Dailies | Jimmy Kimmel Reminds Viewers Just How Sensitive Los Angeles Reporters Are To ‘Cold’ Weather (Video)

A high of 50 degrees is just too low for local NBC, Fox and CBS affiliates

Jimmy Kimmel spent a good portion of his childhood in New York, so he knows cold. On Thursday, however, the late-night comedian reminded his audiences that many local Los Angeles news reporters do not.

In the wake of the cold front moving through Southern California this week, labeled “arctic” by some outlets, Kimmel compiled a cut of the reporters racing to cover the weather.

See video: TheWrap Reminds Los Angeles Reporters What Cold Weather Actually Feels Like

“Whenever the weather in L.A. drops below 70 degrees, our local news stations go nuts,” Kimmel joked (above) on his ABC show. “This is from the last two days, and other than some of the body parts on some of the reporters, there's nothing fake about this. This is all real.”

The reporters’ observations range from “it might have snowed  if the temperatures would have dropped just a little bit more” to “we do have some sort of a breeze.”

The storm of the century is expected to continue ravaging SoCal this weekend.

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  • Los Angelena

    I'm a Southern Californian. I remember years ago a local weather report that was very brief – basically the weatherman said “This is Los Angeles; we don't have weather. Now back to Sam for the sports report.”

    • Angelica

      -49 with the windchill in Saskatchewan!

      • jojo

        in Chicago you pi_issies

        • Mitch Pantharen

          Hey Dirtbag, here in Canada, the entire country is colder than Chicago. Manitoba, -60, Saskatchewan -50, Alberta, -60, Northwest Territories, -60, Nunavut -70 (and below), Ontario -40, New Labrador & Newfoundland have 20+ft of snow. BC -30, Quebec -50.

          The entire country, not just one city..

          • T-Dot

            Calm down Mitch, it's -16C (3F) here in Toronto right now, -15C (5F) in Chicago, way to exaggerate. Why don't you tell them about Vancouver (6C, 43F) since you want to talk about “the entire country”

          • Victoria White

            where in the world are you? (I know, I know, you said Toronto) well, I am in Guelph.. and it was FARRRR from -16 here today.. it held close to -33 all day and evening.. I think your watching the wrong news channel myself.. wow!

          • jojo

            I dont think he is including the windchill in his temps.

          • Freezing by the lake

            It was -26.2 without the windchill in Sarnia today.

          • Jeff Lincoln

            Yep -16F here in Port Huron. MI yesterday. Haven't seen temps like that in a long time. I am not sure what the wind chill temp was but man it was damn cold.

          • JasonC

            I'm in North Bay Ont. and I can tell ya, I miss Port Huron!

          • Jeff Lincoln

            Well, that's a haul from Port Huron/Sarnia area!!! Sorry to say but you aren't missing much in PH! I actually live a bit North of Port Huron – because I wanted to get out.


            '85 GL (Gertie)
            '78 Bus (Melissa)

          • JasonC

            Lexington? Sanilac? My Dad lives in PH and I race out of PHYC on the Black River.

          • Jeff Lincoln

            Yep – Lexington.

            I'm looking at the PHYC right now from my office window :)

          • JasonC

            I'm looking at Lake Nipissing right now…it's frozen over, covered in fishing huts of which I plan to get my first taste of ice fishing in tomorrow! Hopefully I can find work o get back to Bluewaterland to continue to race with Brian Cann on his T10 “Overdraft”. Good to talk to you.

          • Jeff Lincoln

            Good talking to you too – good luck with your plans!

          • JasonC

            …..and that's the Banana Belt of Ontario

          • T-Dot

            Google “Toronto weather” or go to one of our main news sources, cp24(dot)com

          • Janine


          • Adam Rowles

            Word, guelph is chilly lately.

          • RevRollie

            It was NOT -33 in Guelph! Windchills are an arbitrary, non-existent entity. I live further north then you, and we didn't get near -33.

          • Victoria White

            tonight and yesterday alone it was hitting -40-45 at times, and today has been sticking close to -33. Newfoundland and Labrador (Where I was born and raised) have cold, wet, winters, where -12 feels like -30 haha. and snow is an understatement in itself. in a good winter we could get as high as 6+ feet of snow.. this year there is 20 or more.. yep. These people need to thank their lucky stars.

          • Newfie

            Yesterday here in Newfoundland we had +9 degrees C & flooding, today it is -10 C & a lizard on the West coast of Newfoundland & we have sooo much snow, but 20 feet of it, I think not!

          • Matthew Caringer

            Q: What do you call an American with his balls cut off?

            A: Canadian

            Canada is a nation of cowards and draft dodgers.

          • Mike Wall

            Ur just mad because we're the only nation to burn down the white house….
            Oh… You didn't know that?
            That's because you're an uneducated American

            Thanks for coming out matt

          • Tyler Vickroy

            Even Canadian “Historians” disagree with you. It was the British Regulars. “because we're the only nation to burn down the white house…” stupid comment. One thing it wasn't the “white house” then and another you are definitely an uneducated Canadian because you also are an AMERICAN. Learn geography idiot. You just look silly ha.

          • Mike Wall

            Yea I'd be mad too if a nation of cowards T bagged my capital

          • Tyler Vickroy

            Mad? You are only making your self look worse. I don't care to call Canadians cowards. You guys live in some of the coldest conditions on Earth, well at least the northeners. You guys have bears and moose ha. Why don't put your mind in a less trashy state, Instead of just wanting to “tea” bag everything you can think of. You my friend are not representing your country very well.

          • Marilyn

            The White House was the structure burned in 1812. It was completed in 1800.

          • disqus_f6o7YkeueN

            Um, it wasn't the White House at that point. It's painted white and becomes the White House after British occupation.

          • Dean

            lol dumb one since America has some of the finest colleges in the world. Health care I agree with.

          • Canadalady

            Yea if you can pay for it :P we're talking about free education here

          • Shane Bryson

            Free College is a notion that simply doesn't work. Most countries who have free college have schools that hardly compare to those in the US. I will pay for a better service.

          • JasonC

            A problem: When the US gubment guaranteed all student loans will be paid (IRS: or else) then tuitions soared! Free market? I think not!
            “Free” in this case, was the ride the Colleges and Universities received by the collectivist fascists.

          • Phill McCormick

            good one

          • Bob

            “Heath” care? You obviously can't spell, so much for your wonderful Canadian education… Here's a lesson for you: How do you spell Canada? C-EH-N-EH-D-EH.

            Now go drink some Elsinore beer and eat some jellies, you hoser.

          • Adam Rowles

            I'd rather be a hoser than an American. Americans just meaner Canadians. That's why there's not as many of us, nicer people are harder to come by. Its no secret that the world likes Canada a lot more than the US. By the way we don't drink Elsinore, we drink Molson Canadian, eh?

          • Ben Bauer

            really been to quebec and ask someone a question in english

          • Cristian Ramirez

            Does the world even know about Canada? Canada is probably most known for Justin Beiber

          • colorado

            can you guys try to be ruder ha! make your point with respect. it is different everywhere but people should share with a level of decency.
            thank you!

          • NE-PNW VoorTrekker

            American here- you are a loser. Go back to playing Call of Duty.

          • Bob Tonner

            Check out the historical facts. Please. Canada was fighting in both world wars several years before the US entered the action. The per capita sacrifice of Canadians in WW1, WW2 and Korea was much higher than the US. My Canadian infantry unit (2PPCLI) was awarded a US Presidential citation for bravery: 600 Canadian boys holding off 30,000 Chinese to allow the Americans time to flee at Kapyong Korea.

          • Smith

            Hey Bob, it couldn't be! Americans are the bravest of the bravest! Please, could this be why Americans wear Canadian flags on their packs when visiting Europe! We could go on and on. Thanks for your sacrifice Bob.

          • Bea Otch

            As a fellow American, you just make us look bad. Start a whole thread of negativity with an immature comment about Canadians.
            The Canadian dude is just as bad though. I got no problem with Canada, seems like a real nice place.

          • Matthew Caringer


          • JasonC

            …and I, as a Canadian, love Americans as a rule! Great people..lousy, criminally insane government.

          • Tom

            Chill out dude it's -45 FAHRENHEIT in Chicago not Celsius like Canada we get that you guys normally have much colder weather on average than us it's not a competition it's just fuckin cold

          • David

            At no point did it reach -45F (-43C) in Chicago. The wind chill achieved almost that, but the real temperature got nowhere near that, achieving lows of -16F (-27C).

          • Annie

            You do realize that -45 is basically the same whether it's Fahrenheit or Celsius, right? -40 is identical for Fahrenheit and Celsius, so your whole point hinges on a difference of maybe 2 degrees.

          • Speed

            where did you go to school? 32 F is freezing, ZERO celsius is freezing.. not two degrees difference

          • Tony

            Where did YOU go to school? -40 IS exactly the same in F or C. -45 F is -42.778 C.

          • Bajan Grammaj

            at -45…Fahrenheit and Celsius are the same!!

          • denimdingo

            The fahrenheit and celsius scales converge at -40°, so -45° F and -45° C are practically the same temperature.

          • David Miller

            Just an fyi, at -45 there is barely any difference between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

          • roadslug

            Good thing 99% of Canadians live with 100 miles of the US border..

          • Name

            You're just mad we're the golden children of the world, really. And you live in a slowly bubbling sesspit of a country that you have the audacity to call “first world”. LOL.

            America — Canada. You're just arguing semantics. But then again, that's what Americans are good for — that, and really obnoxious prepositional phrases.

          • Sam DaCouvier

            Cute statement but full of hubris enhanced pride. Canada depends on America for everything from cars (name a Canadian auto manufacturer) to military equipment (what do you fly? F-18s. What do you shoot? M4s) to power (If we shut down the diverters to Niagara Falls, lights out Toronto). Your personal income taxes are absurd, if not oppressive.

            And let's not even go into the multiple attempts of Quebec to cede from the rest of the country. Mon Dieu!

            Sad to say, Slug, your country needs our “bubbling cesspit” of a country more than we need yours.

            Hey, but you have Tim Horton's! I'll give Canada a “+1” for that.

          • Shane Bryson

            I'll just point out that my “American Made” Jeep and Ford Ranger both have maple leaf imprints all over their parts. Most of their parts are made in Canada.

          • Aimee

            Sam, get your facts straight. Canada doesn't rely on the US auto manufacturers anymore than the US relies on Canada. Ford, Toyota, Honda, Chrysler. All in Ontario and all exporting to the US. Not to mention the parts plants that supply the end production lines in both countries. Our military has CF-188 Hornets, along with some other vehicles mostly manufactured here in Canada. Do you remember the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan and the flooding in Thailand which reduced production in almost every auto manufacturer in North America. Yeah, many parts for all our vehicles are manufactured outside of the US. Which is why I laugh everytime I see the bumper sticker that says “out of a job yet? Keep buying foreign”. Obvioulsly made by some who didn't know anything about how the manufacturers run their companies. We don't care what guns they shoot as long as they are being used by the military, police, or hunters. But just in case you were wondering we have a variety of small arms manufactured in Canada (C7 and C8 assault rifles), Belgium, and the US (C15). Can't complain about the taxes as I get a refund every year, our infrastructuring isn't suffering, schools here are pretty good for the most part, I love the health care system, and we faired much better in the last recession than the US. We have nuclear power, solar power, wind turbines, and coal power plants along with Niagara Falls. The Quebec seperatists didn't have a majority and therefore couldn't seperate but they have more issues than that anyway. Tim Hortons (notice there isn't an apostrophe) is our crack. Feel free to use Google to check your “facts”.

          • Sleeping-Sionon

            (Not the same person by the way) Therefore you like your country due to your familiarity with it. Canada's policies and those of the United States are good for differing things.
            Your (at least not French) levels of taxation are a trade off for your healthcare system and other benefits. We lack those in return for a lower tax, which may be better depending on current healthcare plans etc.
            In terms of schooling, the United States’ performance is actually comparable to other 1st world countries when you account for the general income levels of school districts ( so poor districts in the US are roughly on par with their counterparts).

            Given Canada's population, natural wealth & geopolitical situation they're doing well. But given the sheer population advantage the US has, and its effective geopolitical hegemony backed up with a strong economic influence… well, we're an almost hegemon.

          • Aimee

            Yes, I agree with you. You might want to read my post again. I never said Canada was better. I'm quite fond of the US and have an understanding of everything you wrote. I merely explained to Sam that he should do some research before spouting his inaccurate attempts at proving that Canada is reliant on the US. If he couild try to prove it with accurate facts I would have commended him for his view point.

          • John

            Um Sam, you may want to look up the top rated countries in the world to live…. hate to say it, but Canada is again and again above the US. When I would travel to the US as a kid I would think the US was all rich, now I feel like a big shot travelling to the states. It's actually quite depressing how poor the US is becoming. This may be why us Canadians are buying up all of your real estate! Do your homework, Canada is way ahead of the states in many, many, categories. Oh ya, Canada and Europe also lead the way in the best cities to live. May want to do some homework and better yet, try and see the world outside of your little box.

          • DerekPearce

            Um, you do realize that Ontario manufactures more cars each year that Michigan, yes?

          • Mitch Pantharen

            CF-105 Avro Arrow, was built in the 1950's and it is still today FAR SUPERIOR than anything built by any manufacture to date. Google the CF-105 Avro, unfortunately my government bowed down, and kissed the ass of the US Government and scrapped the Avro project.

            Hmmm the USA doesn't assemble cars anymore, they are all assembled in Canada.

