Jimmy Kimmel, ABC Urged by China to Issue a ‘Sincere’ Apology

Jimmy Kimmel, ABC Urged by China to Issue a 'Sincere' Apology

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Both Kimmel and ABC have already apologized for a sketch in which a group of children discussed how to settle the U.S.'s outstanding debt to China

Jimmy Kimmel has apologized to anybody offended by the “kill everyone in China” comments made by a child during a sketch, removed the video and even promised not to do the segment anymore. But that's not good enough for the Chinese government, which called for more “sincere” action on Monday.

“It's necessary to point out that this is the media's responsibility to avoid disseminating ideas of racism and racial hatred,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang told reporters in a press conference covered by state broadcaster CCTV. ”ABC should face up to its mistake and respond with a sincere attitude to the reasonable demands by Chinese people in America, and prevent a similar incident from occurring again.”

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The request follows a large protest outside ABC's Burbank, Calif. headquarters over the weekend, which was organized weeks after the network offered a “sincere apology.”

“We offer our sincere apology,” the network said in response to the reaction to the Oct. 16 sketch. “We would never purposefully broadcast anything to upset the Chinese community, Asian community, anyone of Chinese descent or any community at large. Our objective is to entertain.”

The White House is expected to comment, too, as a whitehouse.gov petition calling for an investigation of the incident easily reached the 100,000 signatures last week — the amount required to warrant a White House response.

  • Zephon

    Kimmel's ABC/Disney effort at an apology was not only insincere but an insult.

    It went along the lines of “sorry I made you laugh” not only showing a total disregard for the scripted statements on his show advocating genocide of a race/culture but an fake attempt at an apology with flattery toward the insult.

  • Peter gelezius

    Sure like the way these folks are labeled as racist. Kimmel is like the old time royal fool not to be taken seriously

  • alex sun

    stand up and have your voice heard! That is the American way to earn your place and respect.

  • killerassclown

    Political correctness gone horribly wrong. This is ridiculous.

  • Laugh-it-up

    ABC and Disney will be barred from China's market forever, well, for a while at least. All thanks to Jimmy and the kid !! Let's see who is laughing all the way to the bank…. definitely NOT ABC, probably another network…. Chinese tend to have a LONG memory when it comes to who wronged them, especially, if you brush them all with a black brush as Jimmy did here. Too bad Jimmy is learning it the hard way but Disney and ABC may have to pay for this kid's comments.

  • Bruce

    I am sick after reading some of the comments here . Do you guys really take your time to look at what Chinese government's “urge”? All the so called” urge” is a casual response from the spokesman of Foreign affairs to a question A journalist raised during the regular press conference. The response is,” we think Jimmy Kimmel should apologize for what he said”, that is all . NO ONE said Jimmy should be fired or not. Under this circumstance , what you expect a spokesman to response? “no comment” ?

    You guys in states really think you are important, actually the government in china really do not like to give a shit on things going on in States, they have much more important things to concern. Reminder, learn some Chinese, do not always be fooled by your stupid media here in States.

  • Tom Brennan


  • Kwame Young

    The reason why the reponse from the Whitehouse is slow in coming, its because the Jews who run the network are urging the Whitehouse to downplay or even ignore the call for a response. Jews and Hollywood have for a long time made fun of China and Chinese people on the radio, the movies, and television. Now that we owe China a trillion dollars, China wants their respect. Looks like a lot of network big wigs with Jewish last names are going to have to make up a lot of lies in order to cover their butts. Watch how a lot of those names use the Holocaust in order to skirt the issue in whatever form of response they give to China and the Chinese Americans.
    Its only fair that full disclosure of whom the shot callers at ABC are. Lets find out what their cultural backgrounds are, what their religions are. Lets see who these people are and why they feel they have a right to allow this hateful propaganda become spewed into the minds of the viewers.
    Kimmel and ABC, your thoughtless antics may have brought us to the doorstep of WWIII.

  • J. Kevin Michel

    We owe China no apology as a nation, and the White House should either ignore the request or respond by pointing out that this is America, and our constitution GUARANTEES Jimmy Kimmel the right to even tasteless speech. This was satire, and if the chinese can't handle satire, they shouldn't watch american television. If Jimmy feels the need to apologize personally because he feels it was in poor taste, that is fine. HIS choice. We don't censor such things in America and owe no one an apology for that fact.

    • relentlesslycaring

      I disagree with your reasoning. If someone said something about your ethnic background and so evil, I'm sure you and your family would be perturbed and not just laugh it off. If I was at the airport saying just the slightest thing pertaining to a bomb and it was picked up, I would immediately get into trouble. Yes.. you are entitled to your freedom of speech concept, and I believe we have the right to say such things– but it's just not proper.

      • J. Kevin Michel

        I made no comment regarding whether or not the comments were proper. As I said, it doesn't matter whether or not they were proper, mean spirited or otherwise offensive. They are Protected under our constitution unless they meet certain rigid standards, and regardless, the GOVERNMENT owes no apology as the comments were not made by any representative of the government.

        • relentlesslycaring

          Point taken.

  • relentlesslycaring

    Why has Kimmel been squinting his eyes lately, is it because he's trying look more Asiatic for sympathy?

  • Samuel Garvin

    I am the only one who recognizes that “Chinese” means people of China, and is not a race. There is no such thing as a Chinese race. Unless I can't read. This is a national slur, not a racial slur. Of course, if you don't believe me, read for yourself. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ethnic_groups