Dailies | Jon Stewart Rips Fox News: ‘You Know the President Doesn't Work for Fox, Right?’ (Video)

Jon Stewart Rips Fox News: 'You Know the President Doesn't Work for Fox, Right?' (Video)

Talking heads on the conservative cable news channel blast Obama for turning the tables on Bill O'Reilly during Sunday's pre-Super Bowl interview

Jon Stewart rushed to the aid of Barack Obama on Tuesday night, two days after a contentious pre-Super Bowl interview between the Commander-in-Chief and Bill O'Reilly left Fox News pundits trashing the President.

O'Reilly dipped “whole scale into the full Fox scandal grab-bag,” Stewart said of Sunday's less-than-biased interview, focusing on Libya, Benghazi, IRS corruption, Obamacare — all of the “greatest hits” against the leader of the free world.

Not that the Commander-in-Chief needs Stewart's help defending himself. When asked on Fox before the big game, Obama calmly accused O'Reilly — and his network — of providing unfair coverage to his administration: “These kinds things keep resurfacing, in part because you and your TV station will promote them,” the President said of the conversation.

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“That is quite an accusation, that Fox News unfairly promotes — and in some cases creates — scandals for the sole purpose of undermining this president,” Stewart said. “Although in Obama's defense … it is true. That is exactly what Fox does every day.”

Naturally, Fox News talking heads did not take the POTUS’ accusation well. Cue a montage of O'Reilly's outraged colleagues, saying that Obama did what he does best on Sunday: changing the subject and blaming the conservative news channel for his flaws.

Six years into his presidency, and the cable channel's talent is not hearing the admissions that they want to hear from the elected leader. To which Stewart rhetorically asked: ”You know the President doesn't work for Fox, right?” He added, “He can deviate from your script.”

Watch the clips:

  • Up and Over

    If it wasn't for FOX NEWS, there would be reason for this unfunny midget to be on t.v.

    • Apacolypes

      Oh, You mean Bill O Riley, I agree entirely.


      you right wingers have nothing nice to say about anyone. in fact, you guys are so insecure that you want to tarnish the hard working president just to mask your insecurities and you uninformed opinion that gets handed down to you via fox news. what's the matter ??? you lack a brain to come up with your own talking points. you vote not to make this country great for everyone. you vote out of hate and spite. TOO BAD NOBODY ONES THAT PROBLEM BUT YOU. I DO NOT OWN, THE PRESIDENT DOES NOT OWN IT. GOODLUCK. THE TOP THREE MOST HIGHLY RATED TALK SHOWS GOES TO STEPHEN COLBERT. THEN JOHN OLIVER WHO USED TO WORK FOR JOHN STEWART, AND THE DAILY SHOW WITH JON STEWART. THOSE ARE THE TOP 3.

      • Terrier Rules

        You left wingers get all your talking points from “comics”….that's what you watch and vote by….what a bunch of clowns tell you. And speaking of ratings…you do know that FOX NEWS is the #1 Cable News Channel 24/7. So, just trip on down fantasy lane…laughing all the way to the poor house, where the Democrats are leading you.

        • Bruce

          Yes faux is #1 because rightwing puppets only watch gop tv. Everyone else think freely!

  • Jack London

    Nobody cares what the lying Obummer has to say.Everything that he has to say is not his own thoughts.He is a puppet of Soros and the Saudis.

    • Marty Dressel

      Is this your Fox news opinion or do you have any facts to back up your rant?