            The USA has Obama, and the rest of the world knows how well that is going..

            British Columbia supplies Hydro electricity to how many US States, and how many billions of gallons of Canadian Water does the US depend on..

            88% of the crude oil imported by the USA, comes from Alberta Canada…

            IF we stopped suppyling the USA with crude oil, the entire country would collapse.

          • RIchard

            Just shut up already, you've embarrassed the rest of us Canadians enough with your arrogance and bullshit

          • RIchard

            Oh man, Tim Horton's is terrible, give me a Starbucks anyday… and I'm from Canada (ps, sorry about all the assholes)

          • Janet Sue Brown Watkins


          • Sleeping-Sionon

            Pfft. Canada's ‘gold’ is conditional and dependent upon a multitude of factors that exist far beyond your own country's control. Your status as “Golden Children” is challenged by the Baltic states and other European Countries; not to mention alot of other countries and cultures do not hold your ideals as their ‘golden standard'.

            The US may have social problems (what country doesn't) and social divisons running throughout our social strata, but it still remains a global hegemon with influence and power to ensure that what prosperity we do have can be maintained.

          • Sleeping-Sionon

            … And now I realize that PCs that end up Family Computers while cost saving are often inconvenient when your brothers are less than studious about logging off their disqus accounts when using your User account.

          • Bea Otch

            I never would've guessed that Canada was cold.

          • Cutbelly

            I live in Victoria, BC. It's +7.

          • pm27

            Roughly -45.4*F here in Prince Edward Island.

          • Sam DaCouvier

            Hi Mitch, what you fail to recognize is that while those temperatures are stark, most of the Canada is relatively un-populated or sparse. The city of Chicago's population density, just the city – not even the suburbs or county – is nearly 10% of the ENTIRE population of Canada. Think about that for a moment.

          • Smith

            Toronto is bigger than Chicago. Maybe try using google sometime.

          • RevRollie

            How in the world is Toronto's population bigger then Chicago's. I'm Canadian, but that is just a stupid comment. Are you including all the rest of Ontario?

          • Smith

            Um rev, now I feel sorry for you. May want to try Google as well, maybe even the article titled “Toronto overtakes Chicago as a more populous city”. Toronto is the 4th largest city in North America behind only Mexico City, NewYork, and LA. Care to change your response Rev?

          • Smith

            We should also mention that Chicago's population would have still been higher if it were not for their murder rate….

          • Sleeping-Sionon

            And those reports are statistically biased. It doesn't tell the whole story, like how a massive number of the people associated with both cities live *outside* their city boundaries in suburbs, *especially* with Chicago (New York has everyone living inside it and working outside it, in Chicago it's reversed). Why the heck should we live in the midst of a city with abhorrent sales & property taxes when DuPage county is so convenient?

            Why not just compare the Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area (projected 8.9 million by 2031) with the Chicagoland Area (9.7 million currently)?

          • DerekPearce

            This summer Toronto's population surpassed that of Chicago.

          • Sleeping-Sionon

            It isn't. A vast majority of Chicago's workers live outside in the suburbs. Most people try to avoid living in a place with such high property prices.

          • om

            In Michigan Tech University, it dipped down around -30 degrees F Yaa!! I LOVE COLD WEATHER!!! :)

          • sylinator

            It's so cold here in Calgary that I plugged in my dogsled and it still wouldn't start.

          • Panda

            Germany around 60°F or 15°C today. :D

          • colorado

            don't be so rude. it may be fact but you don't have to be ugly about it! have a warm day!

          • colorado

            okay tell us how you really feel onlly ruder! wow!

          • colorado

            regarding hey Dirtbag…

          • Jshinkoku

            Hey cock jockey! That is super you have a cold country like the state of Minnesota here in the USA. Guess what? Our country is slightly south of yours and closer to the equator.
            Might be why we have different weather all over the country.

          • IH8minnesota

            Bro, Cool it out! Don't be hatin because Canada is an all around better country than ‘merica
            Gun totin Cunt

          • Stephanie Sheila Collins


          • Skip

            gimmie a break, drop 10 to 20 degrees from those temps.
            Lowest we have had in the Barrie Ontario area so far this year has been -25 degrees celsius

          • John

            Mitch, sorry, these numbers are way lower than what we get. -50 in AB, really? It's 40 degrees F tomorrow.

          • David

            haha kicking it in Victoria BC at tropical 6 degrees today

          • big wave

            Welllll we are still on storm watch here in S.Cal. EVERYONE is watching and watching and watching. just in case we get a glimpse of a storm. Imagine the TENSION !! At least you folks don't have to wait for weather…cause it is ALWAYS COLD!!.

          • RIchard

            Talk about exaggerated bullshit. I live in Nunavut and yes it gets to -60 on occasion, with the wind. I've never heard if it being -70, i'm not sure about your other temps either

      • Lara

        Now that's even intense for me! Coldest I've experienced is about -42 C & that was in Moncton, NB.

        • Jake

          Its 0C (32F) in Calgary and supposed to be warmer. It is significantly warmer in Vancouver. SO NO, NOT ALL OF CANADA

    • Daylon Brock

      I remember seeing then KNBC weatherman Fritz Coleman onstage at the Improv about thirty years ago making jokes about being a Southern California weatherman and the difficulty of coming up with five minutes of weather reports for Southern California.. He concluded that the main purpose of being a LA weatherman was to give the surf reports.

      • colorado

        true unless there is a Santa Ana wind or a coastal eddie to remark about. people like to dish California as they have some of the most likeable weather there Miss wearing flip flops year round! Ahh Cali!

  • West Michigan

    I live in Michigan. Where I'm at, we have a temp of 24 degrees.

    • sib

      Here in Greeley, Colorado, it's a paltry 5 degrees today. Enjoy your warm weather, Michigan :)

      • Katz Kram

        Here in Bismark, North Dakota, we have had windchills at negative 45 degrees. Enjoy your warm weather, Colorado! ;)

        • Sean Marshall

          Aloha from Anchorage, Alaska.
          …Do i even need to say it?

          • Katz Kram

            Since the National Weather Service reported an average temperature at about 32 degrees yesterday in Anchorage, Alaska, yes please do! Never try to fool a woman married to a man with a masters in meteorology. ;)

        • MT bob

          Here in montana -45 is the temp not the windchill, enjoy your warm weather north dakota.

          • http://kittnen.net/ kittnen

            MT here too. I'm excited that it got up to 9 today, I'm running a few errands and enjoying the warm weather. :P

        • yyyyy

          Im here in bis too. Holy shit. It's cold, but bearable! Haha

  • Hezekiah Halborah

    Here in San Diego it's 56 right now. brrhhh!!

    Had to turn on the heat :)

    • buddy

      Allow me to extend an invitation to come to Wyoming. It's been a warm and balmy 0 degrees all week lol.

  • CanadianStatement

    -28 C here last night. Suck it up.

    • Real cold weather

      You don't happen to live in Calgary do you? Haha

    • better than you

      yeah? dropped below -40 C here. so you suck it up

      • Randy

        It was -45 here in Yorkton the other day. -59 with the windchill in Lloydminster…

        • Santa


          • Derek Shubin

            Yo’ mama eats what?

          • Rina

            Really ‘yo mama’ jokes? What are you 5?

        • snow balls

          It rained liquid nitrogen as the temp rose to -213 yesterday, I got my good shorts wet, suck it up.

          • thatasianfoooo

            my dick just froze off HAPPY NOW? btw im located in san diego

          • Andrey

            that would be “dropped” not rose

          • Bmast

            not if it was previously lower…

          • Coldheretoo

            Unless the day before was -220 ;-)

      • Kelly

        We stay warm by shovelling endless amounts of snow…lol

      • miamidude

        It's 85ºF right now here in Miami. Suck it.

        • tk

          not too warm in sunny Miami now is it?????

    • Derek Shubin

      Must suck to be you!!!

    • Derek Shubin

      Sucks to be your freezing ass! LOL!!!

  • Rand Raak

    _15 @8am here in Minnesota. Think I'll go out in the hot tub to warm up, then roll around in the snow and jump back in the tub. THAT'll wake you up in the morning :)

  • Colorado Girl

    Yesterday, Colorado Springs was at -18 with the windchill of -38. Talk about cold!

  • Idaho

    In Idaho this week it was -13 and we were out of power for 12 hours. Californians drive me crazy.

    • Chris

      Right, because newscasters totally represent the people and don't exaggerate for the sake of providing stories. Not all Californians complain about temperature drops.

      Frankly, I'd like to see how the folks in a state known for nothing more than potatoes and slow drivers handle 110-degree weather.

      • Texas

        Wow 110! That's so hot! I can't believe they have to put up with such cold weather and blistering heat all in one place. It sounds so terrible haha

      • Joseph Negaard

        Idaho has temperatures above 110 during the summer, they seem to survive at that temperature just as well as anyone else.

        • Seth

          Try being from Missouri, it will be 105 with 98% humidity, which makes it feel closer to 120. We seem to do just fine.

          • Tim Rodriguez

            Try Houston, Texas, especially in the summer. One morning when I was there, it was 114 at 4 am! The weatherman said, with the humidity, it felt like 125! At 4 in the morning!

          • guygers1

            Other than the perimeter of a volcano or some geothermal feature, no place on Earth is 114 degrees at 4 am, and certainly never in Houston or any Gulf coast state.

          • Buge Halls

            ever hear of Death Vally shithead?

          • guygers1

            It is NEVER 114 degrees at 4 frickin’ a.m.- ANYWHERE.. even in the desert, you dumb lummox. Deserts get cool at night. What a d*ck you are.

          • Richard Adams

            Fact: NOT ALL DESERTS GET COLD AT NIGHT…particularly in Death Valley summer nights provide little relief as overnight lows may only dip into the 82 to 98..so by 4am during a heatwave it can certainly get to 114 BEFORE 4am

          • guygers1

            Yes, Richard it can exceed 114 degrees F during the DAYTIME. However, deserts are famous for high diernalchange, meaning that the day temperature may get extremely hot, but the nighttime temperature can swing wildly to the cooler end. Not cold…COOLER. The heat escapes to the atmosphere as there is typically no cloud coverage to hold heat in, even on the valley floor. Tim is stating that it gets 114 degrees at 4 am (in Houston of all places….and I know Houston) which is ludicrous even in a desert. It does not get to be 114 degrees at night. Ever.

          • guygers1

            To clarify….the highest overnight low temperature ever recorded in Death Valley was 107. A rarity. Imagine what Houstons day temp would have had to be if it were 107 degrees overnight. It would be Biblically cataclysmic.

          • village idiot

            Greetings from Finland, our usual weather temperatur is at this time of the year way below 0, for example -20-30 Celsius, but this year we only dream of the white x-mas, instead it´s raining and the temperature is +3, except in the northern part of Finland, there´s some snow and a bit colder as well. Merry x-mas/happy holidays and keep on flattering each other with such a nice comments, like dickhead aso…where´s your x-mas spirit? :D

          • JJ

            Dude chill out and re -Read it: ”
            At 4am (and I'm out at 4am as I'm a runner) it's more like mid to upper 80s.”
            Geez……. no need to bust a vein

          • guygers1

            What the hell are you talking about, JJ? Why are you getting involved when you can't even follow the discussion properly. Its not about about 80 degrees. Where did that come from? It's a comment about 114 degrees at 4am. Read it yourself and try to comprehend.

          • marlene carson

            Maybe in days gone by it didn't get that hot …but world weather is changing and a lot of unusual things are happening today

          • guygers1

            It is still not that hot. When it gets to be 114 degrees at 4 am in Houston, as the poster claimed, then you let me know . Until then my original post still stands.

          • Susan Ed

            actually since you can't make an argument without resorting to immature and stupid name-calling – that would make YOU the “d*ck* – more than likely d*ckless

          • guygers1

            Actually,Susan Ed, it was one Mr. Buge Hall who called me a “shithead” as he made a stupid and ridiculous claim…so go back and read the post before your jump in with your own stupid comments. Your immaturity is eveident because you chose to call names and you are not involved. And by the way, prove me wrong about it EVER being 114 degrees at 4am in Houston…which is what instigated my participation in this thread. It never ever gets to that temperature.

          • Shane Bryson

            You've clearly never been to Texas.

          • Bill James Makin

            Never heard of Death Vally..only Death Valley

          • RandomJerk

            Thank god you're here to correct spelling errors.

          • Tim Rodriguez

            Well, I was there. Have you ever been to Houston in August?

          • guygers1

            I grew up in New Orleans and spent many summers is Houston. Tt does not get to be 114 degrees at 4 a.m. in the morning . Ever.. Ever .. Ever.

          • guygers1

            You cannot just make stuff up and present it as if “it happened to you”. It didn't, it can't. It's not possible, and there is NO record of it.

          • Dana Hill

            I'm in Houston EVERY August as I live here and have for more then 35 years. It does, from time to time hit 114 on the temp in august… but that's the HIGH. At 4am (and I'm out at 4am as I'm a runner) it's more like mid to upper 80s.

          • Heather LaPlante

            Just because it's “usually” not that hot at 4am doesn't mean it never is or never has been.

          • guygers1

            Wrong. It is never that hot at 4am. Never. Never ever ever ever ever.

          • BBBYpsi

            I drive all over the country year round & I have seen it over 100 F at 4 am.

          • guygers1

            I don't care about your 100 degrees. My post is and has always been in response to the guys comment about it being 114 degrees at 4am in Houston. Your post is irrelevant.

