Joe Scarborough: ‘Seeds Being Planted for the Destruction of House GOP Majority’ (Video)

Joe Scarborough predicts that the dysfunction among House Republicans will lead to Democratic victories in the future

A day after New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie blamed the House Republican majority for delaying aid to victims of Hurricane Sandy, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough had some dismal predictions for the future of the party.


“I will tell you, the seeds are being planted right now for the destruction of the House Republican majority,”¬†Scarborough said after replaying Christie’s comments from a press conference. “They are being planted before they are sworn in today,”

“We haven’t even talked about guns,” co-host Mika Brzezinski replied.

“We haven’t even talked about Sandy Hook,” Scarborough added. “We haven’t talked about being wrapped as the party of (NRA chief) Wayne LaPierre instead of the party of Ronald Reagan. The extremism that is going to be wrapped around this party, the men and women being sworn in today start — behind the eight ball — they are already on their way to making Nancy Pelosi the next speaker of the House.”

Watch the whole “Morning Joe” clip here:

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