Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Los Angeles TV Reporters’ Ridiculous Reaction to Rain (Video)

It's raining, it's pouring — EVERYBODY PANIC!

Jimmy Kimmel's thoughts and prayers were with the brave local TV reporters who had to cover the “much-needed” rain that fell from Los Angeles skies on Thursday morning.

“It doesn't rain much here in Southern California, especially this year, but when it does, it's very important to rush inside and turn on your local news,” Kimmel joked before showing his viewers a montage of outlets rushing to cover the humidity.

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The rainfall was such a big story, that reporters were even covering it hours after it stopped.

“The sun is certainly out right now, but trust me, I was standing outside in the rain for several hours early this morning,” KCAL 9's Joy Benedict told her viewers.

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“We trust you,” Kimmel joked. “And our thoughts are with you, and your family.”

Kimmel is no stranger to making fun of L.A. news outlets overly dramatic coverage of any weather that's not hot and sunny. Watch the video (above) for a good laugh, and to see how many different local news personalities used the exact same adjective to stress how much SoCal needed the rain.

  • robengle

    I so desperately needed to see this.

  • Cliffhanger77

    Ha ha – I'm from the Midwest, and the overkill the L.A. newspeople give to a little bit of precipitation always strikes me as hilarious. 2 inches of rain!? Run for your lives, everyone!!!!

    • Eli

      Don't worry, we find it funny how tiny earthquakes in say, the 3.5 to 5 range, make almost everyone out of state panic. Just move along folks. They need to be like 100-200x stronger than that for there to be much risk at all. Panicking at something literally 1% the strength needed to do much damage at all. 1%!

  • Michael Difani

    As a third generation inland s. Californian I laugh at times as to how so many here freak out about the weather. Some drive faster in the rain, etc. As for Kimmel, mocking L.A. tv weather people has been done before…Conan O'Brien did it two or three years ago. Jackie Johnson is still one hot weather babe.

  • obiedobie

    True story. Once on a visit to So. Cal (where I was born and raised) my sis and I were shopping in the Santa Monica Promenade (we've lived in Oregon for last 20+ yrs). It started to rain and then we heard people screaming and some were running. We looked at each other wondering if it were a shooting, or…? Turned out it was raining.

    • JSPA

      Means they left the top of their convertible down.

  • Ras

    He said THOUGHTS and did not add prayers, damn religious nutty news changing a quote.

  • hupto

    To be fair: Los Angeles is suffering from its worst drought in decades, with no long-term relief in sight. So yes, we DO need the rain.

    • Sally Johnson

      I agree, we need the rain! But, it's not like we've been carried away by a tidal wave. The news reporters are overly exaggerating the tiny bit, of much needed, precipitation .

      • Filbertmallow

        We desperately needed the much needed rain. desperately.

  • http://conformingdissent.blogspot.com Dissenter

    1. LA has the best looking “weather babes” in the country. 2. We desperately need this rain.

  • Bradley James

    For once I do believe ‘STORM WATCH!’ is appropriate.
    This much water this fast is a very big expensive waste as most of it will drain off (not soak in) causing some major flooding and damage.

  • Cheyenne

    Do planes fall out of the sky in California when it rains?

    • JSPA

      No, but houses are sometimes swept away by mudslides. Entire piers, with a city's block-worth of buildings on them, have been swept away by the waves. There was the classic case of a full cement truck being swept down the (previously empty, dry bed) of the L.A. river. The runoff in the gutters of regular streets can knock you off your feet. So, yeah, it actually can be a big deal.

  • Charles Linkiwcz

    Why does he talk so fast? Never a pause, just delivers his teleprompter monologue like a fully triggered Thompson machine gun. Guy is annoying.

  • rosie1843

    ["Ha ha - I'm from the Midwest, and the overkill the L.A. newspeople give to a little bit of precipitation always strikes me as hilarious. 2 inches of rain!? Run for your lives, everyone!!!!]

    Yeah . . . it's just as funny as watching people from other parts of the country reacting to a 4.5 or a 5.5 earthquake. I wonder how Jimmy Kimmel would react to that.

    • ReigningRain

      Difference is our buildings and structures aren't built to be earthquake proof so if we do get one it can lead to some long term structural damage of buildings. Rain just makes things wet.

  • Tony

    Jimmy Kimmel is the best , local news in the L.A area is a joke, but like they say here it's all about the ratings , this is how movies like anchorman get created , maybe they can make a film about the local channels and their desperately much needed ratings!

  • SoCalGuy

    Jimmy Kimmel is nothing but a whiny wannabe asshole, he'll never even come close to Leno, Letterman, Carson, Fallon, or even Craig Ferguson.