Jon Stewart Critiques George W. Bush's Paintings (Video)

Jon Stewart Critiques George W. Bush's Paintings (Video)

“Sincere, earnest, almost childlike”

Jon Stewart agrees with an art critic who finds former President George W. Bush's portraits to be “sincere, earnest, almost childlike.”

“That's our man!” Stewart said on Monday's “Daily Show.”

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“Our sincere, earnest, almost childlike two-term president. You know, I think that may have been his campaign slogan at one time,” Stewart added.

The former president unveiled his portraits in an interview with his daughter, “Today” correspondent Jenna Bush Hager.

“Yes, much like any non-torturing, war-starting retiree, George W. Bush has returned to public life with like 30 pictures he made,” Stewart said. “While your grandfather might have chosen the beach or birds on his bird feeder as his subject, George W. Bush has gone with ‘Other people I knew who ran countries.'”

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Stewart noted that Bush doesn't like to over-interpret his own work — or say much of anything about it, really.

“If you visit the Bush gallery, you needn't spring for the audio tour,” Stewart said.

Watch the video:

  • notafan

    Critiquing W's art…pretty low hanging fruit, must have been a slow day.

    • HaydenG

      Stewart is just desperate to avoid talking about Obama's plummeting approval rating, disastrous foreign policy, and illegal abuses of authority to attack political opponents.

      • jimmy

        He covers them all, there just so much fodder targeting the corrupt and stupid republicans….

  • Ser

    Ooookay, if that's what you got away from his show, Tim…. Tuned in a bit late I guess? Otherwise you'd probably caught on that it wasn't really about the paintings.