Dailies | Joan Rivers Returns to ‘Tonight Show’ After 26 Years, Kicks Comeback Off With Holocaust Joke (Video)

After a 26-year ban, the comedienne was ready to go with plenty of ethnic and vagina jokes!

First, Jimmy Fallon brought the “Tonight Show” back to New York. Now, he's brought Joan Rivers back to the program, too.

Rivers was a frequent guest and, from 1983-86, the permanent substitute host for whenever Johnny Carson took a breather or vacation. Then, she accepted a job hosting her own late night show for Fox, and while it didn't stay on the air long, the move so angered Carson that he banned her from returning to his program. Jay Leno continued the blacklisting when he took over the show in 1992.

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With a new generation taking over the show, Rivers, now 80, was finally allowed to return. Her first appearance was technically on Fallon's opening night, but that was just as part of a celebrity-laden sketch. On Thursday, she sat in with the new host for a whole seven minute segment, and it was like she never left.

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Perhaps she was saving up jokes for 26 years, or maybe just crafted a whole set in the weeks leading up to her appearance, but regardless of how she prepared, Rivers was certainly on point. There were jokes about the Holocaust — within 20 seconds of appearing! — as well as plenty of cracks about her vagina… all of which made a laughing Fallon a bit uncomfortable.

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Rivers also spoke about her long ban and efforts to get back on NBC, while also giving praise for Carson helping launch her career in the first place.

  • Harvey

    Math. 2014 minus 1986 equals 28 years.

  • A Texan with a Long Memory

    Jimmy Fallon should have known better it has been clear for years why Carson banned her, read the new book about what Joan really did, there is no place for Rivers humor in todays world-Loyalty is the greatest thing there is Jimmy should not have broken the loyalty showed by Leno. He did not need to sully himself with that. She broke the one key rule of show business, see” All About Eve” in a way Johnny Carson helped put JImmy
    where he is today-I am indeed sad. a loyal Carson fan.

  • jay

    Fallon owes dead Johnny Carson something? Even if he does, continuing this “feud” would be pointless.


    Should have kept her off. This woman is a train wreck. Just a miserable old shrew.

  • Kasey

    how offensive. so glad I turned the channel last night when she came on the show.

  • Not Jewish Myself

    I cannot believe she made that Holocaust joke, and I am more amazed and offended that the network did not cut it. The holocaust was the greatest tragedy ever in the history of the world. There are many alive today who lost their parents, grandparents and other family. There are some alive today who participated in it, and many who knew about it and did nothing. To make a joke about such a topic is about the most offensive thing imaginable. You wouldn't hear such a joke about Muslims without immediate and vociferous calls for an apology. I'll never see Joan Rivers again, and I'm not sure I'll tune into Tonight unless there is a sincere apology.