LA Times Deputy Business Editor Joe Bel Bruno Named Company Town Editor

LA Times Deputy Business Editor Joe Bel Bruno Named Company Town Editor

Bel Bruno is formerly of The Wall Street Journal

Joe Bel Bruno has been named the new editor of Company Town.

Bel Bruno has been deputy business editor at the Los Angeles Times for nearly three years, directing coverage of financial markets.

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Before joining The Times, Bel Bruno ran markets coverage for the Dow Jones Newswires and the Wall Street Journal. He was a reporter at the Associated Press in New York, where he anchored coverage of the financial crisis. Bel Bruno spent three years in London as senior correspondent for Knight Ridder Financial/Bridge News.

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As Company Town editor, Bel Bruno will lead a team of Hollywood news and business reporters. He succeeds Charles Fleming in the role, who moves to a new assignment in Business writing on autos, motorcycles and green energy. Fleming joined The Times in 2011.

Last week, Megan Garvey was promoted to LA Times deputy managing editor, Digital. In her new position, Garvey will create and direct a real-time news desk that will help the company break news online quicker, as well as reaching digital audiences more effectively.

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    Hopefully, if Bel Bruno is an “independent,” seasoned business reporter and editor, he can try to BREATHE SOME DESPERATELY-NEEDED LIFE into the Times’ virtually moribund “Company Tool” section, which, for all practical purposes, is a softball right-arm extension of the Hollywood studio/network media conglomerates most of the time! He's really going to have to shake the DUST off the reporting ranks to dare even attempt to make Company Tool remotely competitive with the much more fleet-footed, hungry and New Media savvy online daily trades like The Wrap and Deadline.

    Tragic as it is to say, but Tribune Company's out-of-bankruptcy strip mall owner Sam Zell long ago put the L.A. Times behind the 8-ball when they lamely stuck to their MASSIVE-FAIL online pay-wall strategy (and were years way, way behind the NY Times being one of the SUCCESSFUL newspaper/online platforms to do it!) — and I'm just not sure how relevant and important their “industry” business coverage is to the Hollywood people here??!!!

    Bel Bruno may really have to fight to get some more space for Company Town, because their typical column-sized, “day-after” news analysis/gossip stuff is just NOT making the cut. It would probably mean that the senior Times editorial staff should have their arms twisted to give up at least TWO PAGES OR MORE to show they're going to at least make a modestly serious attempt to cover media trade/entertainment news here — still one has to wonder if it is too little, too late for the Times given how the daily PRINT trades have gone the way of the VCR??!!

    Maybe their best way to gain some attention and traction might be to have more of a separate, dedicated online and push-email presence with some real EXCLUSIVE, BREAKING NEWS and FEATURE stuff, but it's going to take a real cultural change for the Times to break its perceived L.A. media mold of long being regarded “The Velvet Coffin!” Good luck, Mr. Bel Bruno, you're going to need it! Cheers.