin, then should those who engage in premarital sex be allowed to marry? If you say yes, then why? If your answer is no; then we have a shit load of people unlawfully married.
        Hmm…seems like a big ‘ol circle jerk to me.

    • Keith W

      thanks Phil for telling it like it is we should all honor that . and I do. God bless your whole family free speech is our right if the gays cant handle it tell them to stay out of your duck blind maybe what happens in their _uck blind should stay in their _uck blind. tell A&E to go sleep in their _uck Blind .

      • whyicare

        Did anyone tell Phil that if he has tattoos he is sinning. Did anyone tell Phil that eating shellfish and pork is a sin. Did anyone tell Phil wearing clothings made out of multiple fabrics is a sin.

  • George

    I don't think Phill has to worry. Gay people in general probably don't hunt or buy duck calls anyway.

  • cday

    Duck Dynasty is a great show!! My favorate part is when they all set down to a meal, they PRAY! Which if the world would turn to God or the BIBLE for guidance, it would be a better place! Phil has the right to free speach and I fill the same way! Read the BIBLE and you will know!

    • cd

      I agree! There is only a very few decent shows left on TV for a
      family to watch and Duck Dynasty is one of them! Keep up the good work Phil!!!!

    • LDizzle

      If people would treat each other with respect and actually follow the Bible they claim to follow, the world would be a better place. ‘Love thy neighbor’ and all…. Some people need some old book to tell them how to behave. Then there are those of us that figure it out on our own.

  • Kelly


  • Mr Chrome

    The LGBT community have a right to exist and be protected by the laws applicable. BUT, don't say they are normal people. The Robersons are normal, not LGBT people. If LGBT were normal, well,,,we humans would be gone in a generation. So I say, let the LGBT live their life as they wish but if they think that I'm going to boycott a product becuase they have their frillies bent over some guy preaching the bible, they can stuff whatever plastic, wood, steel they have in their closet into their partners azz….see if I care…

    • Ralph Carr

      You are 100% right on your comment. Phil Roberson will be loved and protected by he's (and our) Savior until he gets his ‘final’ call, just right in front of our Creator. Jesus we'll be, just right beside to him, to witness he's struggling with the media and gay lovers. Now; more than ever, Phil should not stop and ‘standup’ for the Divine truth. A&E (staff) will be judge and pass through the same ‘Almighty’ that all human will have to face. A&E….!!??? My family and I, vow never to see such disgusting gay ‘nest'. We'll follow; the remaining ‘Duck Dynasty’ until they uphold their Christians believes.

    • LDizzle

      Bahahahaha! Are you serious? The Robersons are normal????

    • LDizzle

      Mighty Christian of you there ‘ol boy.

  • MitchB

    The truth hurts America. God Bless you Phil for standing up for what's right!

    • Melissa Ford Showalter

      Whose truth? Not my truth or several others. Apparently not A&E's truth either.

      • LDizzle

        Not mine either.

  • cmjohns3

    Go Robertsons!! We need more God fearing people in this nation, and people who will stand up for our rights even if they're not as popular as people think. If you bow to people with money then you're just as bad. People in Hollywood and politicians who want re-election will do whatever and say whatever to please people. They have no morals and values. People who have family, Jesus, religion and goodness in their lives have what really matters. Duck Dynasty is one of the only shows we can watch as a family anymore, and THE ONLY reality show I've ever watched. They also stand up for freedom of speech, prayer, gun rights, etc. These are all our inalienable rights and the government, politicians and people who throw their money around need to back off, and the rest of us need to stand up for what's right!

    • LDizzle

      Oh come on, you know you watch Moonshiners!

  • justsayin’

    okay…he has the right to say whatever he wants…but they are a reality show and make a great deal of money from the show and sales. Just shut your mouth if you want to enjoy your success and $$$$$. Personally I used to watch the show but lost all respect for them when I noticed ALL of their merchandise is MADE IN CHINA. This is a family that made their initial money from making duck calls here in the USA…now they have everything made in chine in regards to the show. Don't expect the network to respond why all the duck dynasty products are from china….they wont respond.I would think they would at least respect the fact that they got started with a small American company yet they cannot support the American economy.Maybe the USA should buy all MADE IN CHINA duckcalls…..justsayin'…..goodbye duck dynasty.

    • guest

      @Just saying. It appears that all that money Duck Dynasty makes did not mean much to them other wise Phil would not have shared his true belief. It also demonstrated he chose Christ verse to please you and the world. Praise God for men who stand up for Christ.

      • LDizzle

        You probably want to retract that comment now.

    • anthonyregino@gmail.com

      Dumbass.. DUCK Dynasty is a brand owned by A&E not DUCK COMMANDER… JUSTSAYIN'… do your research first… SMFH…

      • justsayin’

        Duck commander crap all made in china…the family should be respectful that the USA supported their products and they at least could support American made products…..amazing how greedy good people can become

        • mahmij

          What planet were you born on? Earth? Then, what's in your bong?

