Dailies | Jimmy Kimmel to Kanye West: ‘A Lot of People Think You're a Jerk’ (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel to Kanye West: 'A Lot of People Think You're a Jerk' (Video)

Kanye calls himself a “creative genius” in a super bizarre mega-rant

Jimmy Kimmel opened his show Wednesday by promising his audience the great Kimmel-West debate that all were waiting for.

“I hope he doesn't have one of those trunk-popping machine guns like they did in ‘Breaking Bad,'” Kimmel joked.

Fortunately, stage security guard Guillermo is very thorough.

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The two entertainers shared a handshake and quick hug before Kimmel awkwardly joked, ”Is that a new grill you have there?”

They then got down to brass tacks, which in this case was talking out their recent on-air and social media beef. The very-public spat began when the comedian spoofed a deeply personal interview that West gave, employing children to reenact the conversation. The hip-hop artist responded with some colorful and somewhat outrageous tweets about Kimmel, who in turn, read them aloud on the air.

Kimmel admitted that he and his staff took the interview out of context — but that it was all for the sake of the joke, saying, “The main reason that I did that is that I like to see kids curse.”

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In turn, West — who called himself a “creative genius” on the show — admitted that in his initial angry phone call to Kimmel, he took out all of his pent-up anger and emotion over media injustices on the late night host, saying “We kind of just took it back to high school for a minute.”

“A lot of times, I think you bring it on yourself,” Kimmel suggested, among a rambling explanation about how differently West behaves off-camera and off-stage.

Kimmel even shared a nice photo of his father and the rapper from a friend's wedding.

He added, “I don't know if you know this — a lot of people think you're a jerk.”

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West seemed to take it in, but was not to be out-rambled, steering the conversation towards so many other topics, such as:

- “When I was on Earth, what did I do to help?”

- How baby mama Kim Kardashian not getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is a travesty

- Paula Deen being old-school racist

- Bullying

- Cell phones that once cost $4,000

- How paparazzi make him money by showing how fresh his outfit is

And perhaps the artist's best single quote:

- “There's no black guy at the end of the runway in Paris, honestly.”

Kimmel finally had to cut West off for time — and perhaps sanity. West's segments ran so long that second guest, Arctic Monkeys were actually bumped to next Wednesday.

Here is the full interview:

  • johnkay

    versace versace versace versace

  • omegaman22

    Oh, he read it ‘allowed'….that's cool and stuff.

  • A.L. Hern

    “In earlier teaser videos released by ABC, Kanye West told Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday that he’s a ‘creative genius,’ saying there ‘is no other way to word it'.”

    Writer Tony Maglio's no creative genius, since the above can only be read as West's having said that Kimmel's a creative genius, rather than himself. That reading may not be consistent with details of the feud between the pair reported over the last few days, but there's no other way to interpret the sloppy wording.

  • Dan Mitchell

    “Brass tax?” Seriously?

  • fed up with stupid

    I can't believe Jimmy spent the entire show letting Kanye West spout about his own creative genius. WHY JIMMY>>>>WHY?

    • Zeroed Out

      Jimmy allowed him to do that because he knows that Kayne will simply look like even more of a jerk by simply speaking.

    • Evil Unicorn

      I believe Jimmy Kimmel is the true genius here, he let this idiot talk about himself so egotistically that he proved he was indeed a narcissistic jerk. Kanye is so full of himself. Not an ounce of humility in him. I think Kim Kardashian is finally getting what she deserves through him.

  • ursafan40

    Kanye's message is “positive”?!?!?

    Well I'm “positive” he's a jerk :)

    • GuangdongNinkovich

      If you listen to The College Dropout, and move through his albums, you're bound 2 fall in love with Kanye. Great artist.

      • Zeroed Out

        I've heard his stuff. Tried to like it because I wanted to understand why he was popular. But no … just auto-tuned crap.

      • L

        HE SUCKS in e EVERY WAY!!!! you can't be serious

      • ursafan40

        I've been forced to listen to Kanye on numerous occasions.
        Let's just say his music “doesn't speak to me”.

      • Barbara

        Have you heard “Bound 2”?

        It's just terrible.

    • Evil Unicorn

      Jimmy told him that we think he is a jerk.

  • L

    PA-LEASE……Just go away Kayne!! And Jimmy….why in Gods name did you have him on your show?…I am so glad I did not watch….I just cant stand listening to kayne…yes, he is a genius….. at being at IDIOT!!!

  • Jim

    Jimmy Kimmel to Kanye West: ‘A Lot of People Think You’re a Jerk’


  • Jim


  • Erm…

    Pretty sure he's bipolar.

  • greaser1977

    what a bore……another “how the hell did he ever make a cent” rapper with a big gold chair and….a little weiner

  • greaser1977

    jimmy you are so wrong…a lotof people thik he's a jerK? MOST PEOPLE THINK HE'S A JERK

  • Wayne Krantz

    you are a wapper at sears .you bwrap chrismas presens

  • Chip

    A creative genious? He named his kid a direction.

    • Joy Likens Dragland

      2 directions, actually.

  • Barbara

    Gay fish, Kanye, gay fish.