Anna Kendrick, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jessica Biel Among Stars Who ‘Travoltafied’ Their Names

Anna Kendrick, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jessica Biel Among Stars Who 'Travoltafied' Their Names

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Fun fact: John Travolta's name Travoltafied is Jan Thozomas

Ever since John Travolta butchered Idina Menzel's name while introducing her at the Oscars on Sunday, people who watched the epic fail have been clamoring to find out how the “Grease” star would mangle their name, as well. As it turns out, a number of celebrities don't have anything better to do, either.

Anna Kendrick, Zachary Quinto, Jessica Biel, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Kat Dennings are among the famous faces that have used Slate's “Adele Dazeem Name Generator.”

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“I can't get enough of this,” Biel wrote on Instagram with her “#Travoltafied” name, Jennifer Borfes.

Look at the rest, but before reading each name, make sure to give it the proper Travolta introduction by imagining him saying, ”Please welcome, the ‘Wicked'-ly talented, the one and only…”






  • Ivan

    It you play what Travolta said backwards, it says ‘Paul is dead’

  • Jim

    Hey SIX DEGREES of Kevin Bacon! Eat your heart out!

  • Jim

    How do you pronounce MR. T?

  • Burphelson AFB

    does this mean he won't get the villain role in the next James Bond movie?

  • PhilipE1951

    If I receive mail addressed to my John Travolta name, what should I do?

  • PhilipE1951

    You'd think Travoltaizing “Adele Dazeem” would get you back to the singer's correct name, but I tried and got something totally different. Either there's something wrong with their computer program, or somebody hacked John Travolta?

    • Tom

      That's where you need the Android app Anglicizer, the reverse Travoltifier

  • Takuya

    Geez, there's even an Android app call Anglicizer now to prevent from being Travoltafied.