          • Susan Ed

            you couldn't be more wrong! sheesh

          • Guest

            Just google “highest overnight low temp”. Takes all of 10 seconds to find out you're a dope.

          • Susan Ed

            Seriously? you want to quibble about 3 degrees? The highest low temp is 111. And that would be “recorded” Still doesn't mean it hasn't been higher

          • guygers1

            Prove it. I have already posted the following in response to the 114 degrees at 4 am in Houston: “the highest overnight low temperature ever recorded in Death Valley was 107. A rarity. Imagine what Houstons day temp would have had to be if it were 107 degrees overnight. It would be Biblically cataclysmic.” Where am I wrong and please post your references.

          • Alex Benitez

            That's why I love L.A, we melt with 90 degree weather and freeze with 60 degree weather. No other place I'd rather be.

          • Tim Rodriguez

            I'd choose LA over Texas any day. However, I like San Fran better (I like cooler weather). To each his own, I suppose.

          • Manuel Hernandez

            San Fran, and the Bay Area, were dealing w/ the cold as well.

          • Djscavuzzo

            You say that until the ground starts shaking, your house collapses on you and your city slides into the ocean.

          • Alex Benitez

            My house has shaken, no collapses yet, lol. And the only thing sliding into the water is that bright reddish orange light in the sky every evening…

          • Todd

            LOL! well said sir… well said. (neg 12 here lol)

          • Derek Shubin

            Djscavuzzo, the movie 2012 was just a movie dumbass!! LOL!

          • CaliforniaRulesYourStateSucks

            Yea because we get 100's of 8.0 quakes every year like other states get 100's of tornadoes right? GTFOH

          • Egbert O'Foo

            Of course, that can happen in Missouri, too … although no one remembers 1812 too well, do they?

          • Susan Ed

            until the “Big One” and you slide off into the Pacific Ocean *lol*

          • Alex Benitez

            I've been waiting for “The Big One” for 30 years, not saying it's not going to happen but I'm enjoying it til then. 10 min from beach, 2 hours from desert and 2 hours from snow, Loving it

          • Susan Ed

            There ya go! Thats the right way to think! :)

          • Heather LaPlante

            ATX here. I feel ya!

          • Jeff Hamlin

            Sorry but I call BS on that.

          • Mike

            105°F with that relative humidity would give a dew point of 87° and heat index of 146°…I don't think so

          • Chandra

            Exactly! 65F then 35F the next day. Welcome to Missouri! LOL!

          • Derek Shubin

            Yeup, and it sucks to be you!!! LOL!!!

          • tjpride

            I'm 30 minutes outside St. Louis – you forgot the large mold spikes, especially this year. When the count goes over 40,000 and stays there, I start coughing up brown, sticky phlegm and my lungs have a tendency to collapse. Of course, I have scoliosis and use a ventilator at night, but still. I'm really tired of rain. At least freezing cold weather kills the outdoor mold, though 80 degrees and dry is much preferable.

          • Beth Rhodes

            I have lived in Missouri my entire life and if you don't like the weather just wait a bit and it will change I think it's the only place in the united states where you can experience all four seasons in 1 day

        • Matthew Sneller

          I've got a bid dick too!

          • angie

            You bid on a dick?!

          • okgirl

            Try living in Oklahoma. The week I had my son last February it went from being 85 degrees one day, to having a snow storm the next, the next day being in the 70s and then having a snow storm AGAIN. So up and down. Right now it's in the teens so a bit colder than in the 60s. However, we have been having a lot of earthquakes lately, this weekend there was a 4.8 one that everyone freaked out about. I'm sure Californians would have been amused at all of our newscasters making a fuss over a 4.8 earthquake. It's all relative people!!!! :)

          • Rina

            “It's all relative people!” Exactly. We have a running joke here in Chicago that if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes. Because of darling Lake Michigan we get all sorts of weather anomalies in one week that we just pack our snow boots next to our flip flops just to be safe. Yet despite all that, there's no place I'd rather be!

        • ColdFeet

          Yeah, I was just gonna say that the first summer I spent living in Idaho had me quite surprised when the temp hit 106. I always assumed that it would be a bit cooler!

      • spicy_pants

        You've obviously never been to Idaho. It gets hot as hell there in the summer. Weak response, Mr.Miffed Californian, go take a Xanax.

        • NO WHINING

          We Americans think we have SOOOOO tough, whatever …I thought I was tough in being in full battle rattle in the middle east for a year and kids walk around barefooted with no AC or heat, suck it up all of you whiners who complain they have extreme heat or cold…yeah as you type away on your computer in your cool or warm home

      • Dori Maschke

        I live in Michigan, and I laugh at people when they complain about a dust of snow on the roads when they visit friends and/or relatives in the winter. In the summer it can get up to 100°F. the sand feels like a 115.

      • Kira Balderston

        As a native Idahoan that dealt with -3 degrees this morning, I can tell you that we also deal with 100+ degrees EVERY summer, and as I drive for a profession, I'd love to challenge you on the “slow driving” part also…Now, IF you think we are only known for Potatoes, then that shows your ignorance. We are one of the highest Tech states in the country, and our skiing in Sun Valley is on the top of the list for the top one percenters…Before you speak, know what you speak of…

        • Famous Idaho Potatoe Bowl

          Pretty sure Idaho is really only known as making Potatoes…

          • Natalie Marie Alvarez Padilla


          • idaho suck

            don't be mad that idaho gets cold/hot. be mad that you live in idaho hahaha

          • Natalie Marie Alvarez Padilla

            lol never even been to idaho, live in miami beach babe

          • 3rd Generation Idahoan

            Hey, jackass, before you try and denigrate Idaho and saying it is known only for potatoes (I'm pretty sure that potatoes are grown, not made,) I suggest you learn the proper spelling of the word, “potato.”

          • Hello

            Oh I thought you were going to further explain what else Idaho is known for?

          • Derek Shubin

            Potatoes are made in Idaho!
            3rd generation, go hang your bitch ass lil’ name caller!

        • MinneSNOWtan

          Idaho has tons of beautiful women for some reason…. So does Utah….. that's my report on the state anyway….

      • Texas

        whhoooaaaa 110 degree weather?!?!?! Try Texas bub… we surpass you on both ends of the thermometer. Californians also drive me crazy, Idaho.

        • Stupid Texas Folk

          Um.. Minnesota is the second most extreme climate in the world (fact), second only to Siberia for the hot/cold temperature swings. Plus we have shit like the “Polar Plunge” in the winter when we strip off all and jump in the frozen lake. Try living in a state where it drops to -40 and swings upwards beyond 110 degrees. And our state bird is the Mosquito…Texas, you got nuthin.

          • Minnesota Gopher

            This Minnesota boy says hell yea! Polar bear plunge…Been there done that. I remember when it was 70 below zero with wind chill.

          • joe blow

            the best is when it's been -20 for a week straight and it finally gets above 0. everyone puts on shorts and t-shirts and walks around in flip flops like we're on Christmas break in Mexico

          • AceJack

            Same state bird as Louisiana, eh?

          • Some peoples children…

            Your not the brightest are you. The Minnesota state bird is the Loon. Mosquito's are bugs. lol

          • mountaindan

            It's a joke…obviously

          • Native Yooper

            Hi neighbor!
            Yeah, please tell me what it's like to have a consistent 4 hour climate?
            - A Keweenaw “Thumb” Yooper
            PS Yes, we do have internet and lights now.

          • Native Yooper

            That is a VERY creepy default display picture thewrap chose…

          • MinneSnowtan

            When it's -7 below with a -35 wind chill (Like it is today) and it warmed up by 60 degrees (above the windchill), It would still be technically freezing and cold enough for snow.
            This is the time of year that we get excited for snow here in MN. Not because we can go snowboarding, snowmobiling or any of that fun stuff…. We're excited because it's warm enough to snow!

      • Meagan Stanley

        Don't act like the reporters are exaggerating. I live in Fresno, CA and every time it drops below 70 everyone breaks out sweatshirts and Uggs. Lol. I can admit it, we're wimps out here when it comes to weather! My parents live in Boise and I can tell you I would not survive out there. I like my non-extreme weather.

        • AceJack

          Sadly, Far Northern Californians are lumped in with the rest of the state. It drops below zero in CA. We're just disenfranchised way up north.

          • Extremes SUCK

            Yeah, and Northern California gets very sudden weather changes. The season literally changes overnight. And it's dry as hell where I live in the valley. We get upwards of 115 in the summer and nearly freezing in the winter. I've had the “fortune” of living in and experiencing both Massachusetts and Florida, as well. Extremes suck :(

        • Been around

          Now you are an honest person. And there is nothing wrong with feeling that way…Thank you, Meagan!

        • MKinSoCal

          Except that Fresno counts as “extreme weather” if you live in coastal Southern California :)

      • Matt

        OH really…u all should take a road trip to southDakota..its -15 right now, this summer was a pretty standard 100 with 75-90% humidity, wind constantly..weather can change rapidly..before our coldstreak it was 45 and dropped to -10 in one day…call me when u all grow a pair

        • exsdakotan

          SD sucks

        • Cheryl

          lol -15. I wish. -50 where I live this last week.

      • Guest

        I've got a big dick too!

      • daniden05

        I'm from So Cal and yeah, I would've been cold with 40-50 degree weather because my blood was thin then. But we've lived in Idaho now for 7 years and I can handle much colder weather now…..along with very hot temps in the summer as well. And just as an aside, Idaho is actually the “Gem State” so we're known for bit more than just potatoes. As for slow drivers, I'll take that any day over the crazy drivers and fast lifestyle of So Cal. But, to each his own….

        • Been around

          I am with you, Dan!

      • Been around

        You are correct, Chris…newscasters are bogus…It is all for the ratings.

        But, your comment was intended to be rude…not necessary.

        Have you ever been out of Southern CA?

        Frankly, since I used to live there…I'd like to see a southern CA boy handle anything REAL, anywhere!

      • Mike

        Way to prove them wrong about Californians by insulting their home state, makes you look way better now.

      • lardo

        dude take it easy its just a joke

      • Justin

        First of all, Californians most certainly DO all complain about anything except 72 degrees, sun, and no wind. I live here, I do it too sometimes, but I'm from Colorado and we are a much heartier breed out there. Second, California knows nothing about insane heat either, so stop getting so defensive and admit it. Californians can't handle weather. But it's okay I don't love them any less for it.

        • tnafam

          um have you been to the desert? maybe they don't know what humidity is but they do know what insane heat is. Maybe the Bay Area and LA doesn't. I'm not from Cal but I have been to Palm Springs in the spring and my iphone got toasted from the heat alone.

      • Anna Rose

        Idaho is one of the most beautiful places I have ever had the privilege of visiting. My grandmother was born in the panhandle in a small mostly unknown tourist town off of I-90 named Coeur d’ Alene. The town is known for its gorgeous lake of the same name and is a about 30 minutes from Spokane. Although their are several famous and wealthy individuals who do have vacation mansions on the lake, it is far enough from the big cities on the west coast that it hasn't been overrun with tourists like say Lake Tahoe. Everyone I know that has been to this place says it is one of the most beautiful places they have ever seen.

        I never saw a single potato field in the 7+ times I visited Idaho, but I did see gorgeous pine covered mountains as far as my eyes could see and lakes with crystal clear water. The water is so clean that you can see the bottom at 30+ feet. Half of the lake lies in reservation land that has been preserved the way it has always been. Sure I didn't see skyscrapers and bustling nightlife, but I'd take pristine natural beauty over those things everyday.

        I firmly believe that there is beauty in every state in our country, especially in rural areas. There is something to be said about the serenity you feel getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life. I live in Omaha, a metropolitan area of over 800k, but here we can escape the city and in less than 20 minutes venture out into rolling hills and bluffs, aquifer filled lakes, and miles of rivers, forests, and farmland. I have not been to California, but I know enough about LA to know I
        could never live there inspite of the desirable climate. I like to be able to escape from the city. If you can't see the beauty of rolling hills of farm land, hear the quiet sounds of water lapping on rocks, fish jumping in the morning, and only the crickets chirping at night, or felt the peace of being isolated from civilization and surrounded by virgin terrain, I truly feel sorry for you. For me gazing on such thing gives my heart a sense of freedom and peace, and “recharges my batteries” like no other.

      • anon

        you're kind of a dick.

      • Monfuckintana

        im from montana. we as well as idaho have been known to reach around 110 in the summer and -40 in the winter. there's nothing we cant handle. i can tell you one thing we cant stand though, ignorant folks from the land of fruits n nuts encroaching on our soil.

      • Mike

        They see those temps, just don't cry and complain about it like Californians

      • Chandra M. Jordan

        Come drive through an ice storm or make it through a tornado. Then we'll talk.

      • tk

        they do. and the 110 degree weather in cali is dry heat. not the 90% humidity heat that Idaho gets

    • LuCynda

      I don't know what -13 is in Celsius but it was -38 here – -47 with wind chill

      • Hellomoto

        I live in Fargo, ND. That, ladies and gentlemen, is called the bad weather trump card. Ha

        • EvanKrosney

          As a Winnipegger I feel your pain. At least you get good shopping.

    • Richard Adams

      You're crazy because you like in Idaho! LOL.

    • The Frick is Idaho?

      Oh be quiet Idaho…you don't even exist……and I'm not sure you are classified as a state….maybe a large potato factory….

    • Dana Hill

      why? because they were smarter than you to not live in Idaho? LOL

    • Beth

      Lmao! Up here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada it dropped to -32 (c), -42 with the windchill last week. That's -43 fahrenheit. It's warmer this week though, it's only -15 (f) right now…

      • kk

        Here in red deer ab too, it got so frigging cold but ppl still got up to go to work, kids got up to go to school, suck it up states.

