A Charlie Brown Killing Spree for Halloween

Funny or Die spoof features the Peanuts gang in slutty costumes and Charlie Brown as the villain

Editor's Note: Please note that the story previously indicated that Carpenter had a hand in the creation of the video. The video was written by David Lincoln and directed by Robert Ben Grant. Carpenter merely provides the introduction.

Who better to introduce a Halloween spoof than John Carpenter, the man behind the film “Halloween” and that haunting theme song?

Carpenter makes what he called his “first and last appearance on Funny or Die” with a spoof combining Charlie Brown and All Hallow’s Eve. Carpenter is introducing all of the videos on Funny Or Die this weekend.

The three-minute video, written by David Lincoln and directed by Robert Ben Grant, shows memorable characters like Linus, Lucy and, of course, Charlie in grown-up form, and let’s just say those outfits are a bit sluttier than one might remember.

The Peanuts gang condenses the lead-up of a horror film into just a few minutes with wine, pumpkin patch makeouts and a few sex jokes.

But what’s a good Halloween video without some violence?

That’s where a jealous Charlie comes in.

Here’s the the video: