Jimmy Kimmel ‘Kill Everyone in China’ Petition Awaits White House Response

Jimmy Kimmel 'Kill Everyone in China' Petition Awaits White House Response

The petition total reached 100,000 signatures, the minimum amount to require a W.H. response

While Jimmy Kimmel has earned much criticism for a recent “racist” sketch, the highest-level response is still to come.

A whitehouse.gov petition calling for an investigation of a recent “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” sketch easily reached the 100,000 signatures required to warrant a White House response.

The call to the Obama administration stems from a “Kids Table” skit in which a young child suggests killing all people in China so the United States does not have to pay its debts back to the nation.

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“The kids might not know anything better,” the call-to-action read. “However, Jimmy Kimmel and ABC's management are adults.”

The petition, labeled in the Human Rights category, asks for “a sincere apology” and to “cut the show.”

Those things have since happened. ABC said the skit will be cut from subsequent re-airings, along with the following: “We offer our sincere apology,” the network said. “We would never purposefully broadcast anything to upset the Chinese community, Asian community, anyone of Chinese descent or any community at large. Our objective is to entertain.”

A White House response is expected to be posted online in the same forum.

  • Jus Plaindogg

    The White House will do absolutely nothing about this petition except to say that ABC and Jimmy Kimmel should have either cut out the segment or apologize for it and that the US govt. does not otherwise censor the media.

  • Tom

    I'm pretty sure the kid does not watch JKL and it seems to me people are missing the point. This kid's observation are shaped by his experience at home, at school, and with friends. Don't blame Jimmy or ABC, everybody loved Art Linkletter and his “kids say the darnedest things”. Guess what, they still do.

  • Topaz

    The Chinese slaughtered a million and a half Tibetans, destroyed 7000 Buddhist monasteries, and buried 30,000 monks in mass graves. Sympathy is not on the plate.

    • like to know the truth

      That's number you gave was it the truth or was it hear say?
      Where did you get the statistic from?
      How reliable are the sources?
      What's behind ?
      Find out the truth.

    • USA no 1

      And you kill at least 80 million Native Americans and 200 million African slaves died in the Middle Passage alone. Hypocrite! Not to mention how the West rape and colonized the world. How many people did you destroy then?

      • Topaz

        Welcome to the club.

        • USA no 1

          Yeah I love people like you who forget your place. Westerners are the worst criminals in the history of humankind. And don't forget that illegal war on Iraq purely based on lies.

          • Betsy Cheryl

            It's always us, isn't it? No one else in this world is responsible for killings, murders, rapes and causing war in other countries. Good thing there are no other countries that are following our lead. The whole world would be in turmoil.

          • Eliah

            The major difference between the horrors that Westerners did, and the wars that other people got involved in, is that Westerners did it to the whole wide world, including to their own people. There isn't a single place on earth nor a single civilization that hasn't been looted, raped or murdered by Westerners. Other people might have historically engaged in battles on a considerably large scale, but none have imposed inhumane behaviors to the WHOLE WORLD like Westerners did and continue to do nowadays.

      • TRararararrolololtSdhj

        Oh yeah! Well, your country did this. No! Your country did that! Oh wait, their country did this AND that. Boo hoo. STFU. Shall we move on? Yes, thx, k, bai! ^_^

  • cats03

    This is none of the federal government's business. If you don't like Kimmel, or if you believe that his show contains too much “bad taste stuff”, don't watch it. If enough people turn it off, it will eventually change or go off the air.