Dailies | Watch Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel Sing ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ (Video)

Watch Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel Sing 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' (Video)

The “Tonight Show” host harmonized with the “Piano Man” singer with his iPad

Prepare to have a doo-wop ditty stuck in your head all day long, thanks to Jimmy Fallon and special guest Billy Joel.

The legendary singer-songwriter stopped by the “Tonight Show” on Thursday and was introduced to a vocal-looping app on Fallon's iPad.

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The late-night host crooned a few riffs in different octaves and created a make-shift a cappella group with the Piano Man.

Joel chimed in with his soulful pipes and soon the entire room was brimming with jungle-like rhythms.

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The Roots added some playful percussion and the audience excitedly clapped along to the performance.

Watch Fallon and Joel's performance below:

  • Michael Difani

    Did the song writer ever get credit for “Lion sleeps tonight”? It was a big hit decades ago and I wonder if the composer was Kenyan or South African.

  • Derek Johnson

    Quite so interestingly enough, is the very thoughts entirety within constitution, relatively speaking; for, I do believe that the original artist to the song was definitely African by nationality(Black African); and who also as a collaborator while performing within the presence of the late folk-singer, Pete Segal, much earlier and prior towards the actual performance of the coined, ‘the original Lion-King Song', “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” as we here within America so well recalls its memory from the late 1950's to the earliest of the 60's. And, incidentally, the original Ideology of the songs function was supposedly said to have been arranged and quoted as ‘a prayer of characteristic folk material’ for that particular tribe of people. And, once again, as a brief interruption … Mr. jimmy Fallon, while so respectfully presenting himself along with the pop-icon, Billy Joel, was just much too politely kind-hearted with his colorfully and cherishingly appreciated performance, as a memorial host for, ‘The Tonight Show'; such a great orchestration of a conduction.
    Sincerely and truly yours,
    Derek Johnson

    • Dollie Myers

      I thought it was Sir Elton John.

  • PK

    I think you mean Pete Seeger…