Why Disney Fired John Lasseter – And How He Came Back to Heal the Studio

Why Disney Fired John Lasseter – And How He Came Back to Heal the Studio

The Pixar co-founder, given the boot by Disney almost 30 years ago, returned to put the studio on the verge of its first animated-feature Oscar

OscarWrap_0218_Down_WireA version of this story appeared in OscarWrap: Down to the Wire.

Two of John Lasseter‘s four Academy Awards may be Student Oscars from his days at CalArts, but the 57-year-old Hollywood native has dominated his field and the Academy's animation categories for the last 20 years. The company he co-founded, Pixar, had an unprecedented run that brought it seven of the 11 Best Animated Feature Oscars that have been handed out, while for the past eight years he has also served as the chief creative officer at Walt Disney Animation Studios, which put Lasseter in charge after its parent company bought Pixar.

Disney's recent string of hits includes “Tangled,” “Wreck-It Ralph” and “Frozen,” the last of which is the odds-on favorite to win the storied 90-year-old animation studio its first Oscar for feature animation. (To be fair, Walt Disney did win a special Oscar for “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” back in 1938.) Lasseter also serves on the AMPAS Board of Governors from the Short Films and Feature Animation Branch.

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At the recent celebration of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 90th anniversary, you talked about going to all the Disney artists and challenging them to do better. But you're the guy who sits in Disney's chair, so the challenge must really fall on you.
Yeah. Well, when Bob Iger asked me to come back to Walt Disney Animation Studios, which was almost exactly eight years ago, I was very excited. Walt Disney and the films he made is really why I've chosen my life's work. And there's a very particular, unique entertainment that Walt created, that nobody's been able to reproduce. It was great stories that are very emotional, combined with really funny and memorable and appealing characters, and movies that are really beautiful, like works of art, with incredible music.

So when I came back eight years ago, that was always in my head. And I went to all the artists, the directors, all the animators, all of whom were there for exactly the same reason that I was, and I looked each of them in the eye and said, “Walt Disney's name is on the front of our films, and we have to make films that are worthy of that name. Aim higher than you possibly think you can go.”

What were your priorities?
I think the prevailing sense was that audiences around the world had grown too cynical for these kind of movies — these musical fairytale movies. And I felt like, what is at the center of every Magic Kingdom? A castle. You can still tell these stories, but you have to tell them for today's audiences. Mainly, you've got to have strong female characters that can be aspirational for women today — mothers, their daughters, teenagers, everybody.

So we came back with “The Princess and the Frog,” where it wasn't about finding a man, it was about following her mother's dream of having a restaurant in New Orleans. Rapunzel in “Tangled” wanted to get out of the tower to follow her destiny. Merida in “Brave” was about, “I want to choose my own future, I don't want tradition to choose it for me.” And now with “Frozen,” which, my entire career, it's one of the films I'm proudest of, it's not a story about these princesses finding love. The core of the story is about family love.

You know, Ed and I always felt that what would heal this studio more than anything else was to have a really big hit. So when “Tangled” hit, and then “Wreck-It Ralph” and now “Frozen,” it just made everybody feel so phenomenal.

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lasseter_frozenIt's interesting that you mentioned “Brave,” a Pixar film, in the midst of talking about Disney films. Is the line blurring between what could be a Disney film and what could be Pixar?
No. No, I don't believe that. It's two different studios and two different groups of artists. But I'll be honest with you: “Brave” got started when Disney announced that they weren't going to be dong any more fairy tales. This was before Disney had bought Pixar, and we said, “Well, the audience still wants these.” So there is a little connection there.

Have you brought other elements of the Pixar sensibility to Disney?
One thing that Ed Catmull and I brought from Pixar is the philosophy of making it a filmmaker-driven studio, not an executive-driven studio. An executive-driven studio is where you have layers of development executives who give the director mandatory notes. And when I came in to Disney, the term I heard from filmmakers was that they felt like they'd lost their compass. They spent most of their time trying to address mandatory notes, and a lot of them were contradictory, instead of focusing on what's going to make the movie best.