      • Britt

        Definitely jealous of the -15 C weather, Saskatchewan must be getting your cold snap from last week. It's -30 C right now and -44 with wind chill. To put that into perspective for those that don't hit our temperatures we have a wind chill warning in effect because exposed skin may become frost bitten in less then 10 minutes. Brrrr

    • Charlie Damn Strait

      You are all a bunch of whiny bitches. I walked to school up hill both ways, with 12ft. of snow while carrying my 2 siblings and trying to eat a bag of tator chips.

      • FUNNY!


    • Cali Soldier

      so what?! I was in the Afghanistan with NO power for months in -20 and I'm from CALI!

    • tony

      hey its 70 in la today. california wins

    • Neal

      Not all of California is LA. I lived in northern CA (and no I'm not talking about San Francisco) for 30 years and I've seen up to 3' of snow on the ground and temps in the single digits. Check out Mount Shasta, Lassen or even Susanville sometime.

    • Derek Shubin

      Us Californians just wish that since we drive you crazy, people like you would keep your dumb asses outta’ our state and stop vacationing here!!!…….Dumbass!

    • LH

      RIGHT!!!! Am from a dif part of the U.S. but live in CA now…no wonder people from EVERYWHERE makes fun of CA…just sayin….

  • Charlotte Schreck

    this always makes me laugh when I hear stories about “cold” weather. 50C is about 10C above 0. It is currently -33C and it is going down to -43C here in Winnipeg today and in Saskatchewan today the wind chills hit -59/-60 during the warmest part of the day so should be close to -70C (about -94F) with wind chills in that province tonight… thats cold!!!!

    • Justin Bieber

      That's like 15 degs F right?

      • dosmundos

        -40f = -40c

  • southcarolinayall

    Here in South Carolina, it is a bitter 80 degrees. We're miserable :) …Though the high will be 40 tomorrow (we get sick a lot)

  • fallssshort

    The first year I lived in S. California I remember laughing to myself at all of the people walking around with scarves, gloves, hats and heavy coats in one of our “cold snaps”. I thought I was in heaven after suffering year in and year out of freezing winters in the Pacific North West. Now that I've been here for over 20 years, I'm a wimp. It's 64 degrees in my house right now. Buuurrrrr!!!!

    • ann_h

      I'm like that, too, after 29 years in Eastern Washington state and 8 years in Missouri, I've been in Arizona for 5 years and shiver when we get below 60! I've been completely wussified;)

  • ann_h

    I love the “are those clouds? That is some cloud cover!” LOL.

  • Ellen Porter

    The thing I find funny as a southern Californian is all the reporters are at least an hour inland from Los Angeles. I live near Riverside, where it is 46 degrees right now, about five to 10 degrees cooler than Los Angeles and a slight wind chill that L.A doesn't have. The other places, Victorville, Phelan and Lancaster are at 3,000 foot elevation, in the low 30s right now and with a wind chill that makes it feel like the 20s. Guess that's still pretty warm though for my friend from Chicago who shared this on Facebook and most of the others who commented here.

  • Michele

    Seriously…..come to the great northwest….Spokane Washington…..we had a high today of 13…..and it has been in the minuses this past week…. Californians are wimps…..next week we will be hitting 20 degrees and it will be warm….just saying!!!

    • ann_h

      My hometown! I miss it but not the winter weather! I enjoy snow for maybe a couple of weeks but then I'm DONE, lol.

    • Chris

      Compared to people in Nunavut and Siberia, you Washingtonians are complete wimpy pansies. Just saying.

    • Steven

      Spokane is fuckin cold, lived there for 10 yrs… chris were not Inuits? lmfao

    • Lokke

      North-westerners can handle it. Californians need to be coddled, in more ways than just the weather.

    • ok

      I'm also from spokane, up in dillingham alaska right now and its a warm 20-30 degrees, odd weather everyone here is saying its way to warm.

      • Luckhurstkid

        I grew up in Dillingham, currently live in Washington also. The other day we had 23°, and my uncle up there reported 41° and rainy!

  • agenttruth

    Ok this is a special note to all Americans complaining about California. Shut and move there stop complaining about your cold weather. Its not like you have to immigrate to California get in your pick up and drive before you note you will also be warm.

    • spicy_pants

      Can someone interpret this for me?

    • asten77

      We're not complaining about our cold weather. We're making fun of them for complaining about theirs :)

      • geeeeeez

        More like everyone is bragging about their weather. Like geez find something else to be proud of not somethimg that you don't even control.

  • montana

    Havre MT yesterday -46 f, over -100 f windchill.

    • Meganh

      Im In Butte where its -30 and all i could think is “as least its not Havre…”

    • dosmundos

      that would require a wind of almost 70mph, are you riding on the hood of a sports car with your thermometer? lol

  • Bigbagofnope

    Move to California? Ha! The weather is not worth the laws.

  • SnowFairy444

    OMG, what a bunch of wimps in California. Try living in Upstate New York. These people would probably die. HAHA.

    • Chris

      Pretty sure you would die if you lived in northern Canada or Russia. Imagine the names they'd call you.

      • SnowFairy444

        Um, no.

        • Chris

          Um, yes.

          • SnowFairy444

            Can you read? I said NO.

      • redfox435cat

        Um no we just got back from Canada on a ski trip, the cool thing about cali is we can Ski and surf in the same day.

    • Sacbuc71

      I'm from California, and did live in Upstate New York for awhile (go, Syracuse). I didn't die. I just moved back because…well, my choice was to live in Upstate New York or back in California. Don't hate us because we'e beautiful – and because we have the good sense to keep all our snow up in the mountains, instead of right on top of our houses. It's not about being “wimps,” it's about being acclimated. I lived in Syracuse, and later in Cleveland. Got acclimated to the cold. Now with more than a dozen years back home, 40 degrees (which felt balmy in those other cities) is miserable. You'd feel the same if you lived a long time in a warm climate.

      • Sarah Firebaugh

        you're beautiful?>>> the best beauty money can buy… ugh. So sick of the whole freaking USA

        • Sacbuc71

          Was actually thinking more along the lines of the landscape and climate, not so much the people. That's my fault, but when I say we're beautiful, I'm thinking Yosemite/Golden Gate Bridge/Coast Line/Sierra Nevadas/Muir Woods, bright sunshine and warm days in the winter, etc. I'm thinking about the stuff we have that most other places don't – there are beautiful people (however you choose to define it) everywhere.

          • Sarah Firebaugh

            well… the snotty attitudes screw up the scenery. however, my cousin is from the northern part and he is rather cool. San Diego was alright, but I swear I felt like I was “in everyone's way”. ugh… whatever. miss the plumeria blooming though, that was awesome :)

          • Sarah Firebaugh

            and it's been scientifically confirmed that KY has the most beautiful women in the US… just look it up.

          • Fred

            Because having no teeth is a desirable attribute most men look for in a woman.

          • Jerrica

            This is definitely much better than my initial interpretation, but still, there are plenty of other beautiful places in the United States that aren't in California.

        • 3rd Generation Idahoan

          “Don't hate us because we're beautiful.” I think that's the first time I've ever heard that statement used seriously in an argument to prove a point.

        • Jerrica

          Please don't lump everyone in the US with this embarrassment. Most of us aren't like this, and I honestly feel sick reading it.

      • Ellen H.

        I don't really hate anybody, but I abhor arrogance.

  • Photo Witch

    Southern California. I will gladly trade your +42 degrees for our -42. Sheesh! And I thought I was a wuss-bag when it came to cold weather.

  • Queenbish

    50 degrees?? That's balmy compared to 14 degrees, and my heater that decided to stop working last night!

  • Chris

    That is hilarious! My wife just ran a 10k in 3 degree temps yesterday (Denver).

    • That guy she lied to you about

      So that's where she gets her endurance from!

  • Divide California!

    I'm from Northern California, went to college for a whole semester in southern California and then had to get out! Please remember that us Northern Californians are NOT as bad a those from Southern California.. I like the idea of dividing the state lol It's like I get culture shock every time I go down there.

    • So Cal and happy

      Really? I've lived in both the last 17 years. Culture shock? why because some one of ethnicity lives here? Grow a pair.

      • Sarah Firebaugh

        he's probably referring to the uppity attitude those So Cal people tend to have…

    • CaliMiddleClass

      I love how Nor Cal people love wasting so much time and energy making their emphatic statements of how much they loath So Cal people. It really does crack me up. You hear it all the time. Nor Cal can't stand So Cal. They suck. They are such pansies. We are SO much smarter/cooler/hipster/etc. Funny part is, SoCal people are too busy enjoying life to bitch and moan about their counterparts to the North. Love em, hate em, quite frankly, we don't give two sh*@$ about them. So hate away Nor Cal. Stay miserable!

    • Fred

      Needs to be divided east/west. Not north/south. That we way can keep the libs on the left side of the dividing line in sSF and LA.

  • nicole

    I am a Californian who now lives in Pennsylvania! I wish I was back home right now, its 23 and snowing! brrrr

  • Sarah

    -33F here in Montana

  • MT

    Minus -9 F here in Kalispell, Montana; -33 F in Great Falls with power outages. Southern California needs to take a reality pill. Fakest, most shallow place in the world.

  • Brit

    I'm sorry I'm so one of these Californians. I have never bought winter clothes in my life. I have sweatshits and thin wind breakers and that's it. Just got back from Santa Monica Prom and was complaining the whole time.

  • Minnesota

    Sooooo… Yeah, Northern Minnesota here… -17 (-30 w/ windchill)! There really is no way to describe a sensation like that…

  • Amethyst

    People really need to quit lumping all Californians together. I am a northern Californian and we hit -30s in winter and 120s+ in summer.

    Southern Californians have it easy.

    • j7apple

      Right you are, been in Northern Cal….Wimps down in So Cal don't gave a clue

    • kyler

      Bitch please! South dakota has been fucking terrible, -52 today

      • Casey Ryback

        obviously, you're super tough

    • tnafam

      did you have to climb the highest mountain to get to -30s lool

  • alcoremortis

    Just gotta say… Fifty degrees is cold when it was tank-top weather last week.

    Of course, we were making fun of the UK for “dying” in the 95 degree “heat wave”, so I guess what goes around, comes around.

  • Joe Ortiz

    ha ha ha right now if you dropped some one from cali in here in my front yard they would probably die its 30 degrees right now and snowing! lol! im still outside in my shorts and and longsleeve shirt to get the mail! MICHIGAN PROBLEMS!

    • Casey Ryback

      omg you're incredibly tough! how did you get so tough?

  • Amber Eakman Gregory

    -3 here in Minnesota right now. -24 with the wind chill. I wish we had California temps.

  • Qwerty

    My sister in law lives near LA and posted this to her fb acct last night. “The later i get off work, the colder it is outside!” She's lived there all her life and doesn't know what cold is.

  • Northern

    I'm from Lithuania (Europe) today 25, tonight 10 :)

  • Nighthawk

    Omg, what a bunch of freakin wimps….I live in the coldest place on earth (Montana) according to a space report. and it was below -50 without windchill. SO SUCK IT UP! We had to open our freezer to warm up.

    • Shyatup

      Who cares. Cold is cold. Manage your ego.

    • Casey Ryback

      When did you become so tough?

  • Dr.Clemens

    well i live in Antarctica and its colder than all your bitch ass states combined

    • Casey Ryback


  • LA

    it's 55 degrees in LA and i'm cold, so what Idahoans. you can't tell me how i'm feeling!! BRRRR

  • Fastbobsmallrun

    You're all dorks.

  • glowurm

    This is the same way Florida does when it gets below 70!!!

  • IrishYank2

    Oh my lord….”If it dropped by only a few more degrees we may have gotten snow….” – science lesson, Mr. reporter – just because it gets close to freezing doesn't mean it will snow. Plus, you don't need gloves, scarves, parkas and fleeces when it gets to 40 degrees. If you think this is bad, you should see San Diego when it rains off-season. You'd think the Nazis were carpet bombing San Diego county or something – practically a state of emergency.

  • yacope

    OMG there are CLOUDS!!!!

  • Ronny Eide

    In norway we call that summer, stop whining pussys :)

  • Dave Kool




  • Scott Meyer

    OMG its 50 degrees out and WINTER!

  • Eskimo Inuk angutirk. :)

    it's -37celsius up in arctic canada. wtf we live in a cold world. why the fuck are they complaining?

  • scoobydoobie

    I guess the high would be 50 in which that case they would look like whimps, but if ya cant see this is at night, which means it could be like 37-40 degrees… which still isnt very cold but if you have to stand out there doing a report i would want to be all nice and warm

  • Somecaligirl

    News is news. They have to fill the time with something. I've lived here my entire life and yes it is a little colder than usual. That's why we have blankets and double-knit cardigans. Wonder who is gonna come tell me to ‘suck it up’ since apparently I have no right to say the word ‘cold’ just because you've been in colder. Congratulations. Any other life accomplishments?

  • William Li

    Everyone here calling Californians wimpy and weak are just bitter and upset that they have to deal with extreme cold and heat while we enjoy ourselves. We have every right to brag about our great weather.

  • Big Dan

    This is why the news is awful.