          • justsayin’


          • Melissa Ford Showalter

            When you call someone out on their ignorance, you get hated. Very Christian, don't you think..

        • whyicare

          Can't call these hillbillies stupid. They are making tons of money by selling goods made in China.

      • LDizzle

        You think the duck dudes don't make money from the Duck Dynasty brand?

    • TBone

      Just because its made in china I'm sure doesn't stop you from shopping. 70% of the stuff you buy comes from over seas. Its cost to manufactor is cheaper that way and your government has been doing it for years. Scripture (Gods Word) says homosexual behavior is wrong, period. So if you claim to be a follower of Christ and want eternal salvation and you are a homosexual or lesbian then you must change and if you excepted Christ to begin with and allowed the holy spirit in then you will want to change. If you are not a believer and have not accepted christ as savior then you will not inheret the kingdom if God. Read your bible and allow it to speak to you. We are not judging you for your life style I have friends that are gay. I don't condone their lifestyle but am still friends with them. Its not my place to judge anyone that will be done by the father. Phil is just speaking the truth as we know it. Thank you and may God Bleas you.

      • justsayin’

        Uhm…I am not gay…..and I do specifically look for made in USA products. Just ironic the family makes and sells duck decoys and duck calls in USA but they get in bed with a network and all the cheap crap with their names on it are Made IN China…..that's pure greed…any quotes from the bible on greed

        • LDizzle

          Yep, and, as a matter of fact, many religious scholars think that Sodom and Gomorrah had more to do with pride and hospitality…like being sins.

      • Melissa Ford Showalter

        TBone: I think justsayin’ was pointing out some hypocrisy.

        • justsayin’

          quite right there ma'am

      • whyicare

        TBone: where in the bible did it say lesbian behavior is sinful. It only said men should not engag in sex acts with other men. Didn't say about women. The bible made it clear what men and women can or cannot do. Do you think someone forgot to inlcude lesbian acts as a sin.

  • con

    I'll put it to you this way the orifice you deficate from, it's not normal to put a weiner in there fellas! I cannot imagine the smell!

    • justsayin’

      a weiner…hmmm you must be referring to …oh whats the medical name for that thing…oh yes…its called a penis

  • Phill Robertson

    Seriously? Screw A&E if they suspend him. They are abunch of butt kissers to the gays.

  • Janice Collins


    • LDizzle

      Can you explain your post please. It was a little difficult to read with the lack of grammar and punctuation.

  • Steve

    Everyone should have the right to free speech. Even though I don't agree with him I respect his rights.

    • Soldier man

      Everyone in America DOES have freedom of speech. Especially corrupt speech like that of an inappropriate sexual nature, profanity, insults, racists humor, and Christ mocking. The problem is; “all things Christian” is prohibited and/or edited; but you regular folks out there wouldn't happen to notice that – would you? Too late – you're trapped in the cage.


    The reasons for homosexuality are:

    Choice: the feeling
    that persons of the opposite sex are not attracted to them and in an attempt to
    find companionship one turn to homosexuality. In my opinion being a love addict
    myself this also can be a sign of love addiction.

    Programming: repetitive suggestion this is where an
    individual has grown up with what in society has come to believe to be the
    stereo typical homosexual behaviors ex: (a male who in joys watching romance
    over any other type of movie or book, home economics) When a child is growing
    up and is told only quires and boys/ girls do this and that, the child grows up
    thinking they are gay there for society programs them into being homosexuals.
    Just like the tests done by John B. Watson when he did a test on a 1 year old
    boy. In which he programmed the boy into havening a fear of things white.
    People are programmed with the person they become. I had some question my
    theory by asking if that is true how does one explain the comment your father
    used to do that exact same thing? My answer is programming the reason a person
    is sees these thing is because the person making the comment either miss the
    person and chooses to see these things in turn programming the child to do
    these thing as well.

    • Duckie

      I hope the people at a+e are reading all these comments!they may want to rethink their position on this, ( for the sake of money)

      • Joe Nelson

        Keep up the good work. We need more people like you .the Bible is the only place you can get the real trouth.

        • rabbi

          They call themselves GAY, GLAAD, what terms they use because of their sin. Less than a second after your last breathe, you will wished you hadn't have messed with God's people. Oh, you say you are a Christian, oh, no. Oil and water don't mix. You have made your choice, just wait a few days, years, who knows, but judgment will come. You will be judged by a righteous judge, and you can't plead ignorance, or insanity.
          God the righteous judge knows your heart, and the day you will stand before Him. God doesn't make the choice for you. You make your choice and if you did make it to heaven, it would be your hell seeing the righteous enjoying the Fruits of Christ, and your heart will burn because of your sin.
          I still can't understand Gay or Glaad for your freakish living.

          • whyicare

            Rabbi, do you eat shellfish or pork. Could you tell us the materials your clothings are made out of. Got any tattoos on your body parts.

        • Melissa Ford Showalter

          Doubtful. A four thousand year old book written by superstitious men is not the place to get an education.