Back in the second heyday of the Disney Animation Studio, when “The Little Mermaid” and “Beauty and the Beast” and “Aladdin” and “The Lion King” were made, they kind of fell into a rut. Those films were great, but they felt like every film had to be that way.

And so we instituted what we have developed at Pixar, which is a filmmaker-driven studio. Each movie is screened internally roughly every three months, and then we get together and give notes. And none of these notes, including mine, are mandatory. It's just a group of peers around the table, and the director knows that everybody is helping them make the movie the best it can be.

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When you were first came to Disney out of CalArts in the late '70s, was it an executive-driven studio?
Well, it was interesting, because it was being led by the group of second-tier animators during Walt's time. They became in charge through attrition, as all the great Disney animators, what they called Disney's “Nine Old Men,” retired. And just after they came in, they started this training program to bring young people in — but as all this young talent started coming in, these guys felt threatened.

And you have to understand how on fire we were coming out of CalArts. “Star Wars” came out in May of 1977, and then “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” “Raging Bull”… It was so exciting to us, especially “Star Wars.” I sat in the Chinese theater on opening weekend after standing in line for six hours, and the way the film entertained people was unlike anything I'd ever experienced. I walked out of that theater saying, “I want to entertain people to this level, but do it with animation.” And that's what we all felt.

And these guys were really threatened by us. They kept us under their thumb, and eventually most of us left. Brad Bird left, Tim Burton left, I eventually got fired because I felt so strongly about computer animation and I wouldn't take no for an answer. But I had made connections with Ed Catmull up at LucasFilm, so Ed hired me up there. And then we formed Pixar, and in 1986 Steve Jobs bought us from George Lucas.

The run that Pixar had beginning with “Toy Story” is pretty remarkable, and almost unprecedented.
Can I change your word from had to has? We're still going strong. “Monsters University” did $750 million worldwide and was really well reviewed, and it's one of the best films of the year.

But two of the last three Pixar movies haven't been nominated for Best Animated Feature. Does that bother you?
Yeah, it does. We don't make our films to win awards, but we do spend a lot of time and work hard on those movies. and it does hurt, you know? We feel that they are easily in the top five films of the year.

But the other side of it, which is also great, is that not too long ago there was no one making animated feature films but Disney. And now, you have studios all over the world creating great animated feature films, so many that the Academy decided there should be a special award for this in 2001.

I really feel great about that. I would much rather be a player in a very, very active industry.

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“Frozen” could well be the first Disney film to win the animated-feature Oscar. Obviously, the company would have won lots of them if the category had existed in the past — but is it going to mean something special if “Frozen” gets the award?
Yes. Yes. Very much so. As I said, we don't make our films for winning awards, but the Academy Award is your peers in the film industry, and it would be very meaningful for the Walt Disney Animation Studios.

You know, Steve Jobs said a very interesting thing to me as I was working long days on “Toy Story,” the very first movie at Pixar. We had dinner together, and he said, “You know, John, when I make a computer for Apple, it has a lifespan of three years. In five years, it's literally a doorstop. But if you do your job right, what you're creating can last forever.”

When you think about “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” or “Pinocchio” or “Dumbo” or “Cinderella” or “Peter Pan” … I mean, go back to 1938, what other movie is watched year in and year out as much as Snow White? These films truly do last.

  • Sage on the Hudson

    “To be fair, Walt Disney did win a special Oscar for “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” back in 1938.”

    “Special” Oscars are not competitive, not voted on by the Academy's membership, and so they don't count.

  • unverted

    A modern Steve Jobs of cinema.

  • Brenda

    John Lasseter is such a hypocrite. He himself and that sexist Catmull were the ones who SAID THEMSELVES that fairy tale movies weren't going to be pursued by the studio. I think what changed his mind was women audiences who actually demanded animated films with protagonists that weren't male.

    and as to the reasons why Lasseter mentioned “Brave” in the same breath as “Tangled” and “Princess and the Frog” was because there just aren't that many female-driven films from the studio. I'm surprised he didn't throw in those direct to video Tinkerbell movies.