  • Florida

    its nice here in the sunshine state :)

  • Courtney

    It's all relative though – when I first moved to Idaho it was 50 degrees outside and people were sunbathing and I thought they were psychotic but that's because they're used to -20 degrees in the winters. Whereas California is used to 110 degrees in certain areas in the summer (Idaho go up to 85 the summer I was there and that was the high!) and therefore 50 degrees is freezing to Californians.

  • Dalton Reid

    It hit like 18 F here and I wore my hoodie as usual lol.

    • Casey Ryback

      clearly you're just tougher than everyone else

  • kyler

    they would die in the upper north, in south dakota its like tee shirt and short weather when its like 30 degrees out

    • Casey Ryback

      on a toughness scale of 1 – 10, you sound like a 10

  • chillout

    Why is everyone getting so worked up? Obviously if you live in colder places, below 50 would be nothing but if you live in a warmer climate and aren't used to colder, then below 50 would feel pretty damn chilly to you. People who can stand colder weather aren't any better than people who can't. Stop using every small reason to put others down.

  • ShaddupUFace

    Jimmy Kimmel is an azz whole. And LA / So Cal is the toilet of the world.. wish mudda nature would flush it.

  • Wisconsinweather

    For real grow a pair. Our high for tomorrow is NEGATIVE THREE!

    • Casey Ryback

      OMG youre so damn tough!

  • Americans are nuts

    That's intense.. “there's some cloud cover,” “seems to be some sort of breeze.” This week I experienced an earthquake, monsoon rain and no one blinked an eye.

  • Katie

    Proud to be able to live in the comfortable weather. I don't care how hot or cold it gets elsewhere – or how humid or snowy. It is of no concern to me to engage in an Internet battle over where it is coldest or hottest because I don't have to deal with “weather.” The weather in so cal is AWESOME. Everyone else can enjoy their freezing, icy, snowy, wet, humid, 100+ temps, [insert other unpleasant weather condition here]. It doesn't make me a pussy. It makes me comfortable and happy. That's all!

  • valo

    I cant wait to move out there nxt year from chicago and wear shorts when its cold like this to freak Californians out for laughs..so silly

  • SD(<—That'sSouthDakota)chick

    -44 today…and it's only going to get colder in the next few months. Here, at 50 degrees, we are still wearing shorts! Bunch of pansies!!! I say if they want REAL weather, come here, if only for 10 minutes, and see how much complaining you do than!!

  • Minnesota Teen

    In Minnesota it is was -19 and real feel was -35. And I walk outside from class to class. Suck it up.

  • 1glopz

    Damn that's even colder than Miami

  • 1glopz

    You should see the guy on u tube in Siberia that throws a pot of boiling water out the balcony


    REALLY???????? I just shoveled the sidewalks and the temp here is NEG 50… that's expected, cold builds character

    • Casey Ryback

      it also builds toughness. Tell us all how tough you are!

  • LuCynda

    Seriously? It's green!!! -47 Celsius on Thursday – try cold enough you get frost bite in under one minute


    Meanwhile here in North Dakota at Minot AFB it was in the negatives for the past week and our wind chill got down to -45 degrees with -25 actual. And we had to work outside…it was glorious. Oh, and my wife and I grew up in Southern California and only moved up here in August. SoCal, suck it up!

  • Utah Girl

    HAHA I really wish is was only 42 degrees here. When its 42 degrees us Utah people are still wearing shorts and sandals.

  • Proud American Girl

    HAHA these comments are making me laugh. I love that the USA has so many different climates. Our places are a varied as our people.

  • Midwest

    I grew up in Missouri but spent my college years in Nebraska. As someone who has dealt with weather from 100+ to below 0, I find it highly amusing that at ~50 degrees the reporters are wearing coats and scarves…I've run outside in shorts at that temperature! (And that “wind?” Give me a break…try living in a place where the only things to stop a breeze are the cornfields.)

    • Casey Ryback

      tell us more about how tough you are!

  • BROsman MANtana

    On 12/7/13, here in Montana, and parts of Canada, was the coldest place in the world at the time. -50 windchills. Californians need to grow some balls.

    • Casey Ryback

      you're so tough bruh

  • Roozy

    People become acclimated to their climate. In California, particularly SoCal, the average year-round temperature is in the 70s. The weather is unbeatable. It is natural for people to be cold as hell when their set point is tested by weather in the 40s. To them, that is cold. To someone who lives in Wisconsin, 40 degrees is nothing. So the fuck what? It is all relative, so stop being so self-righteous. Californians are not weak or overly dramatic….although these newscasters certainly were being dramatic….but anyone who watches local news in the first place is an idiot.

  • Jackie

    was around 55-60's during the day, it's past midnight now and it's 40 degrees. the heater's been on all day and haven't left the house. IT'S COLD!!!!!!

    - Born and raised in los angeles :)

  • bipolar Nashville

    u should live in Nashville, TN we have nothing bu bipolar weather year round! 5 days ago is was 80 degrees, 2 days later we were under an ice storm warning with it being 17 degrees, then yesterday it was 55 degrees and tonight it is snowing. The summer is just as bipolar!

  • DJ_Jackel

    -14C currently, and about a foot of snow on the ground. Slated to drop another 10 degrees by mid-day if we get the 30Kph winds we're expecting. Was out doing work in the (unheated) garage yesterday in a tank top. I laugh at people who say it's cold and live somewhere where it doesn't even snow. *LOL*

    • Casey Ryback

      you're so tough

  • WhySoSerious

    Omg, you all are so sad!!! You crack me up!
    “No way man, my state's hotter than yours!”
    “No it's not, try living in mine!”
    “Are you kidding me? Mine's hotter than all of yours!”
    “Whoa bud, you don't even know, you've obviously never been to my state!!”

  • scottward

    pffft come to canada eh? -45 wind chill here, suck it up

  • alleycat12380

    Come to Winnipeg during February and enjoy the Festival du Voyaguer. Walk outside, enjoy the very bitter colds of -30 to -40 Celcius (some years it was actually quite warmer than that). Yes people do that every year, I think it just celebrated its 40th year (can't remember), so, it is popular.

  • Jenna Lou

    Orange crop?? Those are Lemons.

    • Red55bird

      Only in L.A.

  • Rationalthinker

    Bunch of fruits and nuts anyways…now we can add “Pussies”

  • Red55bird

    give me a break will you, them poor little people going to freeze at 50 degrees someone should tell them freezing in 32 degrees.

  • redfox435cat

    To be fair the wet 50 in cali feels just like a fresh snow.

  • MinnesotaGopher

    This Minnesota guy says “HAHAHA” Wow!

  • guest

    It's been -43 anywhere from to -10 the past week in Montana. Slowly warming up

  • Cheryl

    kinda like when it snows in the Atlanta area!!

  • John_Wayne_American

    Here in Fargo, I keep my garage heated to 47-50 so my car is toasty warn when I get into it..

  • Carl Gottstein

    Seriously if no one going to say it? I will. The cold must be George Bush's fault! Because he selfishly hates the blacks and wants all the warm for him self and TEXAS! .

  • Skatnnofx

    “What's the weather in Idaho like?”, said no one ever.

  • Liz

    First off, these weather reports are a bit exaggerated. Also, climate adaptation is a big deal. The only reason people tolerate below 0 weather is BECAUSE THEY'RE used to it. SoCal people complain about it dropping to 40's because that's the coldest they've ever dealt with. I remember visiting a southern state in India and as soon as it dropped to 70 people were wearing long sleeves because they were cold! They thought I was crazy for wearing shorts! SoCal people complain alot during winter, but everytime I visit a colder state during the summer, I hear nothing but complains about how they “can't tolerate the insane heat” of 70 degrees, when I've dealt with 120. SoCal people are also self-aware of their complaining and get a good laugh at it too. It's all in good fun. Hope everyone here enjoys their holidays! Stay warm ;)

  • jhill01

    You guys would never survive in Northern Saskatchewan, we have -36 this morning with the wind chill and we all get up and go to work and school. We don't live in igloos and yes we have vehicles we don't ride to work on snowmobiles!!!

    • EvanKrosney

      As a Manitoban I echo that. -34 in Winnipeg this morning, sub -48 with windchill. Don't complain, just learn to live with it.

  • MN girl

    The comments on here are exactly why the USA is falling apart. People are actually arguing aboutthe weather? I live in central MN guess what? It is cold asshit

  • OMG

    Holy…. are you kidding me?
    Two days ago, it was -29C here, with windchill.. it was like -35 to -40..

  • Nick Greeley

    I just got back from California. Being from Newfoundland, the weather is PERFECT right now. They don't know cold.

  • Who cares how big your dick is

    Why do people start getting all “My area is colder/hotter/bigger than yours!” whenever someone talks about weather. Just because you live in and are used to your -100 degree weather doesn't mean that someone who lives in and is only used to SoCal weather can't say they feel cold. It's called acclimation. Get over it.

  • Corinne Mendonca

    Not all of California is the same. Northern California is way colder! It was 22 here last night. Just buck up and live with it, maybe invest in a sweatshirt.

  • Gentileman

    I'm from Minnesota and it is funny seeing them react to the “cold”. But then again, once it starts hitting the upper 80's I just want to be in the water all day to get away from the heatwave. We do better with cold, they do better with heat.

  • Get_That_Dick_Outta_Yer_Mouf

    Nag Nag Nag Nag Nag Nag Nag Nag

  • Barry

    Yes, let's all complain about the weather of our particular state and bitch about those “Californians'… because newscasters with botox and face lifts must represent the entire Californian population.

  • cody

    Are you fucking kidding me. LA grow a fucking pair of balls. Im from CO and the high of the day,-4 degrees F. Fuck you LA stop being a bunch of bicths

  • Joey Ortega

    God forbid he makes fun of ABC 7's coverage of the cold snap. God. Forbid.

  • Jill Johnson

    Wimps !! I grew up near Chicago, and am there now. I spent 17 years in Central Texas. I know weather extremes. Southern California doesn't have them w/temperatures. They may shake and bake (from fires), but the 60s ??? Seriously? ROFL !! :D

  • The Frick is Idaho?

    Minnesota weather. “Expect the unexpected, could be 50 above in January, and yet we can freeze your nose off middle of June. Minnesota has been diagnosed with severe Bi-Polar disorder….and identity crisis.

  • misssam54

    Love my east coast weather.

  • Heidi

    I am half haughty and half jealous. It would be WONDERFUL to be acclimated to such warm temperatures during the winter (I'm an Iowan). But I'm not sure if I'd wanna miss out of the big cozy sweaters and all the wonderful things that icy weather brings. Also, there is a difference between “cold” and “dear-God-I-can't-breathe-my-face-is-being-slapped-by-ice” cold. Neither is pleasant for anyone!

  • saskdan

    are you Yankees kidding me? come experience a winter in central Canada for one season than head back to la, all you americans will be happy with your weather tonight with the windchill its supposed to drop down to -41celsius which ive heard is -40f also. suck it up princess. id be swimming if I was in California….

  • Stephany Leatherman

    wow you califonians havent seen anything cold, im in oklahoma and i was 7 degrees just yesturday…. we happy to see 40 and 50 degree weather

  • colorado

    Colorado weather is the best. TRUE 4 seasons.

  • Erin

    none of them would survive here in MI. haha.

  • Dominic Lira

    I'm from Colorado. 50 degrees is shorts weather. Might mix it up with a hoodie if there's a breeze. Dear California: keep being funny.

  • Its just me

    Pansies….move to the midwest and see what real cold is

  • Emilio Rivera

    I went thru 20 winters in NYC and it was so cold that my feet froze after walking just one block. I now live in the n/w and I'm into my 6th winter and the temp. gets to -20 and people up here go jogging at that temp. It's beautiful up-here no bs like in L.A. People in L.A. are pussies…I know I lived there 46 years.

  • bunny

    lol 50 is cold? I could wear shorts and be comfortable at that temperature.

  • Jason Moore

    12 degrees in Wisconsin right now, supposed to be around 6 degrees tomorrow with wind chills below zero… So what would that be considered?

  • Danae

    Grew up in CA (San Bernadino county) and I went to university in Utah. Yeah, 60 is shorts and tee-shirt weather. I think when I lived in CA, we had frost on our windshield maybe once, and even then, it melted after five minutes when the sun hit it.

  • Britt

    -32 C (-25 F) here, but feels like -42 C (-44 F). A breeze and some fruit on the ground, what a dream at this time of year.

  • Californian – Central Valley

    As a Californian, I can't stand people who complain about cold weather. It gives the people who actually experience subzero degree temperatures on a regular basis a reason to laugh. Also, I'm not a fan of all the hate toward Californians as a whole just because of a few idiots on the news. It's winter, its supposed to be cold! Wear a jacket and stop complaining and wishing it was summer!

  • tateer8256

    tomorrow mornings prediction is -48 with wind chill in northern minnesota. suck it up LA

    • Ta2edMom

      It is here right now, northern MN, if it hit 50 Lake Superior would be crawling with swimsuit clad beach goers.

  • Ryan Phillips

    I'll be honest, it dropped three degrees yesterday here on Oahu. It's 78 and usually 81! Brrr! I don't know how long I can take this cold front… You guys hold on, ima go bundle up.

  • Alicia Judo LaFore

    -40 F with windchill here in Minnesota. Burr!

    • Ta2edMom

      I”m northern MN, I can attest to that brrr.

    • missmkb

      Pretty sure I saw some of the same jackets being worn by Minnesotans last night (-40) as the newscasters in LA.

  • A San Franciscian

    Well you have to understand that people come from different areas of the world. People are used to things others aren't used to. It's usually very warm in SoCal, so people there are used to the heat. If they experience something colder than they're used to, of course they're going to complain.