    • Soldier man

      Everyone is born a sinner. When a person says; he/she was born a homosexual, murderer, thief, liar, rapist and/or addict, the propensity is there in the sinful nature for all of that activity. Nonetheless, each one chooses by a volitional act of their will to do as he/she pleases. In the same way that they choose to deny God or create their own.

    • whyicare

      By your programming technique, I have a better one. How about having boys looking at playboy magazines at an early age. Early exposure to the female anatomy will help the boys from showing any interest in male genitials. For girls, get them some Playgirl magazines.

      • Melissa Ford Showalter


    • LDizzle

      WTF*ckery? Are you totally ignorant or what?

  • Eddy

    Phil said he had problems with the producers adding fake “bleeps”, and cutting much of what he says about Jesus? So why would the producers leave in the part with the pet photog, it seems that it would just cause trouble for the show. The Robertson's have the right to free speech. The gays and lesbians are raising cane and speaking their minds.
    In The USA Mr Robertson can as well.

    • Melissa Ford Showalter

      He has the right to free speech and the government can't censor him or jail him from voicing his opinion. However, his employer can fire him.. Your second amendment rights allow you to own/bear arms. Most employers would fire you if you tried to carry/wear your gun at work, I am not religious but most of my family attend church regularly. Several family members were/are lawyers. Most of you need to understand that the bible is not the law, period. Just because you believe something, not everyone agrees. The are other Christians that do not condone Mr. Robertson's views. Once again, this is not a free speech issue, this issue is between employer and employee.

  • Steve

    Our nation, the liberal nation, has a way of being intolerant in the name of tolerance. I say good for you Phil and the Duck Dynasty family for standing up for their Christian beliefs. Jesus and His followers for centuries have suffered and endured criticism for espousing the truth. Heads up Christian folks, it's going to get a lot worse. Stay true to the faith.

  • Marty

    I am so glad to see the many positive remarks for Phil this country has turned into a bunch of candy @$$ whiners. Oh know you hurt my feelings this is an outrage, Common give me a break

  • mel

    Phil has the right to say what he wants it is a free country or can we only say what does not offend we act like a bunch of little kids mommy he called me a name I don't care if its faggot or the n word grow the fuck up sticks and stones my break my bones but words will never hurt me

  • Snoop Duck

    from below:
    “It is high time the Christian People have our say”.

    Jesus came to have his say, and didn't say anything about homosexual people. If he had, it would have been a message of grace and forgiveness.

    Some things he did say:
    “Let the innocent among you throw the first stone”.
    “Judge not, lest ye be judged”.

    Even Pope Francis questions the lack of grace in today's Christians.

    In your ending “God Bless”, who are you blessing? Those with the same beliefs as you? The perfect? Hetero's?

    Is Christianity now an exclusive religion?

    • Soldier man

      Yes; it is exclusive in that Christ has proven Himself to be God by His triumph over Satan, by His resurrection from the dead and ascension into Heaven. That is exclusive/unique/absolute. No other can lay claim to the God’ way of salvation, demonstrating His love toward us while we were yet sinners by sending His only begotten Son (Jesus) “God in the flesh” to die on our behalf to save us from the condemnation (death) which resulted from sin. See John 3:16.

  • Mahmij

    Who cares what these guys think. They can say schmuck if they want, but, hmmmm..Who's the most popular? I put my money on the Ducks.

  • justsayin’


  • justsayin’

    That's freedom of speech

  • DanL

    What nobody seems to be getting here is that the Robertson's have called A&E's bluff and it's the Robertsons who are holding all the aces.

    The Robertsons serve God. A&E serves the god of money.

    The Robertsons have effectively said, “No Phil, no show.”

    If A&E cancels the show, the worst that can happen to the Robertsons is they go back to living off the land. Phil is NOT going to stop speaking the truth and serving the Lord–nor will his family. Even if they lose everything, they will still have a greater reward waiting for them in heaven than anything here on earth and they know it. Phil has made it clear in previous statements that he does not need this show to be complete or happy. He also knows that everything he has is a gift from the Lord. He does not care about the money because he does not serve the money.

    On the other hand, if A&E cancels the most lucrative show ever on cable TV, they will lose a LOT of money (much more than the Robertsons get paid)–and they will have to answer to the bean counters for it. If they don't cancel the show, they will have to deal with the resulting media crapstorm hissy-fit.

    The cards are on the table. Your play, A&E.

    • justsayin’

      Live off the land….lol. Have you seen the houses the sons live in.They are not quite living off the land.The family as well as the network are making a lot of money off the Duck Dynasty show & the family has the Duck commander merchandise….Duck Commander wine at walmart…pajamas,sleeping bags,bracelets…heck I even saw some crazy hand clapper used to squish flies at cracker barrel with phils name on it…..yeah live off the land…really

  • justsayin’

    hmmm…wasn't there another A&E reality show in 2007 where a certain bad dog made some “inappropriate ” comments and was suspended by the network only to be reinstated later. That certain bad doggie also was Christian and often referred to his religious beliefs on his reality show…he later apologized.Hmmm …he sure must have missed that paycheck.Who let the dogs out??