  • James Robinson

    I'm interested on what it is about the movie ‘Frozen’ that somehow has appealed almost universally to really young kids more so then in Disney movies of the past. My 4 year-old daughter loves Disney movies, but her admiration for Frozen specifically reaches a whole new level of obsession. Interestingly, I've discovered my friends with daughters in this age bracket have all witnessed the same level of allegiance towards this film in particular. Obviously the female lead helps draw in young girls, but many Disney movies used that formula and while successful, this movie has somehow appealed to the masses with mind blowing success. I've now been tasked with taking my daughter to the movies every weekend so she can watch Frozen again. She knows all the songs and that is the one of my theories about this movie's draw: the score. The songs do seem catchier then in years passed. Still, the amateur anthropologist in me is interested in the actual reason why this formula has been so successful. Rest assured, we are going to be seeing a lot more films released that capitalize on the success of Frozen and use similar themes in that process.

    • Jiblets

      I believe, James, the reason for that might have something to do with the fact that story was focused on girls finding strength of will within themselves, and not as part of a romance. I thought Tangled was one great movie, but the buddy-film, opposites attract connection was at the core. Frozen isn't without romance, but one female lead is trying to find her place in the world, while the other only discovers it at the moment she decides what will save her sister.
      Just my opinion.










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    telekinesis by her arms.

    Yasou wears green clothes, has green
    eyes, a belt on his body but not on his skin, and a sword on his back.

    Xalta wears blue clothes, has grey
    hair, purple eyes, with a blue armband on his arm, which enables him to throw
    the Xaball.

    Slash wears golden clothes, a spot
    between the eyes, scarlet eyebrows, long hair, he launches the Nikramos attack
    with his arm, by stretching them.

    Malbi is a midget with a deadly,
    almost dreadful look, he is a little fat and bald. His voice is his weapon, he
    can make any tree, rock or arms, explode by screaming.

    Achitana has blond hair, with blue
    sea-shells, her flute is composed with different holes to make sounds, and her
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    Hell is tall, almost thirty three
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    looking dog, yet closer to the look of a wolf, he dresses in white, he has got
    wings, and he is a German shepherd tall.

    is a very thin woman, lying in a tester bed, hiding her suffering in front of
    her husband. Yollow, Merauda’s husband, Zaxia’s father, is aged, brown short
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    Vaxius the priest, dresses in white,
    he will carry God high and he will pray Jesus day and night for our friends’

    Eve and Ester are twins. One is
    courageous, the other is quite fearful. Eve wears marchioness clothing, she is
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    Tornado is a tall and fine winged
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    Xation enables Zaxia to increase her
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    As a super Zaxion, she will be a
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    Dragontion has the characteristic of
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    She will manage to kill Dragontion, thanks to her ultimate
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    Hell’s castle is tremendous, a palace, even if appearances can be

    Peaks on the castle, thunder, thunder lights; as time is running out,
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    Eight volumes are scheduled, for,
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    Here are the titles of the eight volumes

    The rose of the sky

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    Zaxia versus Athenae

    The return of Hell

    Achellona against Poseidon

    The rose of the sky and the rod of God

    Zaxia’s sacrifice

    The end of the rose of the sky


    The Rose of the Sky

    Chapter 1


    On a rainy and snowy
    winter morning was discovered an isolated house, among many others. Nobody was
    living there except the evil spirit; the one who would get the rose of the sky
    would be endowed with huge and extraordinary powers. The vial was precisely the
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    The rose of the Sky

    Chapter 1


    curse on Merauda, making her sterile
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    The curse meant the
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    Yollow then told the
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    his revenge. Zaxia’s father knelt before Merauda begging her pardon, telling
    her he wanted to protect her above all by hiding the truth concerning her
    sterility, even if she doubted it.

