Dailies | Jon Stewart on Chris Christie Apology: The Tone He Set is ‘F U Sharp’ (Video)

Jon Stewart on Chris Christie Apology: The Tone He Set is 'F U Sharp' (Video)

“The Daily Show” host notes that the New Jersey governor has never trafficked in vitriol

Chris Christie's epic, nearly two hour press conference Thursday was one for the ages — showing fifty shades of the New Jersey governor, as he circumnavigated the emotional globe from contrition to defiance.

All eyes were on the GOP star as he explained that he had no knowledge of a plan by top aides to block access to the George Washington Bridge in an act of possible political retribution. What upset Christie most was that the actions of members of his administration were so out of sync with the “tone” he had tried to establish with his administration, Jon Stewart noted on Thursday's “The Daily Show.”

“Intimidation, vengeance, vitriol, that's not the tone,” Stewart said. “Chris Christie's dulcet, melodic tone. Who could forget what that sounds like?”

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With that Stewart took out his whistle and tried to find the right note. It was a quest that took him through the governor's greatest hits, landing on instance after instance of Christie berating people at public events for questioning his judgment or leadership.

“I think I finally figured out the tone he's set — F U sharp,” Stewart said.

Though his bluster has made him a YouTube star, Christie is not above saying he's sorry. The governor announced at Thursday's press conference that he planned to travel to Fort Lee to apologize personally to its citizens and to Democratic Mayor Mark Sokolich. Reports indicate that Fort Lee may have been singled out for traffic snarls by Christie aides after the mayor declined to endorse the governor's re-election bid.

Stewart noted the town's recent history of gridlock, as he questioned the wisdom of such a visit.

“When are you gonna go?” Stewart asked. “Rush hour? Are you going to be going up there at rush hour? Maybe have a police escort? Maybe a motorcade? I'm just saying — maybe you should Skype this one.”

Watch the video:

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