  • Nordakotan

    I'm from North Dakota, on weather extremes- you are all the weakest link!

  • Corina

    Just came out of -40's here in Alberta, CA…How would they ever survive…LMAO!!

  • Disgusted1970

    Should send them all to N.Y. or Minnesota to do a 2 week weather coverage. That will teach them what cold is.

  • Jeff Brown

    I lived in New England for 30 years and have been out in LA for 20. When I first got here, I saw a newscaster dressed like her bundled up like it was 20 degrees outside. Actual temp? 54 LOL! And she was stating that a “storm was coming.” Or what we'd call in Connecticut, showers. She also warned, “And be careful when you go into the malls. You may slip with wet feet.” Back East it was only a storm if it was three feet of snow with ice and temps below zero. Wimpified! lol

  • Laura

    If you think that's bad… try Texas!!!! I don't know about LA, but here we don't all own a good coat!!! We are so used to hot weather!!! Below 60?? Wet?? Better close the state down. But does it help when northeners say “Its -83° here!! Stop complaining!!” No!!! You have people DYING when it reaches 95°!!!! It's all over every news station and the weather channel when y'all hit triple digits. We have triple digits for 4 months straight!!! Hahaha. Some of us stay in Texas because we like the hot but can't bear the cold!!! (But we do know wind. Hair barely blowing is not windy….)

  • Denise Litirvenn

    Hello from ALASKA, your weather is adorable.

  • saritlaya

    LOL LOL LOL Wow, sad. I wish it was 40-50 degrees! Love they think they need winter clothes on!! LOL LOL LOL Come to Chicago! Then, you will see what REAL cold is like. Winter coats in 50 degree weather…Puh!

  • Kurt

    Panzies, we had 32 below not wind chill actual temp's before, shoot 40's i'm out in a shirt and shorts. Want cold you should come to montana in the winter.

  • West

    Yup Californians we are laughing at you. I swear these people live in some kind of brainwashed bubble lol 50 is not “Bone chilling cold” lol

  • ItsBetterHere

    “Try Texas” “Try Idaho” . NO THANK YOU. I live in Los Angeles for a reason.

  • comms guy

    It was -20 F at about 8am this morning in Duluth, Mn I climbed a 60 foot metal communications tower in this weather and was working up there with 30 mile an hour winds for 3 hours. I dont think any of you will understand what cold is until you try that.

  • Me

    If you don't like where you live, move

  • Peebs

    You guys are arguing about fucking weather. Who takes pride in freezing your ass off or boiling? I'm an Idaho native. I live here because it's fucking gorgeous and I love the outdoors. I would much prefer enjoying the outdoors in 70 degree weather at all times… The extremes can kick rocks. O yeah, my dad could beat up all your dads. Grow up!

  • Name

    Los Angelas you have the dumbest reporters on earth haha. “Its 42 degrees here in Lancaster, I think it might snow if it gets any colder.” Wow, shows how spoiled and pathetic people in this country can be.

  • Iron Ranger

    Seriously? Want to come to Northern Minnesota where it's been -30 with wind chill for ten days now? You step outside and your exposed skin will be frostbitten in fifteen minutes. Whimps!

  • Tommy

    If you don't like the weather, wait ten minutes. Says EVERYONE IN EVERY STATE.

  • Tommy

    “Oh yeah? Well you should see what the weather is like in (insert state you live in)!!!” Haha that's pretty much every comment. Everyone used to think it was odd and boring when people had a normal conversation about weather. Then the internet showed up, and now we all must turn a boring conversation in to a stupid argument. The internet made us all morons. We have to start fights over the weather! SMH…merica

  • Angie

    -45c with windchill the other day here in sask

  • Crys

    Here in Saskatchewan we had -45 with windchill…and. I won't say what's on my mind as for the “cold” your all havîng

  • Roger Hughey Jr.

    lol try living here in michigan

  • Audra

    Might I ssuggest a trip to Alberta, wherre last week 13 of the 15 coldest places on the PLANET were!!!!!! No…I'm not kidding…I wish I was. Leaves blowing….How's about I send some of the 2+ feet of snow in my front yard.

  • Matt

    One fine I ate a habanero pepper next to a volcano while wearing 7 layers of North Face apparel just outside of Death Valley. Don't tell me about hot. Idaho can suck it

    • tnafam

      i never knew there were volcanos near death valley, did Hawaii recently move there?

  • Chelsea Murawski

    Here in Chicago, it was 57 degrees 6 days ago, now we're down to 3..the windchill doesn't help much either. But I love it! Keeps you on your toes :)

  • Pediatricsman

    I like living in New Hampshire. Not to hot [90 maybe] .. not to cold [-20 maybe] … omn second thought. It sucks. Don't bother coming here to check it out. Stay in California with a glass of ‘whine’

  • Misty J. Weispfenning


  • http://blazeangelg.wordpress.com/ Shawn Ashley

    Let's all turn it into a “who has to survive the worst weather” argument… SMFH.

  • Megan Jean Broeren

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate that you are all arguing about the weather?

  • Ty

    If you live in any of these states or cities mentioned in this feed. Please stop what your doing immediately and kill someone beside you and then yourself! And the weather will no longer be the topic of your boring ass life.. Thank you.

  • Ryan Abernathy

    Really guys? Is the weather really worth arguing about? Wow.

  • Morgan Baker

    Haha and to think it was -40 in Alberta … I wish we had their weather!!!

  • Mercurial

    You guys are all wimps I live on the surface of mercury and the temperature he changes over 400 degrees every day

  • Devon Early

    I live in Minnesota, where we had 100* days this summer, and last night it was -23*…and 35” of snow last week. I wish I could have the luxury to complain about 40s and 50s!

  • JustFineinMinnesota

    Jeebus. 50? That's still ‘shorts and a t-shirt’ weather. I took the garbage outside last night wearing slippers, boxers and a t-shirt – still alive. It was -30. But I'm from Minnesota…

  • http://sensualappealblog.com/ Kammie @ Sensual Appeal

    Currently -1F in Chicago. lol Suck it up, I wish we had 50-60 degree winters.

  • SnowQueen

    It was like -30 degrees in Northern Minnesota and snowing. STFU CALI.

  • hawaiijerk

    You think you have it bad? I live in HAWAII!!! It's 73 degrees right now! I can't STAND this cold weather we're having.

  • caliweatherextremist

    Yeah yeah we all know that come summer all the northerners will be complaining about 85 degrees being boiling hot. It's just our time of the year to complain about the weather.

  • Hidaya

    Oh my god it's 42 degrees oh my lets cancel school and work how about yall come to Minnesota and experience the -18 degrees with a windchill of -45

    • mrericdude

      And still go to school until the water main the building breaks, only until then, you will have to stay in school.

  • the socal convert

    I live in socal now, but lived in New York 25 years of my life, as well as northern New York close to Canada. I've had my share of cold with 14ft of snow, -15-20F, +115F 99 humidity, polar weather extremes like everyone listed from hot to cold in two days. I've been in socal since July, and when it dropped to 40-50 it became cold, like any temperature drop in any state. Granted my mental state is thicker when it comes to weather changes, but I still put on a light jacket when it dipped to 40. People complain about weather changes and how tough they are, yeah I did too when I was in NY dating my girlfriend in socal at that time. Always told her how cold it is, and how she would never understand. Now since I'm here, it doesn't matter to be honest. I'm enjoying this nice weather all year round, and having my windows rolled down today while driving feeling a nice breeze beats turning on my car in the morning for 15 minutes warming it up before heading to work any day; or waking up extra early to get that ice off my car in the morning or unexpected light snow from the night.
    Socal being fast paced? Come to New York buddy, you'll see true fast paced. Weather changes effect peoples minds, stress levels are higher, and if you don't swipe that metro card in a range of smooth motion and hold up traffic you'll get chewed out by the caffeine addicted Starbucks white shirt/tie guy behind you.

    As for this tool here that says it's impossible to hit 114F at 4AM, guy needs to stop thinking he's right and know that anything can happen. I've checked my thermo in my car 4:30am in the morning from a night of clubbing and told me it was 110F. Maybe it was from the humidity but it was hot as balls.
    Stop complaining about the weather people and move to socal and become… one of us :D

  • Amanda

    Dude try michigan we can be in the 80s one day and have snow 2 days later. Then be back in the 80s. Haha. But even though 10 degrees right now is cold I know Minnesota is even worse off. Like -30

  • Aightball7

    It's 25 here now but we've been in the single digits below and above zero for a few days now…with windchills -15 and lower. Come to Iowa for a winter and then we can chat about “cold” =)

  • Nisroc

    Looks fugging warm to me. Was -74.2F/-59C here with a wind chill and I'm still not complaining really just not going to much.

  • tnafam

    urban Californian natives are a bunch of pussies….I have occasionally take a trips down there and it's so funny seeing what they wear in 60 degree weather. I friggin wear shorts in 60 degree weather in Canada and they are pulling out their parkas and uggs.

  • Heather

    My husband and I were laughing about it because the temperature in our home was the ‘high’ in LA (where his friend live). Ha. Wisconsin is a fun place to live

  • berenice

    High of 50 in colorado today. Thought it was warm enough to make snow angels with only a t shirt on…. and I did just that! I'm from Cali but lived in colorado most of my life. I honestly can't believe what I just watched lmao

  • dontcha know

    MN represent!

  • Chaddddy_K

    Born, raised and currently living in Wisconsin. You want to talk about cold and harsh winters?

  • KBear0412

    Reading most the comments here, this all just seems like a “whose dick is bigger” contest lol

  • lbrosef

    Well it gets to -5000 in the winter and a million degrees in the summer where I live so obviously my penis is bigger than any of yours

  • arcticchill

    That's so dumb. It was -54.4° F where I live, the other day. Pussies.

  • Michael

    I was born and raised in Minnesota. The coldest temperature I remember hearing about as a kid was -47F, with a -53F windchill. You Los Angeleans don't know what “cold” is.

    • WDS

      I grew up in and still live in MN. One summer I flew to San Francisco for a conference. It was unseasonably cool there and I was terribly cold; I had to buy a coat! Even in MN in the summer 50 (or 42 like in the video) will feel quite cold. It all depends on what you are used to.

      Still, the video was hilarious!

  • tripplanningmom

    I'm in North Dakota where the high in my lifetime has been about 110 degrees and the low -50 degrees (air temp) and -90 (wind chill). That's a difference of 160 degrees between the high temp and the air temp OR a difference of 200 degrees between the high and the wind chill. The other day a spot in Antarctica beat the record at approximately -138 degrees. I hardly think those reporters know what COLD really is. Sure it might have been a little “chilly” where they are, but cold? I hardly think so. LOL

  • 7eloiro7

    I sure hope they are putting on their long underwear and flannel lined pants. We wouldn't want them to get ‘cold’ in Southern Cali!!! lol

  • mike

    what a bunch of cry babies.

  • T Im

    Reporter: How do you feel about the cold?
    Random guy: Umm ….well…its just cold !

    News channel at its best.

  • LH

    Bunch of crybaby WIMPS!!! I live I So Cal now (the weather is BORING!!!!!) but originally from the upper Midwest where there is REAL cold weather!!! These people don't know COLD from a hole in their heads! Kind of a statement of many people who live in CA!!

  • CaliforniaRulesYourStateSucks

    75 degrees today here. Enjoy your blizzard suckers!

  • Chandra M. Jordan

    I'm in Iowa. We're going to get wind chills of 30 to 50…BELOW ZERO. Suck it up there in Cali b/c we'd give a kidney right now for weather that would allow us to be outside for more than a few minutes without getting dangerously frost bitten

  • Rina

    I would say it's pretty cold here in Chicago. Tomorrow our high would be -14. -45 with the wind chill.

  • ChristianPatriot146

    Sheesh – I ride my motorcycle in temps like that here in PA.

  • Bri

    Its -42 windchill in Indiana where I am. Its illegal to drive right now. Adult snow day!

  • Austin Garris

    people are dumb, its currently -33 F here.

  • OMG really

    then they would really hate to be where i am were bouncing between -20 to -30 F

  • Taylor

    Chicago had a windchill of -40 today…. This is such a joke. 43 degrees?! Aw poor you:(

  • Shae019

    Yeah . That was here in indiana today !

  • Amber

    It was -50F today in Holmen Wisconsin! By the way… I work at McDonald's in the drive threw… I put a coat on today.

  • Jon Doe

    Its negative 40 right now suck it up pussies

  • Left coast

    Just another reason why CALIFORNIA SUCKS

  • Jon Doe

    Its negative 40 here I don't wanna hear it California!

  • Amanda GB Bennington

    -30 here in Ohio right now. Californian's have no real concept of what cold is. I would give anything for it to be 50 degrees lol.

  • really?

    Its literally -6 and feels like -20 here in MO, you are pathetic wimps! This makes me sick.

  • BBerry2251

    It was -39 around Indianapolis last night….Cali is full of soft pansies. I would trade 40 degree weather and run around in short and a short sleeve shirt….

  • cubsfanforever2014

    Ridiculous! It's -10 in Chicago with 2 feet of snow on the ground with a wind chill of -40! THAT IS COLD! We would love to have the 50s!

  • Merrrrrrrrrrp9231

    People take things so seriously. This video is just funny to people who live in the north and northeast. Since we are used to different, much colder weather than lows of 60. Lol. It's -13 in Michigan right now with a windshield of -37, and we just got 18 inches of snow & it's still snowing. Sucks to be us is right LOL. I'm sure there are other places who have it way worse too.