    Hell wants, is grabbing the vial, he said. You must do it before sunset, or
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    back the vial before it’s too late.

    All of a sudden, Merauda
    took Zaxia by the arm:

    me one last time, sweetness!

    Before her daughter has
    gone, Yollow gave another message to Zaxia:


    The rose of the Sky

    Chapter 1


    - Don’t
    look in his eyes, or you’d be condemned to a tragic fate.

    He also told her she
    would encounter some obstacles on her way, and that she would face a thousand
    dangers before saving her mother. Yollow gave some recommendations to Zaxia
    before leaving. He told her she would find a priest who could help her defeat
    Hell if he stood in her way. Zaxia’s father gave her some diamond’s powder, and

    - I
    got an arm which can help you to survive in the forest of Eden, it is some
    diamond’s powder.

    - Go find the priest,
    his name’s Vaxius.

    Zaxia decided to search
    for the vial all alone, without Eve and Ester’s help. Knowing that later on,
    they tried their best to hold Zaxia back telling her it was crazy, but nothing
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    mother before sunset.

    The forest of Eden
    would be the first obstacle to Zaxia. Despite she was young, Zaxia was very
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    Hell was not aware of
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    and took oath of loyalty, Hell called him his “obedient servant”.

    Hell ordered Malbi to
    kill Zaxia before she finds the vial. He then started to look for the vial, but
    he was not alone, as Achitana, goddess of hell, who took oath of loyalty to
    Hell as well, came with Malbi in his quest for the rose of the sky.

    Zaxia found herself
    walking along the lost sand hills; she could hear howls of wolves in the forest
    of Eden, voices screaming everywhere, storks, and birds flying all over the

    She had only one goal:


    synopsis of the book

    The Rose of the Sky

    Searching for the vial – the rose of
    the sky – in order to prevent the end of the terrestrial world, Zaxia,
    Merauda’s daughter, must do her best to bring back this vial. On her death bed
    because of a curse, Merauda will die at the setting of the sun, if her
    daughter, a young princess warrior, also a goddess, does not bring back the
    vial. Zaxia is new Eve, for Yasou, a new Adam. To do so, this teenage girl must
    fight Hell, who also wants the rose of the sky by any means, in order to carry
    out the annihilation of the world. There is not much time left for each other,
    Zaxia and Hell. A merciless fight is going to take place. Hell and Zaxia are
    both accompanied by unusual companions. The young Zaxia will go through all the
    dangers, fighting with all her strength, sometimes unusually increased. This
    fantastic story narrates the ultimate fight between good and evil through Zaxia
    and Yasou reincarnate, in order to definitely break down the evil. Every begins
    on a winter morning, in an isolated house, under a blizzard. Dark forces will
    try to get eternal life, and carry out the end of the world. Zaxia will do her
    best to bring back the vial, also known as the rose of the sky, to save her
    mother before Hell and his henchmen.


    The rose of the sky (The vial)

    Zaxia: main character

    Merauda: Zaxia’s mother

    Yollow: Zaxia’s father

    Ester and Eve: Zaxia’s friends

    Fiduciaire: Zaxia’s pet – a Yorkshire


    Yasou: secondary character helping Zaxia to find the rose of the sky

    Slash: another secondary character helping Zaxia to find the rose of the

    Xalta: another character helping Zaxia to find the rose of the sky

    Vaxius: priest owning the precious stone which can defeat Hell. Vaxius warns Zaxia


    Telekinesis: enables Zaxia to move things at a
    distance and to deviate multiple repeated attacks

    Spitus = magic sword

    Boomerang = comes and goes at a very high speed

    Dorléan = stardust

    Corka: precious stone

    Xaball: fire ball

    Tana: thunder which Zaxia often uses, as it is one of her frequent

    Nikramos: waves

    The parchment of the sky: place in the desert of the rose where Zaxia
    faces numerous dangers

