Jon Stewart on Obama's ‘Clusterf—en': ‘A Disaster Stuffed Inside a Travesty Wrapped in Incompetence’ (Video)

Jon Stewart on Obama's 'Clusterf—en': 'A Disaster Stuffed Inside a Travesty Wrapped in Incompetence' (Video)

Move over, turducken: There's a yummy new Thanksgiving feast

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Jon Stewart and Samantha Bee served up a delicious new word on “The Daily Show”: “clusterf—en.”

The term describes the last few months of the Obama Administration, which Bee describes as “a disaster stuffed inside a travesty wrapped in incompetence.” This holiday season, it may be more popular with your Republican relatives than grandma's famous turducken.

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What are the ingredients? Failure to reach an accord with Iran, allegations of NSA spying, and glitches with

And things are getting worse, said Bee.

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“Now, when you try to sign up for Obamacare,” she explained, “your computer punches you in the dick.”

Watch the video:


  • Dee


    WTH? He really has a thing for President Obama to continually find what he thinks are ways to thrash what is happening. Sorry about people not keeping their same health care, but maybe it was time to change it anyway. It is tiring, ridiculous, and a pain to listen to the idiot. An absolute idiot, he is worse than Fox news now and I don't give credence to either now.

    • toddschul

      That is funny. Whiny azz phucking liberals crying when Stewart finally is forced to be critical of this idiot in the White House.
      Time for you to pull your own head out of your azz and admit that your messiah LIED TO YOU and everyone else to get elected. Got it?

    • religion&politics

      Stewart “really has a thing for Obama”?!?! Just what tiny little libby world are you living in?? Stewart rarely directly criticizes Obama, reserving most of his scorn for the Republicans. Get a grip, and then come to grips with the fact that O Bummer is a liar, and the worst, most divisive president in modern times, if not in the history of our country.