  • Frozen

    I live on the border of North Dakota and Minnesota. It was -51°F with the wind chill today. Yesterday's temperatures were reported to be colder than Mars….

  • Rachel Zimmer Gough

    Our news isn't far off. they spent an hour doing breaking news storm reports here in Michigan. than they followed up with a breaking weather report. This is Michigan, it snows… it can snow allot! It also get's cold.. and it can get REALLY cold.

    • Princess Consuela

      I'm in MI too & people were FREAKING. OUT. yep, we got a bunch of snow dumped on us (only 13 inches by us, I know the west side got more). yep, it's -12 right now (-43 if you factor in the wind chill). but yeah, we live in Michigan, it's not anything new here. I think we've been spoiled by the mild winters the last couple years and now that we have a normal winter people are sobbing in the fetal position.

  • Marcus Hagness

    Seriously you bunch of wimps? It was 30 below this morning when I woke up. Last weekend the windchill made it 70 below. Grow a pair and stop your whining.

  • spunkle

    I'm in Ohio. LMAO. those weathermen are kinda annoying the crap outta me right now. It's like -9 here. I would love to bring one of them to my town right now and watch them just crap themselves. hahahha

  • M Ryne Peddycord

    This is too funny. 50 degrees is t-shirt weather if it's not raining

  • Dan Thoms

    Ohio is just about 60 degrees colder than that. Unless you include windchill in which case it is 80 degrees colder.

  • Andrew Bynum

    -52 here in Chicago yesterday. 42 degrees is considered warm over here.

  • Nepetarias

    Funny! It is -30 here this morning and my hot water pipes are frozen. 40's and 50's would be wonderful.

  • Antony

    it's -12 degrees here in Indiana, with wind chill at – 35 or more.

  • higgins1990

    “Reporters”. LOL. Is there a more pathetic profession in the USA
    (besides politician)?

  • Guest

    Stuff like this makes me never want to leave the east coast….

  • Michele Hoyt

    I grew up in the midwest, went to CA for several years, back to midwest (IA, SD, MN) for 2 decades, then to Houston area (SW of houston) All places have plusses and negatives, but in defence of those from warmer areas not handling the cold, those of you used to it need to remember your homes are built for the cold, you have, for the most part, central heat and proper insulation. We do not. My water pipes are for the most part exposed, I have no heat except for space heaters. In a dozen years here, we have experienced only a handful of freeze days, and that lasts only a couple hours…in past2 days we have had freeze temps more hours than in past 10 years. And in TX heat is different, we do not cool down at night…in midwest, dark brings relief most days, here, we will still be in mid 90s and 90-100 % humidity at midnight….we also deal with damp wind off the coast meaning we live in a fricking sauna most days, and add damp wind to freezing temps and put people used to a sauna and yes, we complain! If I wanted cold, I would have stayed in midwest…hated So CA lack of seasons, hated snow and cold, love TX, except when it is cold, which it isn't supposed to be.
    3 years ago I spent a week at home in Dec….it never got over 2 degrees, but dry and no wind, but I was fine, got home to 50 and rain, spent entire week shivering, it felt colder because it was wet and windy. Same happened the Dec my mom came to San Diego, it was high 50s but windy and rainy and she, who lived in SD orIA her whole life was cold….

  • Brent Kneebush

    Minus 15 with 5 foot snow drifts on the road here in Northwest Ohio, I don't feel sorry for them.

  • Arizona Desert Rat

    We Arizona folks feel the same way when people back east think 100 degrees is incredibly hot. That's midnight for us.

  • Naphganistan

    I live in Indianapolis… Its -21 right now.. SUCK iT UP! Oh What I would do to have 50 degree weather!

  • Timothy53

    And if it goes over 85ºF they are sweltering.

  • Becca

    I was running the heat in 70 degree weather in Phoenix. I couldn't believe it either an I am from Ohio originally.

  • Lisi

    Come to montreal and see how cold it is … That video was nothing lol

  • Smarty Marty

    If you don't like the weather – move! Californians (LA) are real suck asses when it comes to ‘cold’ weather. 42 is NOT cold. –42 deg is cold!!! It was -5 here in Buffalo last night, winds up to 50 mph and lake effect snows. People were once told to go buy a six pack (beer) and stay home. The mayor was lambasted for that remark – probably by one person who got on the air! God Bless Jimmy Griffon!

  • marlene carson

    My heart bleeds for you….here it is 10 below, with a wind chill factor of 40 below…what a bunch of crybabies …get over yourselves!!!

  • gg124

    -40 with wind chill here in the mid-west

  • cyborgmav

    We endured – 40 celcius temps for the past week here in Quebec. So boohoo to LA . Rofl.

  • Laurie Tipton

    We wear sweat shirts at 45-50?? (Chitown)

  • nate

    lol are you kidding me!!!! what a bunch of wimps come live in Quincy CA some time. you don't know cold until your face freezes over !

  • Batlle Creek.

    I live in Southwest Michigan. last night the wind-chill was -38. Try shoveling about a foot and a half of snow with a wind-chill that low.

  • Erica

    Are you kidding? I would do anything to be in 45 degree weather it's -35 in Chicago. Suck it up fucking Californians.

  • Ashley

    all of my pipes at home are currently frozen, and I can't leave because of the many inches of snow and ice all over the place, please let them come shovel my snow and tell my how cold the negative temps are

  • Sam

    -51F with the wind chill in Indiana yesterday. We were ordered by the Mayor and Governor to stay inside and off the snow/ice covered roads.

  • flankton

    i lived in cali. it was horrible. the people there are the worst. its overcrowded and unaffordable. the kids do lots of drugs. the values are based on people with loads of money so the important things have been bred out of the culture. there is no yes sir, yes maam. ie. no respect for elders. the worst thing is that they believe being totally passive agressive is the same as being ZEN. free thought is encouraged but not judged, which creates a bunch of really stupid thoughts. wheras, bodies are discouraged and judged, which creates alot of plastic surgery.

  • Johnny Frost

    I am posting this from the planet Neptune where the temperature is literally -345 degrees and a frozen lake of liquid nitrogen is the only source of water around. What do I win???

  • Joanna

    People saying it's 80 here 70 there you all wouldn't last an hour in our -30 weather. I rather be cold than be hot and sweaty.

  • kkuz

    Its -14 here in Detroit. We got about 3-4 feet of snow and the roads are all ice. My car wouldn't start this morning. Had to walk to the gas station. Was only in it for about a half hour but my appendages were starting to hurt because it was so cold. I had frost on the outside and inside of my vehicle.

  • Herb Kaiser

    Sounds like the Cold Wars!

  • Min Farshaw

    -43 up Here by lake Michigan yesterday. What I would give for it to be 60 right now!

  • shelley

    Are you kidding me!!! My kids would be out in shorts in 50 degree weather!! How about you try -46 degree wind chill and -18 degree air temp!! Give us a break, toughen up

  • jen

    well we know what states would be the first to go if God forbid we ever had a day after tomorrow type of Global freeze. lol… Wusses

  • snowed-in

    aw, poor babies…

  • OgaryO

    Send their wimpy asses to the mid west.

  • RagingAfrican

    It's 2000 degrees in Africa! I'll take that anyway u blomcot pussiess! Booyakah

  • Legend

    It's California — always a worry that their botox lips and silicone breasts could freeze up and break

  • Buffalonian

    Meanwhile my windows are completely iced over with 3 feet of snow and windchills of -30 in Buffalo! 50 sounds like a tropical vacation to me!

  • Lara

    hahaha We Canadians REALLY laugh at this!

  • Frostine

    Ha! Mid Michigan had a -30 degree wind chill today and yesterday. I would love to have that little wind and those temperatures. Not to mention none of this snow!


    LA is for fags lol i was there for a bit and it was just a bunch of jaded bitchs that piss and moan about everything try living in detroit you fuckin vegan
    pussies lol

  • Cassie

    Californians make fun of us Illinoians when we have earthquakes, and we make fun of them when it gets “cold”.


    LA is for fags lol I was there for a bit it was just a bunch of jaded bitches pissing and moaning over everything, try living in Detroit you fuckin vegan pussies

  • Randy

    LA is for fags lol I was there for a bit and it was just a buncha jaded bitches pissing and moaning over everything,try living in Detroit you fuckin vegan pussies lol

  • Lucas

    That was hilarious. I'm from Wisconsin, and yesterday when I woke up it was -49 windchill.

  • Randy

    LA is for fags i say it again you are all a bunch vegan pussies….Come to Detroit bitches

  • Vegeta

    Oh, yeah? Well here in fantasy land it's under -9000!!!!!!!


    These people are BUNCH OF PUSSIES … It was – 40 in Detroit last night with the windchill. It is -25 right now with windchill, NO PROBLEMS :)

  • CX

    Wusses. Barely light jacket weather by NoDak standards…

  • John Orsborn

    -65 in Belcourt, ND, come play with us!!!!

  • Robster

    Since the media is bought and sold they don't have much else to talk about, is plenty going on out there but they're not allowed to report on it.

  • excityboy

    To our American Neighbours, yes that his how we spell Neighbors up here in Canada, you do know that once you hit -43°C it is the same as -43°F.

    With the windchill factored in it has been those kinds of temps up here in Manitoba since early Dec.

  • Glynnis Gomez-Salvacion Villeg

    I'm from Minnesnowta, we invented Cold and know cold. Come here you whimps and then let's see if you'll put on a winter coat for LA.

  • KB

    Gloves and hats for 50 degrees?!…They would find the Midwest and Canada a bundle of joy to deal with right now! Haha

  • NE-PNW VoorTrekker

    This is hilarious!

  • jojo

    are you fricking kidding me.. -40 with wind chill in Ontario.. you guys are a bunch of babies.

  • DisgustedinTexas04

    -22 degrees in Williston,SD. That's actual temp. Not wind chill. Buck up CA!

  • Kevin Matthews

    I just scrolled through the comments. Its a cesspool.

  • Mp

    It's cold out we get it

  • Texan

    I love how people are trying to outdo each other on how badly cold the weather is. You guys going below zero can keep your weather, I want none of it

  • James Benjamin Wales

    I wish it were 50 degrees here! I can easily ride all day at 70mph when it's at least 50!

  • Ashley Elizabeth Cornett

    I live in Buffalo NY!! we have blizzard warnings, there are driving bans everywhere… and all of western NY is under a state of emergency! its was negative 31 today!! and people in LA are bitching for what reason!!!!! come to Buffalo and tell me how you feel then?!!! Lol

  • MinnesotaMatt

    50 degrees? I walk around in shorts and a t-shirt in that sort of weather. Hell, I'd walk around naked if society didn't frown upon it.

  • MinnesotaMatt

    50 degrees? I walk around in shorts and a t-shirt in that kind of weather. Hell, I'd walk around naked if society didn't frown upon it.

  • MinnesotaMatt

    Sorry for posting twice. I didn't realize I had to change the comments from best to newest.

  • Kayla

    omg its about -18 with out the wind and im sure with the wind here where i live its a lot colder…. I so want there weather in the low 40's upper 50's…. here's a Picture i took the other day before we got hit with more snow lol and colder weather…

  • Randy G.

    Having lived in such snow-prone areas such as Chicago, IL, Great Falls, MT, and Fairbanks, AK, I never cease to be amazed how the tiniest bit of snow in DC or NYC (considered by some to be the center of the known universe) can become national front-page news, while a 10-foot snow dump on Denver is hardly worthy of mention.

  • Amy


  • Mark Burns

    Send your gently used coats to the poor bastards in the city of the Angles.

    • mag00

      woulda been better if you knew how to spell angels.

      • Mark Burns

        ok. sorry to upset ewe.

    • Mark Burns

      Sorry, meant Angels. Still bastards out there ;)

  • Hubertius

    42F is about 5C. Christ you LA folks are babies, damn. 5C is pretty hot in some places in the US!

    • GingeryCookies

      I think they feel it faster cause they can't move their faces to warm up…plus plastic freezes faster than skin

  • jim

    now maine is cold not as cold as some others states but at 5 degs is very cold and with the wind blowing its well below zero am sure so if anyone one from L A wants a tase of someone cold have them come to maine for a try they would leve in a second lol

  • ColumbusFoe

    Try beating -41F windchill with 49F 1 day before.

    • GingeryCookies

      sure it has been -49C without windchill here for a few days, with the wind its down to -68.

  • Kelly

    I would be out in a bikini if it were 50°F !!!!!!
    Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

  • chillywilly

    Come on up to Muskoka in Ontatio!! Cold? You aint seen nothing lol

  • MarMar

    From the words of Justin Timberlake “Cry me a River”. Its a sunny -10 with windchill -20 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Last week it was -49 with the windchill. As LA reaches a high of 50 degrees, dear lord I am going to pray for you all, so cold!!!!!! Better get your parkas and mukaluks on LA ( Yes, this sarcasm).. Pllllllleeeeeeease come to Nova Scotia, or PEI (THATS PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND, CANADA, have to specify Jay Leno did a segment once and not one person he interviewed knew where PEI was in Canada!!!!!!!). 50 DEGREES COLD, ahahahahaahahahaha now thats funny stuff!!

  • In ‘Merica!

    Wow, do Canadians have low self esteem.

  • Jeff Lincoln

    Pretty silly when a post about the temperature turns into a country bash fest!

  • gritsngravy418

    Here in San Antonio, Texas….We're having a heat-wave….it's 42…..Compared to the rest of North America!!!

