Dailies | Jimmy Kimmel Challenges Ellen With Hillary, Bill and Chelsea Clinton Selfie (Photo)

Jimmy Kimmel Challenges Ellen With Hillary, Bill and Chelsea Clinton Selfie (Photo)

After interviewing the former first family in Arizona, where he pressed Hillary on her plans for 2016, the late night host grabbed a picture with them, too

Maybe it didn't have the Hollywood star power Ellen DeGeneres‘ record-breaking Oscars selfie, but the former (and potential future) leader of the free world isn't bad company, either.

Jimmy Kimmel spent his Saturday evening at the Clinton Global Initiative University in Tempe, Arizona, interviewing the former first family of Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton, which isn't a bad way to pass the time. After the conversation, he grabbed the three backstage (along with a few of the 1,000 students in attendance) to take a pic on his cell phone, which he then tweeted and added to Facebook.

One assumes he'll also add it to his wall at the office.

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Oh, and as for the interview, Kimmel mostly kept it light — the crowd learned that the Clintons really enjoy “Antiques Roadshow” on PBS — and that Hillary Clinton is still weighing her options when it comes to 2016.

“I am very much concerned about the direction of our country and it's not just who runs for office but what they do when they get there and how we bring people together and particularly empower young people so we can tackle these hard decisions,” she said, more or less dodging the question (which came from a young audience member).

  • DCGirl

    What difference does it make–eh, Hillary? Concerned? Sure–but not about those who lost their lives in Benghazi.


      Give the stupid Republican Red Herring of Bengazi a rest. It was a tragic event whether you call it an act of terror or a terrorist act. The situation should never have happened. Greater security should have been in place. The incident has been fully investigated up one side and down the other. The fact that Republicans want to keep using this issue for political gain shows that it's merely a political issue not one of pure sorrow for the victims and their families. How many screw-ups and scandals could we use for political gain against past Republuxan administrations? I know the answer!

      • DCGirl

        I am a Democrat.

        • Darkthunder

          More like a DINO (Democrat In Name Only). How many lives were lost during Bush's tenure for 8 years as President? Where's the outcry about that? Where's the demands for justice?

      • Enough nonsense

        What about calling what it was. A MURDEROUS ACT.

  • davyjc

    Enough about Benghazi already! Libya is falling apart anyway

  • Alex R. Smith

    Dear people who take selfies: I am over you. Stop it.

    • zbz

      Right on. And I'm so over that cringe worthy dumb “selfie” word. Stop that too.

    • jacksonm

      Dear people who click and comment on articles they claim to be over: Stop it. You only contribute to increasing a problem you claim to want to stop. Get a freakin’ brain and realize your actions run counter to your words and just stop clicking on things you claim not to want to see.

      • Dumb

        Another dumb meme. Stop it.

  • Jesse Jones

    Is that Monica on Bill's right?

  • Keimo

    Don't care bout Benghazi, don't care bout Crimea.. I love this country… We have got to focus on us now…as far as selfies… Well whatever makes you happy I guess

  • Sigh

    Imitations of imitations of lameness. Our culture today.

    • jacksonm

      Physician, heal thyself.

      • Dumb

        You are a pointless presence. Beat it, troll. You probably stink up the room in real life, too.

      • Dumb

        Oh, just checked out your comment history. You're a strident bitter gay person. Enough said. Please go vent your life anger elsewhere.

  • Mark

    I think selfie is a stupid word, but this picture is awesome and Ellen's one was too.

  • http://www.mоviedeskback.com/ Slavco

    this is pathetic.

  • rsoski

    Libs….here is your Democrat Party and
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    Receiving the award is a “great privilege,” Clinton said
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