    A compass: Vaxius will make lots of gifts to Zaxia in order to for her
    to succeed in her quest

    Diamond powder: for healing

    Grenade launcher: Explosion

    The mirror of the sky: mirror that reflects yourself and your fate

    The rope of the sky: the path which Zaxia follows to reach Hell is very

    White powder: power delivered by the alchemist, this power is used to
    put to sleep lions, tigers, panthers and other dangerous animals from Hell

    Elixira: Elixir enabling Zaxia to survive

    Tornado: Vaxius’s horse who helps Zaxia to cross the
    desert of the rose

    The blazed bommerang: simultaneous attack of Zaxia’s golden
    boomerang and Xalta’s Xaball, who will combine their forces.

    The lazer-blazed boomerang: Zaxia will become a super
    xation during the fight versus Dragontion, she will combine her powers Xalta’s

    The sword of the dorléan de la Tana golden-lazer-blazed
    boomerang: ultimate weapon, combining Yasou’s, Slash’s and Xalta’s respective
    weapons, which enable Zaxia to defeat Satan.


    Xation: Transformation of Zaxia which she transmit to her friends; under
    rage, her hair turn to another colour

    Super xation: Zaxia’s ultimate transformation, she becomes
    a 20-more-years-old woman, but later on, she finds her normal shape


    One of Vaxius’ friends, an alchemist, who will endow Zaxia with
    special powers


    The evil roses: they are all through Zaxia’s path

    Achitana: goddess of hell

    Hell: Zaxia’s sworn enemy, the witch

    Malbi: Hell’s servant

    Cybroie, mini Cybroie and white Cybroie: black flower, mini fleur created
    by the black one, murderous white flower

    The thousand-coloured rose: it is the most terrible of all, it will be
    recurrent in the story.

    Forest of Eden: first trap for Zaxia, who will have to be on her guard against all

    Jungle of fear: the evil roses are there, second trap

    The desert of the rose: satanic place, cursed, overwhelmed with evil
    flowers, and a heavy heat

    Za: devilish tea, Hell is the only owner

    The whirlwind of the sky and the white twister: hard obstacle for Zaxia
    and her friends, before reaching the rose of the sky

    Dragontion: Hell’s dragon, will be the last obstacle before Zaxia and
    her friends’s arrival in the castle

    Arès: god from the Greek mythology, willing to help Hell, the devil

    Athenae: Greek goddess; her mother was Metis, swallowed by Zeus, will
    not be on Zaxia’s side, on the contrary.

    Abel: fallen god of the sun, in the Greek mythology, Athenae’s brother
    will help her getting rid of Zaxia, in association with the Devil.

    Spells and other
    magic tricks

    OooOOOooO frimousse pala octo calamos
    ouvraer = Vaxius’s magic formula, used to open a door

    OooOOOooO frimousse pala octo
    calamos fermaer = on the contrary, this formula is used to shut a door

    Satanic Yasou orlé méprinché, finato
    my encorcelli di ma parte = spell used by Hell to take possession of
    somebody’s brain

    Yasou Ordonne cherchachi rosa por mité = order given to Yasou, under control
    of Hell, to get the rose of the sky before Zaxia

    Rose of the Sky

    The vial to be discovered before sunset, or Zaxia’s mother will die
    because of a curse.

    Being 15 years old but having incredible powers, Zaxia will have to take

    Hell, Zaxia’s sworn enemy will do
    everything to get the rose of the sky before the young girl, who will be helped
    by her friends, in order to save her mother from a spell that only the devil
    can put on her.

    Zaxia, Eve’s reincarnation, the devil being embodied by the snake,
    telling her to eat the apple, Eve is condemned to give birth in pain, as in the
    story of the Bible, in which the first man and the woman to walk on Earth were
    Adam and Eve.

    It is the story of the struggle between good and evil, trough Adam and
    Eve’s reincarnation, in Zaxia’s and
    Yasou’s body, who will have children twenty years later, but that is another