  • LM

    Pawleeese…..I'm in beautiful Muskoka, Ontario…yesterday it was -40 with the wind chill….couldn't see over the snow banks….snow blower running day and night. Spend a few days here and then talk to me about only 60 degrees F!! Crikey!!!!

  • OC Kid

    SoCal people are way too weather spoiled xD

  • Rich Rodriguez

    It reminds me of a joke that Jay Leno made about living here in SoCal–you can spot the L.A. native in a supermarket because they always bundle up when going through the frozen food section. Last year I went to New Jersey with my church to help Hurricane Sandy victims along the Jersey Shore rebuild their homes, and after working outdoors at 18 degrees F with a windchill factor of close to zero, I'm never again complaining about our relatively balmy winters back home!

  • Christine W

    Is this for real? if I had that weather I would be running around in a tube top and shorts! LOL And are people seriously arguing about whos weather is colder?? I'm in Toronto and its FREEZING a@@ cold out… but so is other parts of Canada and the US. We all realize that complaining about 50F weather is ridiculous in this video and that where were all are right now is cold as F**$ – So no point in arguing. There are no prizes for who has the coldest weather out there guys.

  • Socal

    Rarely wear a coat in Southern California. I do wear a sweater in winter, but most of the time my sweater is in the car. Headed to Palm Springs for a few days to have cooler weather

  • Laura Schmalzbauer Robbins

    I would love 43 degree weather!! It's 5 degrees with -20 windchill

  • NoodleBarks

    omg americans are retarded.

  • John Smith

    Rolling my eyes at Californians. We don't get very cold here in South Texas. Today we are expecting high 70's maybe even 80's but thats typical here. LA, you don't have the monopoly on great weather, and I believe Florida would agree too. :) Have a great day! Don't forget to wear those ugly uggs! lol

  • Tice

    fuck americans are plugs

  • Puddin'head Wilson

    “Everybody complains about the weather but nobody ever does anything about it.” – Mark Twain

  • Allyn Rountree

    Spoiled!!!! I live in OK and work outside fixing aircraft. Which means, it doesn't matter if it's 2 degrees or 120 degrees, I will be outside. I would love to see a lot of people do what I do but most couldn't even get past basic training.

  • people not sheeple

    I think all of you should be much more worried about what is going on with the state of our Mother Earth and the following entities trying too destroy Her. These are Industrial Military Complex, the Builderburg Group, the International Monitary Fund, the Tri-Lateral Commission, the U.N. and all the G-8 countries who are all in bed together hellbent on the idea of most of humanity enslaved and or erradicated leaving only a very small number of the affluent ones at the top of society to reign over the rest of humanity. As a Canadian we have a long history of brave citizens who believe in freedom and justice, some of who made the ultimate sacrifice in that belief. One brave man is the Ex Canadian Minister of Defence, The Honourable Paul Hellier who has publicly spoken out about the United States Partnership with Extra Terrestrials working in massive undergound and surface bases around the world including Dulce in New Mexico and Area 51 where thing”s go on that would make your soul cry. Look for yourself make your own decision but please be aware.

  • visitcanada

    I can smack these people…..look what some people are dealing with in Canada ! There's tons of snow, icy icy roads, people losing power due to high winds, ice falls and really “real” cold days. Talk about cold when you visit :)

  • Tom in Mich.

    Wow.. If your willing to argue over weather I sure would hate to see how you would act about real issues… By the way my dog is bigger than your dog.. LMAOROTF.

  • Anderson40

    I am having a difficult time understanding why everyone is getting angry over weather. It is what it is. I just feel blessed to have a warm home to go in whether it is 20 below or 30 degrees F in winter months in Minnesota.

  • Wowyouaredumb

    I love that the guy said that if it was a colder, it could have snowed. In other news, if the team could have gotten into the endzone, they would have scored a touchdown.

  • Ricky Kendall II

    News reporters in California are idiots. “I'm soooo coooolddd…ohhh fuck its 50º! Oh Em Geee! Is that wiiiiind?! Shiiiiiiit!…. OOOOOO000OOOh a clouuuuud…”

    I go outside with layers of clothing, only my nose and eyes are bare and my face burns from the cold in 5 mins. Suck it up.

    But, thank god I'm moving away from this shit…

  • matt s

    This video is hilarious.
    Start rant:
    Its cold in Canada. And California has better weather. And they are climatized differently. Lets show a clip of Canadians at +25c to californians.

    There are many great people in the U.S. and Canada. As well as many douche bags. I am Canadian and wouldn't want to live any where else. I also don't like people talking shit about the place I call home. Just like everyone else. So shut the fuck up about “Canada is better than the U.S./ U.S. is better than Canada”
    Go do something productive. Or hang out with your significant other or children. Read a book. Or go travelling and stop the ignorant bullshit that none of you have the right to say. And leave the past in the past stop bringing up old shit.
    Stop adding more stress to an already difficult life. End rant.

  • Elizabeth Sifuentes

    wow 40 is hoodie weather what the heck?? LOL

  • Pammy

    It must be something in the water in Southern CA that makes these people (and yes, celebrities, too) such a batch of whiners. Is that all they ever do?

  • Yanketteny

    You people are hilarious out there! Is pot legalalized there?

  • BFE

    It's -50 in Whogivesashit.

  • Sasha

    This is so funny! I'm from South Dakota and when it gets to like 5 degrees, it feels warm! I'd like to see some Californians deal with this kinda weather…

  • lori kovack

    Good one guys. I use to live in West Covina and remember the days we would go to downtown Disney and I too said It was cold .. Now I'm in Pittsburgh, Pa where it was -9 ,, thanks for the laugh Jimmy Kimmel

  • Gregory771

    Pretty cold over most of the U.S. and Canada. I have a lot of admiration
    for the tough people of Canada who are far more tolerant of cold than I am…..

  • redhand126

    I don't think Southern California even gets cold enough for wind chill to be a factor

  • Guest

    LOL come spend a day in Canada we will show you Cold!

  • Lyndserella Isarella N Eleena

    Bahaha you people have nothing better to do then argue about the weather, this is HILARIOUS because of the fact that its not THAT cold in LA compared to other parts of the Country and In Atlantic Canada it was like -34C today so ya know its like cold and shit!

  • Olivia

    50 degrees F = 10 degrees C !!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmfao!!! Are they for real?? I'm somewhat insulted!! it's currently -20 C in the Toronto area and with our crazy wind chill it feels like -30C. They're so pathetic.

  • Panda

    Germany around 60°F or 15°C today. :)


    wow i think they all need to leave LA and come to canada to get warm lol

  • dawg

    coldest winter i ever spent, was summer in San Francisco/ Mark Twain

  • Natalia

    Okay, okay. A lot of national pride here, but how did a spoof of Californians and our intolerance of any “weather” below 65 turn into Canada vs. U.S.? Of course it's cold in Canada, they are further North of the continental United States. Alaska is likely equally as cold. Chicago is darned cold too. This is about geography not National politics. When did this “who is the coldest” competition begin? I must have missed the memo. As a Southern Californian, I'm happy to be made fun of while I sit outside in my shorts-sleeves in January. Chill everybody, and not in a cold/weather way. My ancestors came to the US through Canada (probably to get away from the weather). How can an imaginary line make people different or better from one another? It can't. Good and bad in both places. Maybe some folks from Antarctica, Russia or Greenland can join the conversation/cold competition? Very silly overreaction to a comedy bit.

  • Delta

    Seriously?! Arguing on what place is colder and more importantly, on something neither of us control?! Boohoo! It's colder in your place! So effin what?! At least you're not hungry and couldn't get food even if you had money. Y'all talk as if you're going through an apocalyptic experience. Perspective people. It's cold, but you have sweaters, fleece gears, heaters, and fireplaces. Check out other places who have nothing. Check yourselves, pampered fools!

  • Jaci Lapointe

    -46 in Van Buren Maine last week! This week we are thrilled with the WARM weather… it is -6

  • Al

    below 70f is shorts weather in Canada.

  • Bob

    So much hate. For the record, it was never -60 , etc, etc, across Canada this winter. Tim Horton's is now American owned. Molson Canadian is owned by Coors, another American company. And the list goes on. Either way, that video was a good laugh. “The leaves are blowing, this could cause problems for some of you”.

  • Jay Reliford

    LOL….try – 6 degrees in New York Tuesday! The coldest I've ever been in my life! You guys in these other countries are Eskimos!!!

  • Tardis

    In WI where it is -24 with a windchill of -40 and lower! Haha

  • Simone Victoria Mooney

    Everyone quick! Get behind our smart phones and computers. Let's insult anyone who thinks their city is colder than ours! This video is a battle of who is the coldest. Just ignore how funny California is and fight each other.

  • mlink

    I remember moving to southern california as a kid from ohio. My family would make fun of all the people in heavy winter coats during the mild winter. 15 years later and I have become one of them. Wheres my warm beverage from starbucks!?

  • JR

    What a lot of comments. The cold weather discussion has taken a different tack, drifting (snow drifting?) into a comparison of the U.S. and Canada in general, with side-tracks about such things as the automobile industry. When considering it from this perspective, it is at least interesting to note the intertwining, at least geographically. I have always found it fascinating that Detroit, Michigan is NORTH of Windsor, Canada…

  • paukva

    It seems absurd to me how a simple comedic video about the weather can turn the comments section into an angry ugly exchange about issues that don't have a damn thing to do with weather! What the hell people??

  • Marty “Hatchetman” Walker

    You guys are big babies. Never have I laughed so hard. Saying Hello to Lisa Horne over at Fox Sports and other good friends. Come to Ohio.

  • madisontruth

    Here in Wisconsin, you LA people would need to bring duct tape in case you were to snap clean in half.

  • guygers1

    Susan – you cite an AVERAGE temp of 117.5 degrees in a 24 hour period. That doesn't disprove my point.
    Houston has never experienced 114 degrees at 4 am. ever ever ever! This is what the original post stated and I refuted and still refute. And you still have not shown that at 4 a.m in the morning anywhere ever,
    ever ever is there a recorded temperature of that degree anywhere, especially anywhere habitable.. Does it get to 134 degrees is Death Valley? I am sure it does. JUST NOT AT 4 a.m. and also, NOT IN HOUSTON. and also not anywhere. Quit quoting DAYTIME temperatures and quit quoting AVERAGES.

  • guygers1

    Key piece of in this discussion: FOUR in the a.m. or 4 a.m.. That's after midnight. Just before dawn. it's usually dark out side (i.e. no sun).

  • rudy hodges

    brrr rabbit

  • zandl

    Laugh it up, but southwesterners are always the ones laughing when it's 92 degrees in NYC and people are dying while it's 112 in Phoenix and we're having a picnic.

  • Sam

    It is -14 in Ohio right now…

    Dear L.A,

    Shut the fuck up.


  • Casper

    It's weird.. I'm originally from San Francisco, lived there 30 years, and currently live in St Paul, MN. Was in SF for Christmas and it was in the 60s, but with all that dampness in the air, felt chilled, achy joints, that sort of thing.. It's -2 right now in STP and I'm comfortable. LA is close to the ocean, too, so I totally get feeling chilled at 50 degrees but it's definitely not cold.

  • D

    Canada (the colony) didn't conquer shit. The burning of DC was done by British regular forces. You also forget to include they didn't contend with a US military of any size, it was massively downsized and dismembered years before that. If you'd like to go back to colonial times of “America vs Canada” please reference The Seven Years War known to us as French and Indian War.

  • dummydude000

    These are newspeople and they have to exacerbate everything to make it more interesting just like telling stories to children. The news media has mastered the game of conning people with fake emotions.

  • Allen

    On the other hand. During the summer in the Coachella Valley, I've worked through 128 degree weather.



  • Frozen

    Well, I'm in Siberia so you all can stick all the F's and C's where it's nice and warm LOL

  • Davrober

    I live in LI , thats the Island just east of NYC for you West Coadsties. It was 45 here and we were outside in shorts and tee shirts you big bunch of sissy boys and girls.

  • gary

    Jimmy, Thanks for stopping this! Lived in Oceanside Ca (southern CA) all my life (50 years) and now living for the past 4 years at my cabin in Helena Montana, it will be -19 tonight(first cold like this in years) I realize its colder elsewhere, but I can tell you that once it hits this cold,,, anything colder just doesn't register. It's just COLD!!! Will be back into the 40's F next few days- “t-shirt weather”!!! But I will take this interim cold over CA anytime! And besides, its a dry cold, not like we had in the Bonsal area,,, that wet cold that just went deep into your bones like needles- how I hated that!

  • Cindyinencinitas

    I like how the people on the Weather Channel STAND IN FRONT of California and completely block it out when they're talking about the national weather. Cuz we don't have any weather here, especially in San Diego, where it's either 65, 70 or 75. Those are your basic choices, folks. Sorry.

  • Mary Ann Maddox

    You are all a bunch of frickin’ idiots……….bitching back and forth about degrees of weather and which is colder and where it's colder……grow up for Christ sake! Why don't you put all this effort and emotion in child abuse, elder abuse, animal abuse, hunger, or the homeless….who I'm certain can speak more intelligently than any of you exactly how cold it feels no matter where they are.

  • Jerseyite

    Jimmy Kimmel is absolutely correct. Californians would not know the definition of a “storm” if it bit them in the ass. I am originally from NJ, and we experienced blizzards, hurricanes, temperatures below zero, etc. What a friggin joke Californians. I HOPE YOU ALL SURVIVED THE “MOTHER OF ALL STORMS!!!” I can't stop laughing…….

  • cherry johnson

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